Fallen Angel

Oh Fallen Angel I feel your tears.

As I travel down this last dark path,

You sting with thought and fears,

With loneliness, held so dear.

Oh Fallen Angel I see your pain,

See your blood as it falls like rain,

See your face burn red with shame,

Your wrists tied fast with chains

Oh Fallen Angel,

How I wish I could catch you now,

Ease the pain you feel,

Save you from your hell!

Oh Fallen Angel,

How I wish to grab your hand,

But your body falls too fast,

And my legs wish not to stand.

Oh Fallen Angel,

I fear my mind it holds me back,

I could jump I would fall with you,

But no part of me will seem to act.

Oh Fallen Angel forgive me,

I have already let you crash,

No redemption will hear your call,

No matter how hard we wish you could last.

Oh Fallen Angel,

Please forgive this forlorn soul!

This body who let you fall,

Who could not find strength to stand tall.

Oh Fallen Angel,

Would I have caught you had I tried?

Would God have mercy on our souls,

Should he see two children fall and die?

Oh fallen Angel,

Wipe those tears from your sad eyes,

For I cannot remain by your cold side,

Cannot remain to hear your cries!

And these tears stream from my eyes,

As your scream begins to die.