Chapter Nine

I ran my hand down my face and groaned in annoyance at the amount of people that were here. "So much for a small, casual dinner," I thought as I watched almost the entire movie staff as well as some other people sitting around the various tables, eating.

I felt Paris take my hand and squeeze it. "I know what you're thinking. Cut it out," she whispered to me. "This was something to be a gathering…this is not a gathering!" I whispered back.

Paris laughed and looked directly at me. "If your mom wants to have this many people here, let her. Oh my goodness, your mommy fetish has no end," she joked.

I glared at her and crossed my arms. "I do not have a 'mommy fetish'. I swear you think that's hilarious. It's not funny" I shot back. Paris just smiled and picked up her fork to feed me. I accepted the food and tried to act like I was further annoyed but my waiver was failing with every smile she gave me.

I love this woman.

Antony walked in the door followed by Ashley and Little A and my mother got out of her chair to greet them. I was wondering what took him so long; unusually he's the first one here for these things.

Alex was sitting next to Davey and Katie, talking with them about their baby and I jumped when I felt Paris's hand on my neck. "Stop people watching and eat," she scolded. I did as I was told but laughed when I noticed her doing the exact same thing.

"Damien!" I heard someone yell and surely enough, Damien was coming in the door along with his now wife, Sarah Stone. I had to say, Sarah looked flawless in her dress and Paris sighed. "Just like her to come to every social event, even one as small as this, in a gown" she scoffed.

"I thought you two were friends?" I asked, confused by her words. "We are. But she's still my rival. I can't ease up and neither can see" she replied before going to hug them both. Damien walked over to me and smiled.

"How are you, Andie?"

"Never better. How's the movie going?"

"It's getting there. We only have a few more months of screening and then some editing and we'll have a release date. You are going to the red carpet premiere right? Everyone is allowed to bring a plus one."

"Of course. You know I wouldn't miss it."

Alex perked up and looked over at us. "Did you say 'red carpet premier?' As in, other famous celebrities, models, teen idols, and music artists?" he asked.

Damien laughed and nodded. "We're going, right Andie?" he added.

"We? No. Me? Yes" I replied. "But when we were talking about it before, you hardly realized it was important. You acted like you didn't want to go. At least let me go in your place."

"What? No. She's my girlfriend, why would I let you go? I'm there to support her and everybody else."

"I can support her and everybody else just as well as you can. Come on, Andie. You guys are dating so you always get to do cool shit."

"What cool shit have I done?"

"You go to after parties. You went to New York City to watch Golde Magazine's collection and stayed at a five-star hotel were other models and celebrities have stayed at. You've been in various magazines and all over TMZ. Do I need to continue?"

"Ok, so I have done cool shit. Your point?"

Alex's jaw dropped and Damien decided to cut in. "I've been in this industry for a long time. I can try and pull some strings for you, Alex" he said before walking over to sit down with Sarah.

Alex nodded and glared at his sister. "Damien's cool…unlike some people" he mumbled. "Why aren't you at college?" I shot back.

Paris sat down next to me and I heard the sound of glass and looked in the direction to see my mother standing up.

"I want to thank everyone for being with us tonight. I know you are all busy with your own families and duties but I thought I could show my appreciation to all of you tonight. You're all working so hard and I hope that this movie goes extremely well. I wish all of you box office hits and Grammy's!" she exclaimed happily.

We cheered and began eating again. Elizabeth gently stole Paris away to talk privately with her and the door opened as Mary and Savannah walked in.

I scoffed and stood up to greet her. "Jesus, you're surprise late."

"Don't blame me. Savannah wanted to wear the 'perfect' outfit for a dinner that we won't even be at longer than 10 minutes."

Savannah ignored her sister and left to talk to some other people. Mary rolled her eyes and looked at me. "Can I help you?"

"Actually you can. I haven't forgotten what you said before you left."

"Which was?"

"Mary, don't play dumb. We need to talk later."

"I won't be later to talk. I'm going to leave as soon as Savannah makes us a plate and thanks your mother for inviting us."

"Way dine and dash. Great way to show your respect."

"I'm busy. I have work to do and lines to go over. Acting isn't as easy as your girlfriend makes seem."

"Actually, my girlfriend's struggling right now. I'm glad you haven't noticed so she must be doing a good job at hiding it. Seriously, Mary. Talk with me."

"We have nothing to discuss."

She pushed past me and followed her sister. I sighed and felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and smiled at my best friend.

"Everything alright?" Davey asked, looking at Mary from across the room.

"No. It's not. It's hard to explain really," I replied.

"Well, try. I've never gonna judge you. You know that," he said.

"It's not me you'll judge. Davey…last night, Mary told me she-"You're my brother…aren't you?"

I looked over in the direction of Paris's voice and saw her standing in front of Damien. The whole room grew silent and I tried to move but Davey held me still. I looked up at him and he shook his head.

Damien slowly stood up. "I see Elizabeth told you," he softly said, trying not to look at her. "She didn't need to. All she needed to say was how you knew Margret. Why didn't you tell me?"

"Margret and I met under unfortunate terms."

"Yeah, I know. It didn't make sense to me at first. Why would my mother spend her 'hard earned money' on Damien Jenkins? Why would she bail him out of jail? What sense does that make for her to bail a stranger out of jail? And then, I knew why. Because you're her son. So I'm asking again…why didn't you tell me?"

Katie looked at me in shock and I simply nodded my head. She glared at me and looked away. Technically, I was at fault here too. I knew the truth but I had sworn not to tell her.

"Paris…I have lived most of my life not knowing who my birth mother was. I didn't know her until that day I got arrested when I was 19-years-old. I didn't even know you existed until the day I saw you at her house."

"And you lied to me! You told me that you were the 'pool boy'. Why didn't you just tell me the truth?"

"I couldn't. I couldn't live with knowing that you were with her and the terrible things she was doing. I couldn't save you. There was nothing I could do at that time. My father hardly acknowledged Margret as my mother and he wouldn't have done anything about your situation. I tried to persuade but during that time, I was living off of his money. By the time I turned 21 and pulled away from him…it was too late. I am so sorry."

"You left me! You left me there! You could have helped. You could have done something. Do you know what I went through? Do you? Are there others?"

Damien frowned and Paris repeated herself. He nodded and she slammed him across the face.

By this time, my mother had enough. "Paris stop! Andrea, take her upstairs. Davey and Antony, take Damien in the back. They will talk later," she exclaimed, taking charge as usual. Davey and I did as we were told and Paris collapsed into my arms after we were alone.

I rubbed her back as she sobbed and held her tightly against me.

"I can't believe he never told me. All this time I thought I was alone and now I know I have other siblings. Why didn't he protect me? Why didn't he act like my older brother?"

I choked back my own sobs and looked down at her. Now was better than any other time to be honest.

"He didn't want to hurt you, Paris. He knew what he did was wrong as a child but he can't rewrite the past. He was going to tell you after the movie, when everything was over. He wanted to spend as much time with you as possible to make up for what he did. He even took the role to be closer to you. He cares about you."

"He's my brother! He's been playing my brother in the movie. Now I understand everything,"

"I didn't know Zachary was Eve's brother in the movie? I thought he was her boyfriend?"

"No. Savannah is playing Zachary's girlfriend. Eve is his sister that he learns about at the very end after she dies."

I realized that this story did portray a pretty realistic point of view between Damien and Paris now.

"Wait…how did you know he didn't want to hurt me? How do you know all of that?"

Paris moved from me and I sighed. Here goes everything.

"…That night…at my birthday…he told me the truth, Paris. He didn't want me to tell you. He told me almost everything but I didn't know about his relationship with Margret besides him being her son. I promise you."

Paris stared at me in shock and shook her head as more tears fell from her eyes.

"I can't speak to you right now. Get out."

"Paris. I'm sorry. I couldn't-"I don't care. Get out."

"Please listen to me! I-"Andie! Just leave!"

I was surprised by her outburst but got up anyway and walked back downstairs I was headed outside, anger all over my face and before I knew it, I had slammed my fist into Damien's face.

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