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by: urtenshii

Chapter 1: The Sunday Truce

"That boy loves himself too much to even think about others!" Keira Humphreys, a 15 – year old brunette, shouted causing her best friend, Laurelle Xu, to flinch.

15 – year old, Laurelle, looked around, silently thanking Whoever is up there that there are very few people around or she'll be subject to the ultimate embarrassment that Keira seems to be casting upon her.

"C'mon Kei, he isn't that bad. He's just, well, uhmm" and whatever she was about to say was cut off by a menacing glare from her friend.

"Shut up, Laur. I hate him and that's not gonna change!" was the other's reply while walking away.

With blood still boiling, Keira found herself in a clearing in the outskirts of town. It was where she usually performed her Kung – Fu rituals when she's in a bad mood to let go all of her negative energy. She closed her eyes and began her ritual she called "dance."

For minutes, she was at it and was so caught up in the dance that she failed to notice that there was someone approaching. It was only when the intruder clapped his hands that she was able to sense his presence.

She stopped mid-dance and turned to the direction of the sound spotting an emerald – eyed, chestnut – haired young man whom she recognized all too well.

"Hey! That was amazing! Didn't know you could kick like that!" the young man complimented.

"Whatever Lee," Keira replied, temper returning double in force. She had hated every fiber of Brent Lee's being and had wanted to smash him to pieces since, well, forever. To make things short, he's the bane of her existence.

"What? Is it bad to compliment people, today?" Brent asked, his left brow rising in fake confusion, "And it's Brent to you. Sheesh, we've been friends forever and you still call me by my surname!"

"And who told you that you're a part of my friends' list?!" she spat, anger towards Brent multiplying by a tenfold.

But Brent was cut off by the ringing of her phone, with the screen registering, "Sensei"

"Moshi, moshi! (Hello) Mizuki - Sensei! Is there any problem?" she said into the phone while turning away from Brent to avoid being overheard.

Ryou Mizuki was Keira's teacher in Kung Fu. He was a great friend of her father from Japan and agreed to teach her some moves for self – defense. But she fell in love with Kung Fu and decided to go pro at it.

"Hey, Kei – chan, I'm at Japan right now and I have some business to do," Mizuki – sensei had replied.

"Nani?! (What?!) I have an upcoming competition, sensei (teacher)! I need your training now, most of all!" she shouted into the phone.

"Hai, hai. (Yes, yes) I know. That's why I asked a friend of mine to substitute for me. He'll be coming in the clearing anytime now," he explained.

"Okay, sensei but he better be good," she said. She didn't want a substitute but she knows disobeying her sensei isn't a good thing, either.

"Of course. He's one of the best. I just don't know if he'll be able to handle your big appetite, Kei – chan," her sensei joked.

"Sensei! You Baka (idiot)," she muttered. Her sensei usually brings her delicious snacks during their meetings. She just loves it so much that, sometimes, she could be able to finish everything he prepared. He usually jokes about it, calling her pig.

Mizuki chuckled from the other side before hanging - up.

Keira put her phone back in her pocket before turning around causing her to bump into Brent who was unexpectedly standing too close to her. She closed her eyes waiting for the impact but the only thing that she felt were two strong arms supporting her up.

"Hey, you alright?" he asked.

Kei was stunned, partially due to the good reflexes Brent has but more so, because of the strong arms that she's currently wrapped in. And when she made the mistake of looking up at his eyes, she was melted in the gentleness of the most beautiful emerald eyes she has ever seen.

"Hey," Brent said again, softer this time, while shaking her gently.

Keira, realizing what was happening, stood up straight and did her best to put a good distance between them. She hated what happens to her when she's in close proximity with the boy. Whenever he invades her personal space, it's as if he could be able to render her immobile. Not possible? Well, it is, to her, especially when he's around.

"You could say a 'Thank you' you know, or if you're a little cheesy, 'you're my savior' would do," Brent had said sarcastically.

Keira spun around to glare at him.

"Who told you to catch my fall?" she replied.

Brent was speechless for awhile. He was puzzled with the girl's hatred towards her. Whatever did he do to receive this never-get-near-me treatment from her?

"Okay, okay. You're welcome Keira," he replied nonchalantly then added in a much softer tone, "Besides, I will always catch your fall. I do not need anyone telling me that,"

"What was that?" she inquired, hoping against hope that she had heard wrongly, that he didn't uttered words that made him sound like he's caring for her. Cause if he did, then the world might just as well explode. Him caring for her is like parallel lines intersecting, and parallel lines never intersect, hence, they're called parallel.

Brent shook his head then smiled sheepishly, replying, "Nothing, I was asking if you're ready for your training today,"

Keira's eyes were wide as saucers as realization sunk in.

"No, no, no. This has all gotta be a big joke," she replied harshly. "You couldn't be my substitute sensei. You're, you're too lame!"

Brent's left eyebrow rose up. His emerald eyes full of amusement. "Are you underestimating me, darling? Coz if you are then why won't we do a little sparring, right here and now,"

"Is that a challenge, Brent Lee?" her eyes narrowed dangerously.

"What does it sound to you?" he smirked.

"You're on," she answered taking her fighting stance. "And it's Humphreys to you, not darling,"

He gave her a grin not bothering to do a fighting stance, "Sorry it slipped, darling,"

Noticing her annoyance, he merely raised his eyebrow, again, as if challenging her to attack first.

Wanting to catch him off guard, she rushed forward in top speed and began a series of kicks and punches which he merely dodged. With amazing speed, he maneuvered himself behind her and hit her just below her shoulders. Soft enough to not do any major damage but forceful enough to make her feel it.

Keira felt a pain in her back region. She turned around and put a good distance between them. 'His speed is amazing. I shouldn't attack him head – on. Oh well, lemme see him dodge this next attack,' she thought as she began to do her dance that she had practiced earlier. She wanted to perfect it for her contest and this was the perfect timing to test it.

He watched her but as she neared him, he found himself dodging from attacks coming out of nowhere. 'Whoah, this technique is amazing,' he thought as he blocked a series of fatal blows that could have seriously injured him. 'Isn't this unfair? I was trying not to hurt her and she seriously wanted me to end up in the hospital!' he mentally protested as he dodged another attack.

Kick. Block. Punch. Dodge. Kick. Flip. Punch. Crouch. Block. Roll. Flip. The routine continued for an hour or so. But both parties don't look like fighting. They look more like dancing to a music only their ears could hear. Their movements complimented each other. Moreover, it was obvious that they both enjoyed the match. A smile could be found on both their lips and a chuckle or a laugh could be heard from either of them.

Another hour passed and both could be seen in their fighting stance waiting for the other to make a move. Brent relaxed and offered a small smile.

"Kei, I think those were enough lessons for today," he stated. "Mizuki – sensei instructed me to make it sure that you're on your way home before six and we're way past that deadline," he was pointing to his digital watch that showed it was already fifteen minutes past six.

Keira looked at him hesitantly then relaxed, "Awh, but I was enjoying the fight! I was only warming up!" she answered pouting like a baby.

Brent chuckled. This is the first time that she talked to him like this and he will be enjoying the moment till it lasted. If he had only known that substituting for her sensei would result in a friendlier air between them, then he would have offered to do just that, years ago.

He approached her and patted her on the head. "Yeah? Well, me too. This is one of the most exciting fights I had but all good things must come to an end," He grabbed her wrist and dragged her to the direction of her home. "Come on, I'll walk you home,"

Keira snatched her wrist back then ran up ahead of him, blowing him a raspberry. "You don't have to, Brent Lee. We're still sworn enemies, you know!" then she added hesitantly, "Even if you are going to be my teacher for a week,"

He ran up to her, "So you're already accepting me as your new sensei?" his tone was amused, "I'm touched," he stated giving a mock bow.

Keira just smirked and retaliated, "Do you think I have a choice? Besides, you were able to block and dodge every single attack I sent your way. You didn't receive any injury even though I used a very harsh technique against you and most of all, after fighting against me for more than an hour, you seem not exhausted at all. It's as if you had just woken up from your bed and is very excited to start your day."

He smiled at her and she just had to look away from those beautiful eyes. Afraid that he was assuming they were already friends, she had to add, "But that still doesn't mean we're good friends, you know,"

He dramatically rolled his eyes, "Whatever did I do to you?"

She stopped and turned around, her amethyst eyes flashing mischievously, "I dunno really. It was I guess, hate at first sight,"

He chuckled. A gesture she is beginning to love it. Damn him.

"Hate at first sight? Does such a thing exist?" he said in a poetic manner.

She giggled, "I don't know maybe because of your I-am-so-good-at-everything you-should-look-up-at-me attitude that had my blood boiling,"

"I am hurt. I certainly do not posses such character," then he touched his heart as if to prove how wounded he was, "You didn't even get to know me,"

She looked thoughtful. Her vibrant purple eyes seemed to be so engrossed in whatever's going on her brain that Brent was just mesmerized by it.

"Well, you had a point there," she merely replied.

At this, the boy just had to smile. This was the chance to get to know the gor – err, scratch that, the butt – kicking young lady that was Keira Humphreys.

"Yeah, well, why won't we start again?" He said while walking ahead of her. "That is if you're interested."

She caught up to him, "What do you mean?"

He stopped walking and bowed in front of her. "Good evening. I am Brent Lee, 16 years old, a junior student. I play the piano, and a dozen other instruments, and I am the vocalist and lead guitarist of the school band. I am the captain of the basketball team and I rank tenth in the school. I am a black belter in kung fu and have been put into training under Mizuki – sensei since I'm six. May I have the pleasure of knowing you?"

She allowed a small smile to grace her features and then curtsied. "Well, I'm Keira Humphreys, 15 years old, also a junior. My favorite instrument would be the drum though I could play others and, currently, I rank first in school. I am not that into sports except kung fu, though, and I trained under Mizuki – sensei since I was ten. I am a black belter, too and my interest would be focused on books."

He shook her hand then added, "It is nice meeting you. But now that the introductions are over, may I have the honor of walking you home, since I also reside in that direction?"

She giggled then nodded.

As they walked home, she's guessing that their practices would be much more interesting from now on and that this week would be far from boring.

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