Day/time- 2012, Friday 12th October, 5:58 pm.
At this point in life, where else? (Read: I couldn't type words today.) In other (unrelated) news, apparently the laptop chargers in the bottom cabinets at school aren't working (I don't know if it's because they're unplugged or they've mysteriously had water poured over them or something), so that's kind of sad.
Cold feet.
But it's Friday. I should be feeling happy. Instead I have cold feet.
Listening to-
Some keyboard abuse and what seems to be mouse abuse on my brother's part.
'Northern Lights' (alternately 'The Golden Compass') by Philip Pullman. This particular edition is around fourteen years old. I've also borrowed 'Six Impossible Things' today. Still waiting for 'If I Stay' and 'Zombies vs. Unicorns'. Finished 'The Penelopiad' around an hour ago.
Random thing-
I have had the Rick Roll stuck in my head for three days. Do you know how hard it is to operate with the Rick Roll stuck in your head for three days?