It was different before.

Of course it was different. Everything was different. Everything changes.


So it was different before.

Before I laughed. We laughed. Always.

Before we were happy.

Before, we were free.

Before, we flew.

Before, before, before—we were birds. We flew. We had the sky in our hands, and little stones too. We were angels and demons, were heaven and hell—we were chaotic and loving, perverse and united.

We were destructive, too; we were everything we wanted, and more, or less. Alive, drunk—we hated, we loved, we liked, we disliked. But before, we were free.

And once, we lived forever.

That was why we stopped; it stopped. Heaven crumbled to the ground, hell was tamed and froze to death; it was gone; we held the ashes in our hands; the stars, the stone, the ashes—dead.

Long, long ago, we lived forever.