Chapter 1

Jesse felt tears run down his face. His light blue eyes were full of sadness. The tears did not belong on his pale, yet happy face. His hair was jet black and spiked. A lose shirt was barely noticeable through the blood that stained it. Fire lit an unusually dark aura around him, the poor five year old.

He would die of either darkness or light. Jesse sighed. He'd been only five, but he wanted to die surrounded by light and life. Death. He didn't fear it. He didn't fear it. Instead he let warmth warm his body, knowing that the fire hadn't touched him yet. He was happy to know that he would no longer be alone.

Just as he reached his hand out toward it, a strong voice ordered, "Stop."

Naturally, he froze.

"Come here sweet child," It called, "Come see the joy I have come to bring you. Come to me, sweet and powerful creator."

Jesse walked to it. He walked into robed arms that held him tight and reassuringly. It had a hold of him. He was restrained, not that the little five year old knew.

Suddenly, chains held tight his wrists and ankles, but he didn't struggle, even if his eyes were panicked. Seeing, or sensing, his fear the creature quickly went to reassure him.

"Little boy, my happiness and my light," It bent down toward his face as the chains pulled the boy into a X, "There is nothing to fear. You will save thousands of spirits. They shall always thank you for your blood offering to save them."

The boy calmed, unknowingly.

She reached down with a cloaked hand and tore his shirt, for he could not have it on. With her hand she drew with her finger and a dark purple appeared in strange markings. She finished and changed the color to black to create more markings. When she felt she was finished with the colors she'd used she started writing with a dark red, the color of blood. Once the markings were in place it licked it's finger.

It leaned forward in toward the boy. It could see him struggle to keep calm, even though he was failing. It leaned in to the neck.

Before Jesse could ask what was happening, it clamped down mighty teeth.

He screamed. He could taste the blood in his mouth, even though there was none. He could pumping of the young boy under his jaws.

Confusion overwhelmed him. He was the boy that was now moaning. How could he think he was the creature.

Creator. She said he was the creator. How could he now tell about her? Did realizing what she meant unlock it? What did it mean?

Suddenly, he was a standing sixteen year old in the middle of a sitting class talking calmly as if the teacher called on him, "He, unfortunately, was found dead the next morning in his bed. We still do not know who assassin was."

"Thank you, Jesse." The old, willow teacher thanked him, rubbing her glasses on her pencil skirt.

"Teacher's pet." A kid whispered behind him.

Jesse ignored the comment, like he always did. He didn't need to respond. If he did, he'd just encourage the killer of hope.

He had curly blond hair and emerald eyes that accommodated a muscular body. Anger steamed off Jesse as he flicked paper wads at his back.

Jesse stared at the reflecting glass, looking for differences between himself and the five year old from his dream and himself.

Jesse wore the gray and gold uniform as everyone else and had a upright form in his chair. His black hair was still spiked and jet black. His eyes were blue and piercing as ice shards fallen to the ground. He was always pale, but now he was skinny, tall, and muscular.

He smiled at the sudden relief gripped him.

A bell rung and he sighed, slipping out of his seat silent as a ghost.

He ignored the girl on his tail and hurried praying that she would leave him alone. His prayers failed him, but at the same time they were saving his life.

"Jesse, wait up! You always ignore me!" She whined.

His eye twitched. In a window with nothing outside but blackness, he saw a reflection of a girl with dark chocolate hair and brownie eyes. She was a bit tan, but somewhat pretty. Most guys would kill to date her. Jesse was one of the few with sense.


With that one word, he disappeared in the crowd, trying to get to his room. On the way he passed Mathew.

Mathew had curly blond hair spun like gold and soft brown eyes. He was almost as strong as Jesse and liked to show it off. Mathew was a smiler with perfectly white teeth and freckles across his nose.

Jesse sighed as he entered his room. In their school, you went home for the holidays and summer. Other than that, your parents had abandoned you and there had been a few that died there. Maybe the parents would bring their kids here hoping they wouldn't come home. The thought made Jesse growled, accidentally informing his roommate of Acidenta Academy that he was back.

Riley smiled showing bunny-buck-teeth, or at least that's what the popular crowd called them. He was a little shorter than most, but was much more full of energy than most, too. Riley had burning brown eyes and red shaggy hair. He pushed his glasses up on his nose and smiled.

"Hm, I was beginning to think you died. You know it's not that uncommon here. It makes me wonder why our parents sent us here. What if their minds were being controlled to force them to send us here? That would explain everything! I . . . ." The kid was the kid you didn't sit next to, because he had a photographic memory and he would keep talking until every opinion and fact was out of him.

Jesse tossed his shirt away, turned off the lights, and got under the covers. While the squirt continued, he prayed he would fall asleep. He'd rather be tortured by his nightmares than listen. For once, his prayers answered him, but instead of helping him, it would help her . . . .