Verse 1

Do any of you

Wanna go and boo

At the guy who did

This to get rid

Of me when I came

Back in the game

Cause he knows that it can throw him off-track!


He's off track.

He can see the crack

Tearing his game plan apart.

He's off-track.

Don't run, get back!

Oh! This is just the start.

Verse 2

I know I'll win

Cause when I'm in

The battlefield

I don't need a shield

To knock him out

And make him shout

When he'll realize he's running off-track!


He's off track.

There's so much he lacks.

How did he make it here again?

He's off-track.

I wanna go and smack.

He is always such a pain!


They say that all is fair in war.

I don't give a damn 'bout who you are!

All I need

Is to feed

Him one of my smiles.

That'll make him reel,

That'll make him feel

So surreal

That he'll start running off-track.


He's off-track.

And now he can't get back

Again in this game.

He's off-track.

Successful hack.

Yep, I take the blame!

A/n: I have absolutely no idea how this idea came into my mind O.o hope you liked it though :) reviews make me happy! :D