You said we were the best of friends,

And at the time, I believed in it.

Foolishly following with misguided trust,

Blindly following with naïve belief.

I defended you against those who told me

You weren't who you said you were.

I helped you when you needed me,

Was happy to call you my friend.

I was blind to your deceitfulness—

Did you ever even truly care?

Was the deception there the entire time?

Or did it manifest itself as time went by?

Because you knew you could.

You knew you could take advantage of me.

And when you were done with me,

When I was of no use to you as a friend,

You just ditched me, as if nothing was wrong.

You just ditched me, as if I was the one who was wrong.

Was it enjoyable to you?

To watch me trust in you so endlessly?

When really all you were doing

Was biding your time in causing me misery.

And then to leave me in the dust?

Acting like I was the one who was the problem?

And for a time I believed it, because that was

What I was so used to doing—trusting you.

Did it ever occur to me that you were just a heartless soul?

Did it ever occur to me that it wasn't my fault?

No, not at the time.

And if it was my fault, you never said anything.

You never gave me a chance, you just up and left.

And now it's like this.

The one I used to call my best friend

Can't even look me in the eye.

Is it shame? Is it guilt?

Or are you just disgusted with me?

You try to hurt me every way you can, don't you?

I can't help but feel like everyone is just going to hurt me.

I feel like if I let others in, they're

Just going to destroy me all over again.

Even the ones I care about the most,

I'm afraid they'll turn out the same way.

A wolf hidden in sheep's clothing,

That's what you were.

And you ate my heart and spat it out,

And I'm left to try and rebuild my shattered confidence.

You said we were the best of friends…

…And now I know that it was all just a lie.

The same tricks that, that once fooled me

They won't get you anywhere.

I'm not the same kid, from your memory

Well now I can fend for myself.

Don't wanna hear your sad songs,

I don't wanna feel your pain,

When you swear it's all my fault

'Cause you know we're not the same

(OH!) we're not the same

(Oh!) Oh we're not, the same…

Yeah I've got friends who've stuck together

We wrote our names in blood

But I guess you can't accept that the change is good

It's good

It's good…

Well you treat me just like

Another stranger

Well it's nice, to meet you sir,

I guess I'll be on my way out.

--Ignorance by Paramore

Umm...rather self explanitory. This has been sitting in my computer for a while, so in my time of writer's block with TTGBITN I went back and fiddled with this. Errr...enjoy? c: