A note:

This is the first multi-chapter fiction I've been able to mark as complete. I won't pretend that it's anything spectacular, or that it has any more significance than the brief entertainment I got from writing it, and those who enjoyed it got from reading it. In truth, it doesn't need much more than that. I'm proud of the story, and of my little creations, and I'm especially thankful to all of my reviewers, and those who sent messages recomending cliches. You were all wonderful, and I send you all my best regards.

A note on the characters:

As this story was short, and each chapter brief, there wasn't much time spared to the backgrounds of the characters. So, a little history, for those of you that are interested.

Blue, from the land of Lysoria, is the son of a prophetess and a drunkard. His mother went insane with her abilities (a fate which also befell Blue's older sister) and so was never in a position to be much of a mother, and his father, when in, was never sober. Being neglected, mistreated, and occasionally locked in a dark cupboard, he himself went more than a little insane. He struggles to grasp concepts like love, and only really understands pain - having seen his sister drive herself crazy trying to ovoid the unfortunate demise of those around her when she saw it coming, he bagan to believe that not only would stopping other people's pain cause his, but actually began to think that causing other people pain may ease his own. Hence why he kills/maimes so many people. It doesn't really help that much, but it's the only thing he knows, and having already been burt by people who should have cared about him, he isn't about to let other people in to try to help him.

Raven's backstory is a little more sketchy, since I never really did work out the details. He's an orphan, from some far off land, raised by sevants of the evil overlord and trained from childhood to be a merciless assassin and an extremely skilled warrior. This is the reason for his apparent lack of emotion, although this is, of course, faked, and Blue easily mannages to get him to react. He isn't so much bothered by killing, although the pointlessness and brutality of Blue's frequent massacres does bother him. He tries, for the most part, to maintain some morals, and justify or rationalise any killing on his part, which is the biggest difference between him and Blue. That, and Raven's moderately sane.

A note on the plot:

There really wasn't one. Nor was there really much point in this last note. But I felt like putting it.

As always, best regards, thank you all for reading, and go and get yourselves a cookie on my behalf.