Godfather Death- Overall Opinion-

Characters- Best to Worst-
Godfather Death- Death is basically that dude who does his job faithfully and defends it. So… a rational not-person? Yes.
Mr. King-
I dunno, seemed nice enough. Just a dude who got sick and wanted to save his daughter? Can't blame a dad for that.
And this is the bit where characters go from 'some measure of respect' to 'indifference or plain suckiness'. Princess gets the 'indifference' vote.
Dude, stop having kids if you can't provide for them. Just… don't, okay? Think of provisions and livelihood before (let's keep it PG rated here).
Unlucky Thirteen-
He's actually a bit of a butt towards his godfather. I do not like him. Respect your elders, especially when said elders can literally end your life as easily as snuffing a candle.
God- Well, what am I supposed to do here? I don't think 'god' is a character to be ranked with a bunch of other characters. Wait… god… being a godfather… I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE.
Same goes for Devil here.

THIRTEEN CHILDREN- Let's keep it PG rated here.
Godfather Death-
Why the HELL would you hire DEATH as your son's GODFATHER? Why not hire an average peron? Why DEATH? IT'S DEATH.
The herb-
What exactly does the herb do? If it was used in the healing of the person, why didn't everyone just use the herb? But it wasn't mentioned (at all), so what?
Avoiding death-
Please, please make avoiding death more complex than turning a bed around.
The gifts of a physician-
A physician's not exactly gifted if they need to just look at a person to see if he/she will live. I mean, (how can I put this into words?) if you look at a person, say there's no hope and don't do anything, of course there's no hope. I am not referring to UT when I say this. I am referring to the people who said he was a great person.
Pretty People Business-
Don't save someone solely because said person happens to be pretty. Save a person because that person is an innocent person and deserves saving. If you save someone because a) she is pretty and b) you want to marry her and obtain half of the kingdom, you are a butt.

Fun Fact-
Godfather Death has a mask which slightly resembles that of Scream's.

Reason for Blogging-
The name, actually. The name drew me in.
Because one will always wonder who would be stupid enough to hire DEATH as your kid's godfather.

Don't try to trick Death or persuade it to give you a longer life. However, this problem would be avoided if one refrained from hiring Death as a godfather in the first place.

Overall Rating-
4 out of 5 Slices on the ApplePie of Awesomeness Scale. (Nomnom nom. Apple pie.) This fairytale was pretty original and tolerable, but seriously, DEATH.