Dear Abby,

You know that I love you. You know that you are my idol but I swear to fucking god - if you say one more fucking bad thing about our family- I might fucking kill you.

I sit here, right know feeling very calm. My emotions boil deep in me because you as an aunt as a part of this fucked up family have failed.

You say you care for your father and yet you cause him so much grief. I am not trying to blame you for all of the problems but I've never seen you try to fix them. I'm tired of your fucking bullshit.

Do you think you're the only one with problems there is a world out there that I would love to help but I can't help myself or this family so why should I try.

You use to be there when I needed you. You said I could call you when ever and that you'd be there for me. You said that every year since I was like 9. I am fifteen know. You live in my basement (which smells of weed). You are not here for me right now. I am on the verge of a breakdown.

My mom is sleeping in the next room worried about her fucked up children (including you), her parents, her siblings, her husband, money, her step mother, life in general. And what you can't keep a job because you're so much better than this world. Your ego is so big and filled with nothing but hot air and lies.

Abby, you may be going somewhere in your life, but right now you're going nowhere. Fast.

You know I still love you even if love is pointless and killing me slowly but I wish you could see the world from my eyes. Or put yourself in someone else's mind, someone else's shoe. Just to understand the world is not all about you.

Love your niece,


Someone Else