I have two options: go home and listen to fighting about Oliver, or stay at Ash's for the rest of the week. I don't think anyone would care. I mean I'm already 16 so I'll do what I want. I'll leave a note that way no one will worry at my house.

I remembered Ash saying she hates her blond hair, but her boyfriend loves it. Maybe he's controlling?

I'll be sleeping in Ash's room. She has two beds in there. One for me and one for her and Kyle. (If you don't remember, Kyle's the major hottie that Ash is dating.)

"Hey, Honey, do you have a boyfriend?" Rider asked. He was driving me home to get some necessary things. Such as Clothes, better makeup, a brush, and what-not.

"Well, not really. No. Why?" I asked in wonder.

"I was just wondering. You look like you'd have one." Rider said. I don't know, but he's kind of creepy sometimes.

"I guess…" I trailed off.

"So, why don't you have one? I mean I've heard about you in school." Rider said.

"I thought you all dropped out?" I said.

"No, Kyle graduated, I'm still in school, and everyone else dropped out." Rider said looking at the road.

"Oh, well to answer your question, I don't have one because all the goth kids are scared of Oliver, and the "Cool" kids are scared of Aaron and Alex. So pretty much I can't date. And the guys who do like me aren't really my type I guess." I said in one breath.

"What IS your type?" Rider asked.

"Guy's who have a cute face. I'm not a big fan of muscles, though they can have little muscles, I don't like buff guys." I answered.

"So, you like pretty boys." He said with a little giggle here and there.

"Um, sure, I guess." I said, smiling.

"Do you think I'm a pretty boy?" Rider asked, this time looking at me.

"Yeah, definitely!" I said, it's true. I wouldn't lie.

"Really?" He asked.

"Yeah, why? You think I'm lying?" I asked.

"We're here." He said.

"Okay, I'll be out in a minute." I said

I walked in the house. I'm hoping no one's home. I forgot to tell everyone where I was going. I hope nobody worried. Why am I thinking about this now? If it was a big deal, I would have thought seconds after a walked out of the door.

"Where the hell were you?!?" Aaron yelled running up to me, grabbing me into a tight hug, that Alex joined soon after.

"I was at my friends house, gosh MOM, I don't have to tell you everything!" I said walking into my room. Oliver was in my room looking out my window.

"What is you're guy's deal?" I asked.

"Who is that guy out there? You know we covered for you. But we had no idea where you were!" Oliver said.

" Like you care. I'm leaving again. I'll be back when the weeks over." I said wanting to just leave. They were making me take longer then I intended.

"No, your not leaving. Tell that guy to leave!" Alex demanded.

"Will you guys get off my back! I'm leaving, I'll be back. You guys take off randomly all the time to go party and what not! Why can't I? I can't stand being here! Why can't you understand I just need a brake?" I yelled grabbing a bag, stuffing clothes and makeup in it. Oliver and Aaron grabbed me and locked me in my room. Then they all went into the living room to talk.

Did they just ground me? I think they did! Oh well. I wrote a note saying where I was staying, then I finished packing. Rider threw a small rock at my window. He obviously heard the commotion. I climbed down the tree next to my window after throwing my bags down to Rider. When I got down, we ran to the car. He honked the horn to let them know we were leaving. Alex, Oliver, and Aaron ran out of the house and got in their own cars and you can already guess what happens next. They chase us.

"Oh my god! Their not even in the same cars! Do you think we can lose them?" I asked in a panic.

"DUH!" He yelled over my panicking. He drove into a dark ally, so they couldn't see us. Just like in the movies they drove right past us!

"You watch to many car chasing movies!" I said laughing.

"I guess, but it got us away!" Rider said.

"We should stay here for a bit so they don't see us heading back to Ash's." I said.

"Yeah." Rider answered.

We sat there listening to music for a bit. After about 8-10 songs we decided to take our leave. We got back to the house not being caught by my brothers. We told everyone about the epic car chase. It was so unreal! But at the same time, I felt bad for making my brothers worry. I hope this doesn't ruin the time I'm spending here.

For two hours straight we listened to the band rocking out to songs they didn't write. I haven't heard them sing anything they wrote. After a while I noticed, I don't know the name of the band.

"Hey guy's?" I asked to get their attention.

"What is it?" Skyler asked.

"What's you're band called?" I asked. Everyone looked around at each other. Did they not have a name?

"Honey." Kyle said.

"What?" I asked.

"That's the name. Honey." Rider replied for him.

"Really? No way!" I said.

A/N Hey guys! Thank you so much for reading my story! The only reason I'm still writing is because you guys! I have a lot of drama in my life right now. To bad none of it inspired this chapter, let alone story. Oh and you know how I said I was going to make the story lean towards comedy? I lied! What can I say, romance is my forte! :D Anyways I love my fans, though you have no idea who I am. :)