AN: Hey everyone! I'm already posting another chapter! I've drawn up a mental agenda for everything that I have to get done before I leave on Friday and now that I have everything "written" down I'm actually getting it done.


June 27, 2011

I spent most of the late morning and early afternoon catching up on my good friend Lonian's journal. I think I read and reviewed a total of 11 chapters? Yeah, it was pretty intense. I love hearing about her life though, she is so funny and the cultural differences a fascinating.

Anyways, I had just finished when my mom came back from work. As soon as she got in the door she yelled up to me.

"Krista, are you ready to go?"

"Ready to go for what?"

"Are you kidding me? Graduation! Remember, it is today!"

"Oh crap!"

"Hurry up! You have 10 minutes to make yourself presentable."

How could I have forgotten that graduation is today? It was supposed to be after school on Friday but it got postponed because of bad weather. Since I am in the symphonic band we have to play the music during the ceremony.

All the girls were required to wear either khakis and a white top like the boys or a white dress. The only white dress I have is pretty much a sack and I don't own any khakis, so I scrambled to figure out a way to make the dress look presentable.

I ended up pairing it with one of those drapery vest things and a thin gold belt. I must say I looked halfway decent!

When I got there (late I might add) we ran through the music a couple of times and then headed down to the football field.

There were chairs and stands set up for us already so all we had to do was bring our instruments and rubber bands to keep the music from blowing away. The chairs were pretty comfortable, but the sun was blazing down on us. I swear it was at least 90. To add to our torture there was a nice shady gazebo where all the speakers and the VIPs were sitting. Butts.

To distract ourselves from the blazing temperatures we talked amongst ourselves. Hannah was debating with Benet whether or not to cut her hair short. He said yes, but then the rest of us got involved shouting our disagreement. She has hair that is almost as curly as mine, but she usually wears it straight. While it would look cute if she kept it curly and short, she never would do that and with it strait she wouldn't look as good.

Soon it was time to start playing Pomp and Circumstance, you know, the classic graduation song. The seniors in their robes started walking in a slow, stately manor towards their seats on the track. All 642 of them. I lost track of how many times we played through the darned thing, but suffice to say in was a lot. I will hear that song in my dreams now!

All of the band seniors came over to us and we played the Star Spangled Banner with them for the last time. It was very sad to see all of the familiar faces that I had grown to love over the past year sit with me for the last time. It hadn't really hit me until then that I would probably never see most of them again.

All too soon they were joining the rest of the graduates and the speeches commenced. All ten of them. It took a really long time. From our angle we couldn't even see the speakers because the sun was in our faces. The only good one was by Ben, my friend Piranha's older brother and valedictorian. He made us all laugh with his clever topics and his wording was very eloquent. He actually made the Mayor (Big Poppa to all of us High Schoolers) who went after him sound pretty bad. But we all like the short guy well enough still.

Then they called all of the seniors up to get their diplomas. I cheered for all of the people that I knew, and reminisced on all the good memories that we had shared together. I will miss them all so much; it is like a gaping hole in my chest already.

I felt a little better when Ben and Sam started counting all the people with the same name. Not to be racist or anything, but all of the people of Spanish decent have the same names: Rodriguez, Sanchez, Espinoza, you get my drift.

When they called John Zonenshine, the drum line captain, the drum section did a drum roll with a cymbal crash at the end. With Mr. Paul's permission. It was great!

When they were finally done calling everyone up (45 minutes later) the new graduates left the way they came. We played another song, but about halfway there everyone just gave up. It was too hot, the sun was shining in our eyes and making it impossible to read our music, and our instruments were getting hot and making everyone out of tune. Different sections took turns singing their parts although I think the Flute section sang part of Appalachian Spring, the marching band show the year before this one.

For the last run through Mr. Paul yelled out "Attitude Blow!" We laughed and quickly pulled our tuning slides all the way out. It sounded horrible! I could barely play for most of it I was cracking up so much! Despite all of that as we finally headed up to the band room we kept getting stopped and congratulated on how good we played. Fail much. :D


June 28, 2011

Today I decided to be the stereotypical housewife. I weeded the garden, I washed and washed the dog, and I baked brownies. They were delicious. The brownies. Just making sure you got that. Gosh I'm boring…


Song of the Day: Here is a really fun song, also by Zero &. The first couple of seconds are annoying, but once you get past that it is totally badass!