"I'm Alison Waters, President of Student Campus & Scholarship Committee." I nodded politely. A smart girl. A great start in making friends!

"Nice to meet you; I'm Aurora Kierstan... new student from Kallingway." She smiled.

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone."

"Good," I said as she led me through big doors and outside.

"Oh right. The building we were just in, is the Administrations Office. You go there if you have any issues with your schedule, problems on campus, and if you want to help out in the Office. Or if Headmaster Rupélin calls you in."

"That's a big Administrations Office." She nodded.

"This school's rich as you can see. Sort of like.. a private academy." I tried not to look disappointed. Since pre-school, I went to private academies, all under different names. That is why I don't exist. I've been in disguise ever since I was born. My parents never recorded my birth or anything. I was born inside the castle-mansion, and no one outside our family and maids and butlers knew. I hate it. You don't know how this feels. It's really confusing, and I really do hate it.

"Oh okay," is what came out of my mouth though.

"Umm.. did you receive the uniform?" My mouth dropped open.

"Uniform??!" She winced.

"Yes..." I looked at her attire, and realized that she was indeed wearing a uniform, that consisted of: white button-down shirt; a red blazer; red, black, and white plaid skirt that went mid-thigh; white knee high socks; and black Mary Jane's with one strap.

"I guess not.. They'll be ready for you in your dorm room. Uh.. we'll figure that out when we know which house you're in..." I peered at her, frowning. She looked as if she knew something more, hiding it from me.

"What?" I demanded, trying to be a little more polite.

"Actually.. I already know what house you're going to be in..."


"Well... you know how every land has an element..."

"Yes.. Kallingway is Mother Nature." Then realization dawned on me. "Ohh... So I'm in Nature?"

She nodded, giving me a sheepish look. "I wasn't actually supposed to tell you, but I guess it's more like you figured it out. I'm in River by the way. You know, Alison Waters," she smiled shyly.

"Oh cool. Alright, so what's next?"

"The sports area. We play every sports game there is. Even some that you haven't heard of.... And here we are." She had led me to this giant grassy field, basketball courts next to it, all kinds of courts were surrounding the field. I could see figures moving and running on the field and basketball courts. The other courts were all empty.

"Why's there only people playing on the field and basketball courts?"

"Basketball and soccer are our most popular sports, and they're all pretty good at it, too," she explained.

We sat in the bleachers and watched some guys play soccer, 4 vs. 4.

And then a ball was flying at us.


Alison gasped.

Flying at me, actually.

Instead of what I usually did, which would be dodging it, I put up my hands in a ready position to catch the ball. Surprisingly, I caught it. But my hands stung a little from the pressure and how fast the ball had come to me.

I heard running footsteps, and some guys came up to me asking if I was okay.

"Umm..yeah." What else could I say?

First of all, I don't exactly talk to guys every day. Especially with my non-existence and all. Secondly, I just caught a flying soccer ball that was aimed towards my head basically. Third of all, I have no clue who these people are. Stranger danger!

"Wow, great catch! I've never seen anyone catch like that. It was going at what, 60 miles per hour?" a dark blonde guy said to me. You could see his muscles through his transparent jersey sleeves. His uniform had a big 5 plastered on it.

"Thanks." Another guy was peering at me, standing next to the blonde. His hair was a dark shade of brown, and his eyes were a wonderful hazel. He looked as if he was inspecting me. His jersey read 16.

"You should be our goalie," he declared suddenly, in a gravelly voice.

"W-What?" That would be just weird. I don't even play soccer!

"Yeah! You should!" Blonde Boy agreed, smiling.

"I don't play soccer.."

"Doesn't mean you can't be our goalie! Even Derrick agrees! Right, Derrick?" Blonde Boy elbowed the guy behind him, who had light brownish hair, slightly tousled, and baby blue eyes. He looked up at me, and he seemed like the calm kind of guy.

"Right." He said softly.

Well that's strange. He was a much more quiet kind of guy compared to the other two. And then Blonde Boy spoke up again. (Not surprising.)

"We've forgotten the introductions! My name is Adam Palmer, of the Nature House, originally from Kallingway of course." He's from Kallingway? How come he doesn't seem familiar..? Maybe I haven't studied the people enough. Maybe I missed a few people...

"Eric Fynn, River House. Nice to meet our new goalie," the dark-brown haired guy smiled.

"Wait, really? I don't even really play soccer.." I protested.

"If you can catch Derrick's soccer ball, you can play soccer. So you're our new goalie. I'm sure the rest of the guys will love to meet you and will love that you're our goalie too." Adam smirked, patting me on the shoulder. I came to the conclusion that it was a big deal in catching Derrick's kick.
"My name is Derrick Wellington. May I have my soccer ball back?" Derrick suddenly said, raising an eyebrow. I looked down at my hands in my lap, and realized I hadn't dropped the soccer ball yet. So I passed it back to him, and he gratefully took it.

"So what's your name, new girl?" Some other guy walked up to our row and leaned on the edge of our row's bench. His black hair was messy, but maybe that's what gave him the hot look. I admit, he looked hot. He smirked at me, and my cheeksstarted to burn.

"Don't call her new girl." Alison suddenly spoke for the first time since the guys got here. She sounded... mad.

"Oh, hello Alison. Why shouldn't I? I don't know her name." Alison rolled her eyes. Personally, I was surprised. Although I didn't know her that well yet, she didn't seem to be the type of girl to have that sort of reaction so suddenly.

"Then you just ask her. You don't nickname her new girl." He scowled at Alison. Clearly they had some bad history or something. He looked back at me and smirked.

"Well. What's your name?"

"Aurora Kierstan."

"Cute name. Kenneth Aidan, Fire House. Pleasure to meet you. I gotta run, so I'll see you around, Rora. Sorry, your name is a handful, so I'm calling you Rora. Lates." He winked, and sprinted down the bleachers.

"So Aurora, eh? Mind if we play a game of soccer with another team then?" Adam asked politely with a mischievous smile.


"Don't worry, I'll watch your back if Adam decides to touch you." I was surprised that Derrick was the one to say that. Adam suddenly looked flustered.

"Why would he touch me?"

"He's got the hots for you," Eric simply stated. Adam grimaced, thwacking Eric on the arm to which he said "Ow!" to.

"Shut up guys! Let's just play a game, seriously. I wanna see how good she is as a goalie. Maybe Headmaster Rupélin will let her onto our boys team." Boys team? He turned to me abruptly. "You up for it?"

"Um..." I thought about it for a moment. Well it wouldn't hurt to play a little soccer, would it? I mean, I never really played before, unless it was Physical Education for school.. but I was usually never part of the field action, or was just the goalie. Or I ran to get the ball. But that's it.

"C'mon. Please?" Adam seemed to be pleading me, as if I was the best goalie he'd ever met. (Most definitely probably not true!)

"I..guess..." I mumbled. I peered at Alison, and she seemed to be beaming like she was proud of me winning a big trophy or something. Strange.

"AWESOME! Let's go!" And we made our way down to the soccer field where a team of 4 guys were standing around talking and drinking sports drinks with towels slung over their shoulders. They looked up when I appeared, with different expressions and reactions.

"Why's there a girl here?" one asked.

"Who's that?"

"A soccer girl? Is that even allowed?" he looked annoyed.

"Is she playing with us?"

Adam sighed. "Chill out guys. This is Aurora Kierstan, and she's gonna be playing soccer with us. 4 versus 4, right now. She's our goalie."

"What the heck? What happened to Johnny? I thought he was your goalie."

"Yeah, girls aren't supposed to be on a guys team you know. She's a girl. Not a guy."

"Well she's better than any girl you've ever seen. So deal with it," Adam snapped.

The opposing team stiffened at hearing Adam's tone. I guess no one wants to get on his bad side. I took note of that, for future reference. Adam could be intimidating when he wanted to be.

"Let's play." Yet again I was surprised Derrick spoke again, out of nowhere. He walked to a position on the field, and I hurried over to our goal.

"You know the rules, right?" Eric half-turned to glance at me.

I nodded and he turned back, ready with Adam as offensive. Looking at Derrick, I have no clue whether or not he was defensive or offensive. It wasn't until they started, that I realized he was offensive. They weren't going to have defense? That meant.. I was the only one guarding the goal..

I watched as Adam did little tricks with the ball to sneak around the other guys, and how Eric blocked out two guys while Adam made his way toward the enemy's net. They were close, until one of them slipped past Eric and kicked the ball away from Adam's quick-moving feet. All the way from our post, I could still see Adam mutter curses under his breath and start running my way. Derrick tried to steal the ball, but failed. Then Eric attempted to block the ball with his foot, but also failed.

The ball came hurling to my right.

"Aurora!" someone shouted. I think it was Adam.

Was he encouraging me to catch that flying ball? Or at least block it from making a goal?

"Aurora!!" I think this was Eric. It took me less than a quarter of a second before I decided what to do.

So I jumped to my right with my arms ready to catch.

"Oh my god"