Summary: Social hierarchy was never a problem. He was popular and I was sort of popular. It was that fire…it changed me. I started to believe that my life was going downhill but then…he, being a smart ass, tried to prove me wrong.

Author's Note:

Hey there! Now pleasantries aside, this is not an update of the story or anything like that. In fact, I'm here to say that Granophyre is officially dead.

Yes, I am aware that I used the word, "dead" and I'm not talking about a hiatus or anything. This won't die and magically climb out of its grave as a zombie that would unleash its power on the world, or in this case, literary world. No. Granophyre is dead and doggone it, it will stay dead. I'll make sure of it.

...I'm being too harsh. Perhaps one day, it might resurrect and live again as a story zombie but until then, I'm burying it with a shovel. I doubt that this would ever be continued again. Reading what I have already written, I hate it. I abhor what I wrote and I don't even know WHY I wrote such thing.

Gah. This is An Inner Goddess all over again but good thing about AIG's being reborn, as promised. But I won't go into details here. I'm already wasting a lot of your precious time by ranting and shit.

Back to what I was saying: I HATE THIS. I don't FEEL like I could do better but I feel like I shouldn't have tried this out to begin with. It's not really me and I believe that if I'm not satisfied with what I wrote, no one would be satisfied. So yes, I'll be sticking to writing stuff that a part of me.

Now moving on, like you already now, this is the end of the road and all that. I'm dropping out of the contest. I won't continue this. I'll delete all my Granophyre files from my laptop and it'll be like this story never existed...and I'll be satisfied with that.

Perhaps you wouldn't understand exactly why I want to stop this, I don't think I can understand myself. I can't explain it either.

All I'm sure of is I will focus on Of Your Eyes and My Ice Skater Thighs. I will finish it. Then I will continue Giselle: The Modern Fairytale. Once I finish that, I will work on new projects such as Caelestis. Of course, every now and then, a one-shot or two would take me on a detour but other than that, I plan on actually doing what I want to do.

This summer, I barely wrote anything...even if my eyes were glued to my laptop, nothing just came to me. So what I did for the summer was to find that inspiration and I think I found that. Now, I plan on using it in my writing and Granophyre just won't fit in with that.

I sincerely hope you understand. I'm sorry to all of the people who reviewed this. I let all of you down but don't ever think that your criticism was ignored. I'm taking all of your advice and who knows? Maybe because of this, I can finally become a better writer.

Until then, I will continue with what I want to do and hopefully, you would see me grow as a writer and as a person.

A thousand thanks to all of you. I couldn't possibly make this decision without you.

Best regards,

Amethyst Penn