Day/time- 2012, Friday 9th November, 5:44 pm.
The usual computer in the usual room in the usual house in the usual suburb in the usual state in the usual country in the usual continent in the usual Earth.
Cold feet.
Listening to-
Mum on the phone. I think she's talking to her sister.
'If I stay' (Gayle Forman). It's not as good as the reviews say, in my opinion. Good, but not exactly great. I'm almost done with it. Around 60 pages left, and for some reason the lines are pretty wide-spaced.
Random thing-
About the whole 'making a sequel' thing, I HAVE DECIDED that when I upload this chapter I will also upload the first chapter of the Sequel. The first chapter shall consist of an introduction list explaining things I normally rant about and the way this works. Then on Tuesday, I'll add an actual chapter bit at the top of that chapter, and will simply have to deal with the whole 'says it's published on this day but the first chapter's titled that day' business.

Most of these are from Mistress of Madness (Mum/Daughter), because she's the only one who actually sends questions. *Sticks tongue out.*
1. Worst subject? Science, more specifically the biology bit.
2. Best?
*GASP!* Math.
3. Food you hate most?
Pears. (Maybe avocados.) (OOH YES I WENT THERE.)
4. Like most?
I dunno. Chicken? Then again, tortilla's really good. Tortilla with chicken? Burrito? *Shrug*
5. Green eyes or blue (which do you prefer)?
I LOVE ALL EYES EQUALLY! I'm serious. I stare at people's eyes. I have a folder full of pictures of eyes in my USB. (that sounds worrying.) I just... yeah, eyes. That being said, after giving much thought to this particular issue, it depends on the shade? Whichever has more gray in it? I be a sucker for gray eyes. (But this doesn't count because I'm a sucker for every freaking eye.)
6. Why?
Because I like gray in eyes.
7. Ever watched KHR?
Watched a couple of episodes with Em.
8. Death Note?
I read a bit and know the plot, but haven't actually started reading it yet. YET.
9. Favorite season?
Autumn. Fall to you funny Americans.
10. Hatest?
My least favourite? Summer (Can't stand hot weather.)
11. Indoors or outdoors? Whichever has less bugs around.
12. Tennis or badminton?
I suck at both, unfortunately.
13. Hoodie shirt or hoodie jacket?
14. What shall be the next fairytale blog?
The Good Bargain. (Sorry it's been ages, I've just been writing the actual blogs and left the overall opinions for later.)
15. Hot weather or cold?
Cold. And then I can wear as many layers as I want.
16. Singer?
17. Dancer?
Tried once. It wasn't pretty.
18. Athletic?
Not exactly.
19. Basketball or volleyball?
20. When a group of people are going to present on stage in front of the entire student body, the group leader usually tells them during practice to perform like it is the real presentation. However, during the presentation, they say that they should act like ut is just another of their practice session and pretend that the crowd is not there. Why is that so? Does it mean that when they Do something wrong it's fine?
I think it's because you're less stressed out and if you make a mistake you can make a joke out of it and everyone loves people who make funny jokes from their mistakes.
21. Can you make cupcakes? YES! I CAN! (The first time we used a mix and the second time I was working with two other people, but STILL!
22. What do you wear to bed?
My PJs.
23. Ever cried when reading a book?
Yup. (Last three HP books, Bridge to Terabithia, Charolette's Web and (hardest) The Fault in Our Stars. Probably a couple more I can't remember.
24. Can you swim well?
Nope. To add to the shame, this is Australia.
25. Can you hold your breath without holding your nose?
26. Ever cried from happiness?
27. Sugar or snickerdoodles?
What the hell are snickerdoodles?
28. Tea or coffee?
Either. I'm loyal to tea, but coffee's growing on me.
29. What size is your bed?
30. Ever a boy/girl scout/guide?
31. Chew your pens and pencils?
I used to, but once when I was ten I lent a teacher my pen and he bit it and I didn't do it for many years. Until earlier this year.
32. Usual bedtime?
Right now it's around 10:00 pm.
33. Best room for a fireplace?
Living room.
34. Hot or cold tea?
Hot. Can't stand it cold.
35. Most sexual thing you've done with someone?
I high fived a guy once.
36. Ever peed in the woods?
37. Would you rather be attacked by a bear or swarm of bees?
Swarm of bees, I think.
38. Ever stolen a street sign?
What the hell?!
39. Do you sleep with sheets tucked in or out?
Some in, some out.
40. What's the link to the sequel?
(Take out spaces.) www. fictionpress s/ 3072729/1/ Blogging-Life-The-Sequel