Let's make a wish on a wish-well

To take away this harsh reality,

And place you and me in a fairytale.

Maybe that will take away

All these problems, all these fights,

All these tears I shed every day.

Maybe that will erase from our lives

The over-used, meaningless word called 'sorry'

Maybe that will add some bright color

To our dehydrated, boring love-hate story.

Maybe what's wrong is that we are not

Listening to our hearts- we are using logic.

Maybe we need to open up to our feelings,

For that, maybe we need a touch of magic.

Maybe castles built on the sky will protect me

From all the word-arrows you bruise you with,

From all the nightmares that you make me see.

Maybe the demon will be slayed, the dragon tamed,

Maybe the bad guys will finally give in.

Maybe the evil witch will be defeated by a fairy,

Maybe in a fairytale I can finally win.

A princess always has to radiate confidence,

So maybe in a fairytale I won't act so weak,

Maybe you'll be the sweet prince charming,

Maybe you'll finally hear me speak.

Maybe dark nights will give way for lovely days,

Maybe these tears will change to laughter,

Maybe the desert will bloom with sweet flowers,

Maybe we will live happily ever after.

Maybe we will find a way,

Maybe we will end well,

And not like this, like sworn enemies,

If you and me were in a fairytale.

A/N: hope you liked it. Reviews make me happy :)