William on being a better boyfriend: Lesson 1- Admit that you need help

How does one really be a boyfriend? In all my years of living, 17 and 4 months to be exact, I've never had a girlfriend. Of course I've been romantically involved with quite a few but Olivia Sperry is the first.

Now let's get a few things straight, Olivia Sperry is not the sexiest girl or the tallest or the smartest but she is the cutest along with the one with the most dazzling personality. She's weird, no denying that, but it's that amazing kind where no matter how weird she is it just adds to her charm and lovability. Olivia is quite frankly the most confusing being you will ever meet yet at the same time you get her-but only slightly. She's a walking contradiction- point blank. And finally, she's the most amazing girl and I couldn't live without her.

With all that said, that is the reason why I'm attempting to be a better boyfriend.

The reason why I think I'm a bad boyfriend? She told me so. Yep, she doesn't hold anything back.

"Shep," I whisper yell as I glance at my girlfriend. She has the longest eyelashes that make me smile when they graze my skin. Her full lips form somewhat of an oval heart shape that I have yet to kiss.

"Yeah?" He whispers back.

"I think I need some help." I admit.

Shepard immediately slams his hand on his desk while dropping his jaw.

"Shepard Brunner, what are you doing?" Mrs. Anderson asks tapping her heels on the floor.

"Well I just slapped my hand on my desk while dropping my jaw."

"Don't be a smart ass." She scolds while returning to writing on the board.

A few moments pass and Shep hits my arm, "Dude help with what?"


He snorts and I swear he's practically choking on his saliva.

Olivia turns around and gives me a confused look. I give her a shrug and her eyes linger on me for a moment before she turns around.

I sigh, "Yeah I need help on being a boyfriend."

"Hey Fairfax High! It's Mahi Peyton your Senior class president and last night the football team won by six points! Our boys know how to get it done now help support the girls' volleyball team by going out to Marshal and cheer them on. This Saturday morning the girl's field hockey team will be having a game and girl's and boy's lacrosse conditioning will be starting next week. Go see Olivia Sperry or Jake Sullivan if you have any questions. If anyone is interested in baseball come to the baseball interest meeting in room D122 or ask William Calloway or Shepard Brunner. You can also check online for any future updates. The school will be putting on a play for Eurydice next month and auditions for Wolfman will be a week after opening day for Eurydice. Oh and advance orchestra will have an afterschool rehearsal today. That's all rebels have a great day."

Everyone gathers up their stuff and I can hear Olivia laughing at something Alex Grosse is saying. Despite his last name Olivia and many other girls don't find him gross. He's a lacrosse boy and despite that my girlfriend is captain of the team I hate lacrosse and she hates baseball-my sport where I'm captain and all mighty.

I walk up behind Olivia and drape my arm around her.

"Hey," She greets, still laughing uncontrollably.

"And Oh I swear it was the funniest shit. Jake and Shawn totally cut that guy's flow."

"Are you kidding me? Jake is such a jerk!"

I shift a bit and the bell rings- Alex waves us off and I take my arm away, carrying her art project for her.

The thing is that I'm friends with many of Livi's male friends but they all seem to have this connection and their own language. Part of it I think is the lax kid speech and part of it is because they're all weird and crazy.

"So what was that thing about, with Shep?"

The unfortunate thing is though, Livi is friends with almost all of my friends. At least male, she doesn't always get on well with girls, she's picky.

"I just told him something and he was surprised."

"Well I got that much," She scoffs, "But I mean what was it?"

"I just asked him for help."

"What!" She shouts dramatically, "The great William Calloway asking for help?" She adorably puts her hand over heart.

"Yeah well for once I know I do need help."

"With what?"

"Just…baseball." I lie. Hell I don't need help with baseball, I'm great at it I'm even going to play college ball.

Her eyes widen, "What?! That's even crazier! My life is now complete. I thought I'd never see the day that you of all people would ask for help and in baseball that's almost as absurd as you asking for girl help."

"Yeah well I got you didn't I?"

"Ehh I guess." She smiles and I lightly push her with my side.

"That was mean."

"No one ever said I was nice."

The hallways, as usually, are crowded and filled with slow people, groups of people just standing there and such. People walking in directions they shouldn't and people shoving their way through- all of it is Olivia's biggest pet peeve. People in the hallway.

Together we make a rather short couple, she's five foot two and I'm five, five but we make our ways through the hallway easily. I'm not into PDA at all but everyone somehow seems to know that we're dating. Maybe it's facebook and maybe it's because they've been waiting for us to happen for quite some time.

Despite that people think Olivia and Jake are destined to be together and that me and Jillian perpetually have something going on; deep down everyone thought we'd be together. After a lot of denial of feelings and people trying to get us together here we are.

Olivia though has always been good with yelling, scaring and intimidating people.

"What is this anyway?" I ask her as we get to the art room.

"It's my art project." She says offened.

"Doesn't look like much."

"You're such a bitch Will." She pouts.

"No one ever said I was nice." I mock her, giving her a lopsided smile.

She pushes me and I laugh.

"It's just a portrait." She says.

"Can I see it?"


"You never show me anything you do and yet I always hear that you're an amazing artist. Why is that?" I ask coyly.

"Maybe it's because you're not worthy."

"Oh yeah that's definitely it." I roll my eyes.

"It's not like you ever come to my art shows anyway."

"You've got a point there."

"Uh duh, so see you at lunch?"

"Yeah, do work babe." I kiss her cheek quickly and she smiles.

"Later baseball stud."

"So Will what about Olivia do you need help with? If anyone you should ask Jake or Jude." Shepard messes up my hair.

I shake my head and fix my bangs that go only slightly past my eyebrows.

"I need help on being a good boyfriend. The other night she told me that I'm a bad boyfriend."

"Well you are." He admits, "You don't show any public displays of affection. You're barely a boyfriend. You've been dating since the summer and you still haven't kissed her yet? And you're too busy to take her out. Lame."

"What a bro you are," I roll my eyes, "But I guess you have a point."

"So actually work on that. And ask Jake and Jude to see what she likes in a boyfriend. You can even ask Leighton."

"Leighton…" I sneer. Leighton Pettaway is Olivia's last boyfriend and a major stoner.

But, he was a stoner who was apparently a really good boyfriend. At least that's what Shep told me last year. Last year I would always see them together PDA galore and kissing all the time.


I guess I should ask him.

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