Even I, with my great love of cliches and stereotypes, have gotten tired of all the bad writing out there, both published and unpublished. And, so have Blue and Raven. Noteably, Blue is a character from a current work-in-progress of mine, which I cannot guarentee will ever be finished. It is entitled 'Diary of a minion' and can be found on this site. Raven is another character of mine, who hasn't quite found his place in a story yet. I briefly considered putting him in Diary of a minion, but Blue fit in there better, and I doubt the two would have gotten along in there.

All of these shorts will be set in the magickal (whoo) land of Acellevin, while Blue is from the slightly less magickal but slightly more technelogically developed (they have guns) land of Lysoria. Raven, at the moment, does not have a land in which he resides.

Though they really don't like working together, they are going to do us all a favor by destroying many of the tropes and charater types found in bad fantasy stories. While looking very good in leather and guyliner, of course.