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Chapter 7: Saturdays and Happy Endings

She wasn't supposed to be here. Keira Humphreys, in a stunning dark violet gown, was contemplating in exiting the event the moment she set her feet on the venue. Laurelle, with the assistance of Johan, managed to drag her in the dance the moment her match had ended.

Speaking of the match, it was a pretty awkward event: Her and Brent barely talking at all and her sensei making obvious attempts to make them converse with each other. It was actually because of her sour mood that she grabbed the silver medal. If she actually was in her top spirits, then she may have won the first place.

She sighed for a thousandth time, eyes darting back and forth looking out for Laurelle, when she saw her dancing with Johan, aka the man of Laurelle Xu's dreams, she decided then and there that she wouldn't want to be the third wheel. It would be like destroying the happy ending of her friends that they so greatly deserved.

But the moment that she spun around towards the exit a hand caught her arm freezing her into place.

"What the hell is your problem?!" she hissed, faltering a little when she noticed that the one who held her captive is none other than the man who caused her to be in such a foul mood.

Brent was motionless for a second, seeing Keira all dressed up does funny things to him like increasing his heart rate, turning his knees to jelly and making his muscles all contract. How could a single, intelligent, gorgeous, and strong lady make him crazy? Go figure.

"WHAT?!" Kei snapped causing him to awoken from his reverie.

"Can we talk?" he asked.

"As a matter of fact, we currently are," she answered, annoyance seeping into her voice. She wanted to get away from him, as his presence brings to her more pain.

"I thought we were way over this phase, Kei?" he asked sighing slightly.

She looked away before answering, "Sensei's back. I do not need to pretend to like you" A lie, she knew. Look what he has reduced her into? A liar, that's what.

Pain crossed his features wanting her to take back whatever she has said. "Is that what it all was to you, Kei? Pretensions? Well, I'm happy that was over. Now you could continue living in your pretty world without Brent Lee's existence. Only difference? Even the taunting wouldn't exist this time either," he replied walking away.

She hung her head back and knew that she had to undo what she said, no matter what could happen.

And what could? Maybe laying her heart on the line? No big deal, as long as it was for him.

"Brent" she called.

"Leave, you do not have to pretend to like me now," he answered turning his back away from her.

She breathed in before answering, "Okay, so maybe that was out of the line,"

He whirled, eyes glaring daggers towards her, "Maybe? That was way, way out of the line, Keira! Do not tell me that all those days we've only been pretending to like each other! You could say that, I wouldn't. Cause I never pretended to like nor would I ever wish to,"

She hung his head low, ashamed for uttering those words.

"What? You here to tell me you didn't mean those words? That it was a mistake saying them? Tell me Keira, did I even matter to you?" he shouted and she was silently thanking the heavens that they were currently outside the venue, so that no one will be able to hear them shout their hearts out.

"WHAT?!" he yelled full force and she flinched. Tears that threatened to fall, broke down.

She met him square in the eye and answered, "You want the truth, Brent? You did matter to me. So much that I don't want you to find out about it cause, well, you might make fun of me. You were supposed to be my rival Brent! Someone I should detest and hate but now, well now, I am beginning to doubt that. Cause currently, I am considering you to be so much more than a friend. Funny right?"

She laughed a bitter laugh before continuing her speech, "I am so unbelievable! How could a Brent Lee like a pathetic girl like me? I am a nerd for Pete's sake. Now, look at me and tell me you wouldn't pretend that a week of being on good terms with your enemy-turned-friend-turned-crush didn't happen? Especially if,…." She broke down, "if he obviously likes someone else. Tell me you wouldn't pretend as if nothing had happened when everytime you see the person you like, you feel your heart being shattered to a thousand pieces? Tell me you wouldn't, Brent! Tell me!" she blubbered with her eyes focusing on anywhere but his.

"Yes, you're pathetic Keira, a very pathetic and desperate girl," he good-naturedly pointed out to her.

She glared at him, "Way to destroy any dignity I have left Brent, thanks. Now I wouldn't be able to face you after this,"

He held up her chin, forcing her to look at him.

"And I wouldn't let you go without telling you -" and whatever he was about to say was cut off by Keira's statement, "that you are hopelessly inlove with a perfect girl? No need to make the blow less painful Brent, I heard about it in the clearing yesterday,"

He rolled his eyes, "Can't you let me finish? You didn't even know the identity of the girl!"

She pouted, "Know my rival against your heart? No thanks, I had enough heartache to last me a lifetime," She knew that whatever she's saying isn't good for her none-existent-dignity at the moment but what can you do against you heart? Practically, nothing, that's what.

He chuckled nuzzling her nose with his. "You are so cute when jealous Kei," he stated causing her to blush.

"Actually, that supposed-to-be perfect girl is not really perfect. She has a fiery temper, she's a big fat know-it-all, plus she lied to me just to save her face! Could you actually believe that? Not to mention, she's a big glutton, too. Eating everything that comes to her way,"

She laughed a little. "Way to please your future girlfriend. If she's here right now, she could have slapped you, y'know"

He smiled sheepishly, "Yeah, well, she's currently hearing everything I'm saying,"

Lightning fast, she broke away from him and twirled around, "She's here? Oh my God! She's gonna kill me for confessing to you like that!"

"Yeah, actually, she's currently in a cute state of naiveté, right in front of me," he replied in a serious tone.

She looked back at him and noticed him standing directly in front of her. Slowly, realization crept up.

"What? It isn't possible is it?" she muttered.

"The thing is, I haven't told her, that, with all of her imperfections, I could say that she's just the perfect girl for me," he walked slowly towards her and pulled her to a hug. "She goes by the name of Keira Humphreys, my long – time rival and crush with the most beautiful amethyst eyes that ever existed in this planet,"

She remained motionless for a moment before she raised both of her arms to deliver a blow to his gut.

"OWWW!! What was that all about?" he shouted clutching his injured body.

"THAT? That was for the torture that you put me through! I could've gotten that gold medal if I wasn't so depressed about your liking another person!" she shouted, eyes blazing.

He grinned a self – assured grin, "Awwwwh, the green monster ate you up?"

She sauntered over to where he was, cracking her knuckles, in time with her pace, "You put me all through the confusion of whether you're going to like me, through the pain of you having another person in mind, through the embarrassment of having to admit to you my feelings, only to know that you actually have felt the same about me?!" she practically yelled, "Do you really find much pleasure to my agony, Brent Lee?"

Brent didn't know if he'll laugh or run away with the murderous look Keira was giving him but he pulled her up and hugged her, burying his face in the crook of her neck.

"Sorry, I am just too much of a coward to actually admit it you," he apologized.

"I figured," she replied returning his embrace but not before pinching him on the side.

"And that was for?" he asked in a bored tone.

"Calling me a glutton. There's more to come if you wanted to spend more time with me," she joked smiling.

"Yeah, I noticed. Might as well get used to it cause you're never going to get away from me," he replied, leaning down to plant his lips to hers.

And that was the end of the week that practically turned the life of Keira Humphreys upside – down, turning her all-time rival to a lover.

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