Day/time- 2012, Tuesday 7th August, 3:23.
Where I've been for quite a while.
Listening to-
The wind blooow… And Good Morning Sunshine (Alex Day). I LOVE IT MUCHLY.
The Secret Hour (Scott Westerfeld. I want to re-read it and the edition I have has the most misleading blurb in the world. I believe I already ranted about this.
Random thing-
The window's open and IT'S COOOLD.

1. Isn't this kind of a questionnaire thing and not a quiz? Touché.
2. How are you?
Eh, good, thanks.
3. Don't you wish you'd be asked questions?
Yes. Yes, I do.
4. You're just rambling now, aren't you?
Well, it's hard to come up with questions!
5. Will you ever rate a fairy tale five slices on the ApplePie of Awesomeness Scale?
Maybe The Bremen Town Musicians. I mean, the animals rob the robbers and use all the stolen goods, but ANIMALS. It's so charming. :D
6. Favourite game?
Tiggy? Hide-and-seek?
7. Most recent video you watched?
'Good Morning Sunshine', except I'm not actually watching it, so maybe 'Animal Behaviour: Crash Course Biology #25'.
8. Top three movies? Uuh… Sherlock Holmes, Finding Nemo and A Bug's Life.
9. Most recent movie you watched?
Can't remember. Oh! The Boy in the striped Pyjamas for school.
10. Do you like mice?
11. Or rats?
12. Favourite human organ?
13. Lame joke?
'Why do seagulls fly over the sea? Because if they flew over the bay they'd be bagels!'
14. New thing you learnt? I can flip a table. :D (J0.0)J I_I
15. Most recent email sent?
A couple to The Em sending a link for a thing.
16. Worst school subject?
Science. I absolutely suck at biology and chemistry.
17. Most recent thing you drew?
All these point perspectives for art. More specifically bricks.
18. Stretch out your right arm. What can you touch?
Nothing. :O
19. Spellcheck?
It doesn't even have 'spellcheck' in its dictionary. Anyway, I tend to be my own spellcheck.
20. What is the closest book to you right now?
Red Dirt Diary.
21. Stretch out your left arm. What can you touch?
My elbow hit the wall.
22. Stretch your arms in front of you. What can you touch?
I am one centimetre away from the computer screen.
23. Stretch your feet (PLOT TWIST) in front of you. What can you touch?
That thing under the desk.
24. Where do you live?
In a house, funnily enough. (I just realised some people live in apartments. Dangit.)
25. Do you have a mobile phone?
Nope, and kind of don't want one.
26. What does that mysterious red button do?
DON'T PRESS IT. Uuh… Nothing…
27. Say a random sport.
Badminton. (This is exactly what I said to Em, and would you believe it, she said 'too random'!
28. How are the Olympics?
THERE'S A NERDFIGHTER ON THE GB GYMNASTICS TEAM of COURSE I'm freaking out. Other than that, Australia's doing pretty bad. At least we beat Canada. :P
29. Do you crack your fingers?
Alas. :(
30. When was the last time it rained?
Either yesterday or the day before.
31. To quote a Mary sue test, will you ever sacrifice yourself so two other people can be together?
What, as in die? I'm not that nice. (But if you mean sacrifice your not-platonic feelings so requited like can happen, eh, why not.)
32. Would you die for world peace?
Well yeah, as long as it lasts.
33. Would you rather be deaf or blind?
Umm… oh gahsh… neither. But I think I use my eyes more than my ears. But NEITHER, you hear me?!
34. Do you wear make-up?
HAH! Nope.
35. Pads or tampons (I'm sorry I had to.)?
Pads. What a way to end a chapter.