Okay so it's been… almost a year since I last updated this story and I basically haven't written anymore of it at all in that time. Before I even go on to give my shitty excuses and explanations and all that, I want to apologize to you guys because this story is probably never going to be finished or advanced at all beyond this point.

This was the first piece of writing that I ever put on the internet that garnered any serious amount of attention from anyone. I know seventy-nine reviews isn't all that many compared to the number of reviews that some (justifiably better) stories on this site receive, but they are a whole crap ton to me and they mean a lot. So I really want to thank everybody who took the time to leave me reviews and favorite this story. Even if you creepily stalked it and never said anything, the fact that people are even that interested in reading my writing was and is sort of mind blowing to me. So trust me when I say that I am excruciatingly sorry and just as guilty that I won't be able to deliver the finished product that you guys deserve (although for all I know, since I'm posting this like a year after my last upload, no one may care anymore, but I feel like this is at least a common courtesy so….)

Basically, the reason this story isn't going to be finished is due entirely to poor planning. I never had any idea where I was going with this. I just sort of sat down and started writing and it went okay for a while, but then I got stuck and put it off for a bit and just sort of… never… came back. It happened (and still happens) to me a lot and it's the reason why 90% of my writing never sees the light of day. For some reason I had it in my mind that this story would be different and that I would finish it, but obviously that wasn't the case and at this point I just honestly don't have enough interest in it anymore to pick it up and try to make something sensible out of it. That's a pretty cheap excuse, I know, but it's the honest truth.

All of this to say, I'm really, really sorry and I wish I could offer something more to you guys but it's just not going to happen. I don't think I'll be uploading anything else to this account, but there's a chance I may upload newer stuff to a new account for no reason in particular than because some of my tastes and interests have kind of changed and just want to. I will say, however, that if/when I do end up doing this I won't be making the same mistake twice. That means anything that I post will be finished before I post it, (and yes I do finish things now… sometimes.)

If anyone who still has me on their author or story alerts is remotely interested in still following my writing, send me a PM or something and I'll hook you up with my new account if/when I make it. At the very least, even if I don't post anything, I will favorite some great stuff. Otherwise you can be totally rid of me forever unless you are so unlucky as to stumble upon me somewhere else in these worldwide webs, in which case: bro I'm sorry, that's rough because I'm supremely uncool and awkward.