Akiko's Melody: Thank you

Everyone loses something before they even realize it I suddenly realize that you're gone,

Leaving behind only memories…Amid the happiness, we lost our words like dolls…

Like all those lost cats on the street corner… I hear a silent scream

I hear a silent scream

If I could see you one more time, I just want to say one word

Thank you, thank you

Tears were already swelling up in my eyes. I can't stop the sadness from its flows. I'm afraid of something, something like goodbyes.

"Come in," the Christian exorcist called out as he face the door. I quickly look and see if I could see that creature. But, sadly, I can't.

"Come in, why won't you go here?" the exorcist asked. He doesn't want to come inside? I wonder why? But really, I wanted to see him.

"What is your purpose to Akiko?" the exorcist talked again. He seems talking to someone who's standing near me.

As the exorcist talk to him, I started reminiscing the memories I had with him in my dreams.

Since when I was about eleven years old, there's a guy I've been dreaming. I haven't met him. I just met him in my dreams. He was taller than me, his body is not too slim nor too chubby, his hair is a Japanese hair style and more importantly he always smile at me.

The Teddy Bear. I was sitting inside the classroom with my classmates. You came and gave me a big teddy bear. Behind me, my best friend started teasing me as well as my classmates. We smiled to each other and I hug the teddy bear tenderly. As I walked home, I still hug the teddy bear you gave me. Thank you for that lovely gift.

When I reached high school, we already became a couple. I don't know how it happened but I dreamed that we're holding each other's hand and everyone seems happy for us. But, I'm the one who is the happiest person for having someone like you. You who makes me happy every time I'm sad.

Your Corny Jokes. We were in the pool. You were holding a plate of spaghetti and suddenly poured it in your head. Then you sank and appeared in front of me. One inch step and our lips can meet each other. I froze and blushed then you crack out a joke. "What? Where's my wig?" you panic as you tap your head. I burst a laugh. Was it the joke that made me laughed? Or was it love?

I've been dreaming about you and falling in love with you but I haven't known your name. Finally, you told me who you are.

The One for You is Akito. Together with you, we went in a restaurant made of woods. When I was about to step down, you faced me and carried me down in the lower floor. Then you tap my head. I love you for that. I feel like I was a kitten being tap by my master. Then you hold my hand and together we walked outside. I saw the big sky-blue cloth lying in the grassy field and the basket full of foods. I bet you prepared that date for me. It was perfect and lovely. Having a picnic is a nice idea and a romantic one. I sat and looked up in the sky as you search for something in the basket. "I'll leave you here, I'll just get something," you told me and left. Then suddenly, a girl appeared beside me and whispered in my ear, "The one for you is Akito." My face wondered hoping to know who is she talking about. But she just pulled me up and ran. We entered a car then I saw two guys. I paid attention to the guy I'm in love with. He was smiling at me and then I remembered what the girl had told me. The one for you is Akito. So your name was Akito. Finally, I know your name.

When I was college, I broke your heart for I fell in love with someone else. I dreamed about you. You were so angry. Just silently looking at me with those angry eyes. I'm really sorry for hurting you. When I'm no longer in love with someone else, you come back to me. You were so happy and were acting like nothing happened. You were trying to win my heart back again.

You came back. You came back again to me and even treated me. We ate street foods as you happily talked to me. As I looked at you, I wanted to cry. You were so kind and I really felt that time that you were in love with me.

I feel really happy for having you. I always prayed that I wish I will meet you. And finally when I was eighteen years old, you showed up yourself. Instead of being happy, I got scared.

Your Real Identity. I was sleeping. For some reason, I felt that I was sitting and being cuddled by someone. I knew that it wasn't a dream. My mind is obviously awake but my eyes were closed. Then I felt a kiss near my neck as someone lay me down in my bed. Then I felt something touching my neck. I thought it was my mother's hand but in my surprised it's wet. I opened my eyes and saw a tongue splitting and trying to loop around my neck. I got scared. What's this? A tongue? Is it from a vampire? No, it's not a vampire. They don't have a long tongue, right? Ah, it might be manananggal? (manananggal is another kind of vampire). But when I traced whose tongue it was, I saw a scary creature. His skin is burned, his eyes are red, his ears are like horns and his tongue is long. I pulled out the tongue and run out. So was it you?

Possess. It was really a dark day that time. I just fell asleep then when I woke up, I was deeply crying and shivering in cold. I started saying a different language. My mind was still awake. I'm aware of what was happening to me. That time I thought I would die. But someone told me to call my mother and I did. And there I was saved. I wonder if it is you who possessed me or you're the one who saved me?

I had seven healers but who I believed most is the exorcist. He said the right thing and answered almost all my questions. You want me to become your wife, you want to get me. We will have a child. My family will be rich but there's an exchange for it and it is my life. That scared me more. Please, leave me alone. I've been begging you since I saw you.

"Yes, I will surely tell her. Don't worry. Everyone will know what you have told me," the exorcist said. It seems he was making sure that his message will reach me.

"When I let go this chicken off, you have to go and leave this girl alone," the exorcist made a deal.

The exorcist did let go the chicken off and he rang the bell loudly. He blew out the fire that lit the candles and then he looked around. He seems checking if he is gone. If they are gone. After that, he told me all the things you had said.

Your real purpose wasn't me. You and your fellows have been guiding a treasure under our house. But one day, you saw me in my room and I'm in a deep of sadness. That's why you accompanied me and try to entertain me. It was my fault, you told the exorcist. Really, blaming me for such thing, made me laughed.

I remembered a dream. You and some boys were in a rush. You accidentally bumped on me. Our eyes met and we both froze for a moment. Then, Akito-kun, you said, "Have you experience something like falling in love with someone in a first sight? Right now, I feel that way to you." Those words shocked me, but before I can say something, you were pulled by your companions. So, it was a love at first sight? Did you quickly fell for me when you saw me in my room looking really sad?

"He promised that he will leave you alone if you promised that you will no longer be sad," the exorcist informed me. Those words made me cried. I knew it was you, Akito. Those kinds of words, it was yours for sure.

Giving me such words, what are you trying to make me feel? And if you ever saw me sad again, you won't be able to stop yourself to accompany me again? Really? Saying those words and hearing those, I felt that you're in love with me.

According to the exorcist, you were glad that I was quickly exorcised because your fellows were planning to make me a princess in your world. That made me feel more how much you care about me. You even informed the exorcist that you guys were stealing money from one of our neighbours since they have a bad attitude. That made me thought that you guys are kind.

A while ago, when the exorcist finally asked your name, I was wondering if it is Akito. "I'm asking for your name, stop telling stories," the exorcist got irritated. That made me laughed too. I thought, "Is he a talkative one?" Then finally you introduced yourself as Takeo and you live in a santol tree.

Before the conversation ended, you remind him to tell me not to be sad anymore and to play music since creatures like you hate music or noise. You even asked him to asked God to forgive you as well as your fellows to your sins. Knowing all of these, I feel like I want to meet you. I want to see you and talk to you. It made me think that I might be actually really in love with you.

I cried for two days. I feel like that my heart was broke by someone. Losing you, why does it feel like a big lost?

But then, I realized, I'm really scared of you. I won't be able to accept a creature like you. A small black creature and a one-eyed and one tooth creature. I'm scared to see you after all. That made me thought that, I might not be really in love with you. Maybe, I was just touched to all you have said and did.

After praying a rosary, my mother lit the candle. And I spoke, "Takeo, Thank you and goodbye."

Even if I get hurt sometimes, I want to keep feeling you

At least I have my memories to comfort meI'll always have you here

If I could see you one more time, I just want to say one word

Thank you, thank you

If I could see you one more time, I just want to say one word If I could see you one more time,

I just want to say one wordThank you, thank you

Even if I get hurt sometimes, I want to keep feeling you…