Who am I?

Well I really don't know

I don't like being whom … or what my parents named me.

I mean who wants to be Sebie Turay seriously.

I'd rather be someone else

Like maybe Elizabeth

Or Amber

Or Emma

But you know I'm stuck in this overweight body.

Fucking candy messing me up

I run on the power of nothing but coffee,

And three hours of sleep.

I love to eat and yet I hate to eat.

I love to dance yet I can't.

I love to sing but it's just a thing.

I love to write the words just flow.

I know I'm goanna be famous

So there is no need to be modest.

My room is very messy but I hate clutter.

I hate when people chew loudly, mouths open or close

I hate when people walk slow but I enjoy a good stroll.

I am filled when endless things of what I dislike, like, or hate.

But me being fucked up it changes from day to day.

I'm very polite, kind, joyful and loving.

But catch me on a bad day and I might kill you

I sometimes hear voices and they tell me odd things.

Like I'm not loved and I should let them have their way.

But for some reason I think these voices are bad.

I never know why but they make me insanely mad.

And then I am in pain and everything is broken.

I guess it's just a thing in my head that's broken

It's ticking funny

Making all these things happen

My doctor says he can fix it

But I don't care

This awkward ticking in me makes me special

And I enjoy being different

Cause I am goanna be famous

So who cares?

So who am I?

Right know I am the girl who is too tall, a black who loves rock music

I am Masebie Fatemah Turay

But you can call me,


Or Zebie,

Or Emma,

Or Amber,

Or Demi,

Or better yet don't fucking call me….I am sleeping.

This is the story of a girl who ticks awkwardly. This is how I survived.