Love Means Crazy

I was nine when I met him.

"Miss, we have a new boy in our class." Mark – the class clown – said, walking through the classroom to his seat near the back, followed by a cute, brown haired, short boy with glasses framing his forest green eyes. "His name is Louis or something."

"Well, Lewis, please go take a seat over by the window." Our teacher said, smiling at the young boy.

"Sure Miss. But my name isn't Lewis; it is Louis – pronounced Lou-ie." He said, glaring at the teacher and taking a seat where he was told to, across from me.

"Hi, I'm Gem." My best friend said from her place next to me, ignoring the roll of my eyes. Gosh, she was nine and had to have all the boys watching her every move and following her every command.

He ignored her, took out a pocket sketch book and started doodling. Strange boy. Most boys I knew, every boy I knew, would never be found doodling; they would always be found playing a video game or playing a sport. Strange, strange boy.


I was twelve when I started liking him.

"Louis, what do you always draw in that book of yours?" Gem asked the much shorter boy than us in the Library one English period in our first year of high school.

She could never leave him alone. He was her challenge, ever since he had ignored her that time back in year four when we had first met him.

Looking up at us as we stood there waiting for an answer, he shrugged and said in an annoyed voice, "Whatever I feel like."

Looking over his notepad perched upon his bent legs, I saw the most beautiful field full of daisies and a young girl running through a gap, laughing, sketched on the open page. "Wow," I whispered out of shock, receiving the brightest smile from Louis who then shooed us away so he could finish his drawing.


Later that day I walked out of the school gates heading for my mother's car when I was stopped by a small hand, looking behind me I found Louis standing there with a grin plastered on his face.

"Here," He shoved a piece of drawing paper in my direction, "I thought you might like it as you were staring at it for a while."

"No –," I was interrupted by him telling me that I couldn't give it back to him now, it was mine. "You didn't have to. Thanks." I said smiling slightly, embarrassed. This was the nicest thing a boy has ever done for me. They were always teasing me about my short, frizzy brown locks or the scattered freckles across my nose or how I am the teacher's pet. This was a nice change.

Walking off towards my mother's car, I opened the piece of sketch paper and saw he had neatly scrawled For Hayley in the bottom right hand corner. Turning around, I found him with my eyes and gave him my best smile before jumping into the car, giddy with happiness.


I was fifteen when he broke my heart.

"Jimmy, do you think Louis likes me?" I asked my twin brother, walking into school one dull morning.

"Sure, why wouldn't he?" My brother said, waving his hand in my general direction to show he was listening. Or prove that he wasn't, was more like it.

"Jimmy, are you even listening to me?" I asked, annoyed that he never payed attention whenever I asked something of him. Smacking him over that back of his head to try and receive that attention away from the older blonde bimbos at our school and direct it at me, I repeated my question.

"Yes, Hayley, what did you want?" He asked, rubbing the back of his head in pain.

"Do you think Louis likes me?" I asked again, twiddling my fingers out of nervousness and habit.

"Yes. Now can I go?" He asked impatiently and ran off after I nodded a simple yes.


"Louis?" I asked hesitantly as I came up behind him while he was at his locker after school.

"Yes, Hayls?" He asked me as he shut his locker and started to walk out of school, me in tow.

"Would you, uh…do you want to go to a movie with me Friday night?" I asked in a rush, again twiddling my fingers and avoiding his eyes.

"As in a – like a date?" I nodded, just wanting to get this over with.

"Hayley, you know I enjoy spending time with you, right?" He didn't even wait for my answer, just continued, "But, only as a friend. I only see you as a friend, Hayley. I like Gemma. Sorry." He said, looking down and giving me an apologetic look before rushing out of the school doors, into the chaos of the school bus area.

I just stood there for the next five minutes, completely limp and utterly foolish, turning into a helpless girl with tears streaming down my cheeks. How could I actually believe that he liked me?


The next week Louis had asked out my best friend, Gem and she had said yes, oblivious to the pain he had caused me a week beforehand. This caused to be an even moodier bitch, closed off and depressed. God, how could I let a boy get to me this much?


I was eighteen when that broken heart was finally mended – by none other than the guy who first broke it.

I was standing at the back of the school hall; five minutes after my year had been classed as the graduates of 2010, hiding out from everyone, not in the mood for all the celebration. Simply glad that I had finally finished school and was now free.

"Hayley?" I turned to the sound of my name, curious as to whom that deep, masculine voice belonged to. Turned once again as I still couldn't seem to find the person who had spoken my name so softly, I ran smack bang into a tall somebody.

Looking up, dazed by this man's appealing muscular chest underneath his tightly fitted shirt, I found my hazel-chocolate brown eyes melding together with forest green ones that I hadn't seen this close up in over three years.

Well, he has sure matured from his fifteen year old self. His face was more set and defined now, his baby cheeks and soft jaw gone, replaced by a sharp jaw line with a faint five o'clock shadow that seemed to suit him. His glasses were now gone – though, I had absolutely no problem with them before – obviously being swapped with contacts.

And his hair. Oh, his hair. His beautifully soft, sleek, dark brown hair. It hadn't changed too much. Instead of its once short, neatly pushed back look it was now long enough to fall down in front of his eyes in a shaggy manner.

"Hayley?" He asked again after I hadn't replied a few silent minutes later.

Breaking out of my daze I looked around and replied in indifference, "Hey Louis. Long time, no see, huh?" I tried chuckling at that but only a muted laugh struggled its way out.

"Yeah," He replied, scratching the back of his neck and chuckling. Damn, how was he able to let out a chuckle and I couldn't? "So, how have you been?"

Terrible, I lost my best friend and the guy I had soon realised I had fallen in love with; I wanted to say but instead came out as, "Great, how about you?"

"Meh. Alright, I guess."

"How's Gemma?" I asked without thinking.

"I wouldn't know. We broke up a while ago." He said, looking down and smiling slightly. Who would smile over a break up?

"Oh. Sorry."

"Don't be. I'm glad we did."

"Oh." I guess my new favourite word was 'oh', it was all I could seem to mutter out of my stupid mouth.

A few minutes later and we were still standing there, avoiding one another's eyes and surrounded by a deep, awkward and uncomfortable silence.

"So, you want to go out sometime?" He asked suddenly, his eyes scanning our surroundings back and forth, up and down.

"Uh – no."

He looked down at me, shocked. "Why not?"

"Because I don't want to. Why?"

"Because I want to," He replied smartly, receiving narrowed eyes in return from me. "Because your brother once told me that I broke your heart. Because now I am here to mend it."

I looked up at him and searched deep into his eyes for any trace of lies but coming out unsuccessful, "Why three years later?"

"I don't know. Love makes you do crazy things."


I was twenty-six when I repeated 'I do' at the altar immediately after him, effectively making him my husband and I his wife.

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