Chapter One:

What was 9 years ago, we were both 8. Now I don't have Violet. Let me explain.

We didn't make it to the outer reaches where we could be safe. I tried. I tried so hard to protect both of us. But I could only protect one of us… and I decided it would be her. I thought maybe, if she ever remembered what happened, me protecting her would turn things around for the way she would imagine me. I haven't seen her since that day. The tunnel's roof broke. I tried my hardest to attack the oncoming dwarves. I shoved Violet, and using my powers I blew her to the end of the tunnel. Every day I pray that she was able to find people to take care of her.

The dwarves took me to their general. He was called Teaskunt. I remember his eyes staring right into mine. The eye contact was so strong.

Teaskunt spoke to me and said, "You are the one we have come for. We no longer need to hunt down the humans. You are all we need." He never lost eye-contact with me as he spoke. "We will take you to King Moni."

I have been at King Moni's fortress for 9 years now, excelling in archery and swordsmanship. King Moni told me immediately about his plans for me: he told me I am supposed to be the carrier of the Glass Moon, as I was in the bloodline of the last carrier of the Glass Moon. Over the years, I have learned what the Glass Moon is, or was. It carried the balance of life, but it can shape shift. A Glass Moon is born every 60 years, and supposedly comes from a peasant bloodline. The Glass Moon is born human, but can form into the actual symbol of the balance of life: A glass, white moon. The dwarves call it the Glass Spirit. The dwarves have trained me and I will do whatever.

To destroy it.

I know this stuff is cliche. Dont kill me =)