F a l l

It all started with a look.

But doesn't it always?

I looked up at you, and you down at me,

And our eyes locked in a moment

You will never remember

And I will never forget.

You smiled at me,

And I at you,

Ghosts of affection

Your interest was so thin…

That was what I fell through.

Smiles and nicknames

Never really add up to anything,

And blushes and heartbeats

Don't mean a thing.

Maybe it's you,

Or maybe it was me,

But something about this love story

Is never going to end with a happily-ever-after.

You'll never realize there was a story at all.

I'd rather be caught instead of picked up,

But every time I fall I realize

I'll never stop,

And you'll never start.

Every fist-bump is a stumble

Every smile makes me trip

Every look makes me fall

Harder and harder.

Little spaces between the letters

Combine to massive spaces between our hearts.

It all started with a look

That made me fall.