"Where are we going, daddy?" I hear her say, in that innocent voice. He looks down at her, making eye contact with her. Never have I ever experienced eye contact with him. Not since that day

"Where you will be safe." Was the only replay. I tried to keep up. Violet could, only because he held her hand. Even if I was the first born, by mere minutes, she would always be the favorite. Always. I would never live up to his expectations. We both knew that, especially after what happened when everything counted on me to protect her.

That's how she got the scar, across the face. It still was horrid to look at, even if her black bangs covered some of it. After that accident, it seemed like they had lost a child. Only I was the child lost in their eyes. They didn't look at me the same way anymore. He never looks at me. All I have is Violet.

"Damien, get in the tunnel!" He says, guiding Violet unto the tunnel. I have scars from the memory as well. She's not the only one. But he acts as if she was. I get in the tunnel. I go first, not because I am the bravest, but because he would risk my life first. I hear the shouting, and screams. I want to stop, but I can't, I am not allowed. Why does this have to be this way? I gulp, as I hear Dwarvin being spoken. The dwarves had attacked.

"What about-" I spin around quickly. He hides his eyes with his hand, blinding himself from my sight. Am I such a disgrace?

"Damien," he says, earnestly. "You have to trust me. Go with your sister, and follow the tunnel. It will lead you to the outer reaches of Azurna. You will be safe there."

"What about mommy?" Violet says, her huge eyes welling up into tears. He hands me the torch. He kneels down to her, and holds both of her small hands.

"Listen, Violet, you need to stay with your brother. He will protect you... this time." He lets go of both hands, turns around, and disappears into the dark.

Author's Note: I have no clue where I am going with this! LOL.