I am healthy.

My doctors thought I might have multiple sclerosis, but my symptoms have since been explained through other things, mostly. I'll tell you one thing, being told you may have a neurological disorder is enough inspiration to fill two journals with art and writing in a matter of days. I took up my art again, and even though it sucks, I've been paying more attention to it than my writing.

I looked myself up on google (I know, I know) and found a blog that called MDT charming and all kinds of sweet things. It was from a few years back. I felt flattered and surprised, but also kind of guilty, because the person called me a regular updater. Boo.

I was just staring off into space posed like the thinker on accident, and this kid was staring at me and now I feel all awkward. I should go. This is what happens when I try to write in public. Anyway, I have some stories to tell, so I'll probably be back with a few more short pieces soon. I get most of my inspiration from dreams these days.

Oh, I should tell you my latest dream: a villain hid live babies in the walls of my house, like a dozen babies, and me and my friends were trying to find and save all of them. WTF.