Evil lives again

The man with only malicious intent rouse once more from the circle of resurrection. His eyes as pure black as they were all those years ago. The blackened cape he wore twisted around him as if it had a will of its own. Silently two other ghastly looking men marched up.

"So you're Lokken… The son of my greatest enemy." One of the silhouetted men said with a sneer.

"The creator of the tome… I have wanted to meet you for sometime, Bulgurius." The recently resurrected man said narrowing his eyes. Suddenly a fourth man entered looking equally shadowed.

"I've done it! The three necromancers live once more... my lord… I am the one who brought you back to the physical plain. I am forever your servant" The stouter man said in crackly voice.

"Master Lokken; we can take this world as we planned before the first apocalypse. And with Bulgurius's sorcery, your father will not intervene." A taller much older looking man said who was named Krit. Lokken nodded evilly in agreement.

Chapter 1 Omen?

It was a day showing typical Auckland weather, unbearably sunny for five minutes then cold, miserable and rainy for another five minutes. This didn't seem to bother many of the students at Rangitiki College who continued their usual activities at lunch time. One of the many students at Rangitiki College sat peacefully on the long line of benches listening to his friends make jokes and discuss different games they played the night before. This student's name was David Lee. He was what you'd consider an average student. An extremely average student! He had average grades and didn't really do many sports or extra-curriculum activities. There was one subject he did seem to have a natural knack for; it was geography, his favourite subject. He had a large stature and was averaging six feet tall. He had short brown hair with his fringe spiked up in hardened gel. The dark blue eyes he bore looked almost fully black like that of horror movies.

Casually he sat next to his four friends eating a large subway-styled sandwich. The names of David's friends were Indy Huguna, Dylan Terrance, Shaun Yoolin and Douglas Martolin. Indy, an excelling student was born in New Zealand but his parents were originally from India. Dylan Terrance, also an average student was a pure breed South African that had been in New Zealand for three years. Shaun Yoolin an intellectual Singaporean had a variety of cultures in him, his father was from China and his mother was from Malaysia. The most intelligent of them all, Douglas Martolin was Italian that had just recently moved to New Zealand, regrettably he was rather home sick.

Indy, the largest of the group had jet black hair curled into an odd fashion. The hair was curved around his head looking similar to a blackened crown. It was also granite-hard with gel. His dark brown eyes were rather intimidating especially when he looked directly into others' pupils. Lengthy black sprouts of equally black hair protruded his chin and thinner black hairs sprouted above his lightly shaded lip. His browned skin was mostly clear with several blemishes and one mole on his neck.

Dylan, being the comedian of the group had light brown hair that was as soft and light as silk. Its length bypassed most girls' at Rangitiki College. Softly it rested down past his shoulders. Gracefully it blew in a fluent motion as the wind steadily picked up. His light blue eyes radiated a calming and prosperity feeling. Numerous amounts of freckles covering his face and limbs as that seemed to be the max about of tan he could get from the sun. He blamed it on his ancestors' Dutch skin.

Shaun also a comedian and un-doubted leader of the group also comprised of black hair but long streaks of it were dyed blonde. Like the subtle Dylan his black and yellow hair rested down by his shoulders. A light brown took ownership in his eyes while the whites seemed permanently bloodshot. His skin was reasonably tanned and surprisingly spotless. Being much broader in muscle-mass than the rest of his friends he was much stronger. However his body was not well proportioned with his arms and shoulders very muscular but his legs and pelvis region of average build.

Douglas the intellectual mind behind the group held a much larger head. Stylish glasses with white rims dwelled permanently on his nose which actually suited him perfectly. His short thinning hair consisting of one colour, yellow. Being the style around here, it was spiked up with smooth styling wax. Hiding behind the fashionable glasses were magnificent green eyes that reflected the now present sun, giving him a shining look. Being a normal Italian his naturally tanned skin seemed to love the sun. Several small unnoticeable imperfections lived on his untrained biceps and triceps. Having entered puberty his narrowed chin was covered in fine hairs. As was the area above his lip.

"Do you think Miss Searly's hot?" Dylan asked the group with an innocent smile. Time rapidly stopped as all of his friends twisted to face him. "Well… for a teacher." He added going slightly red.

"What the hell Dylan…? Teachers aren't hot… Teachers can't be hot." Shaun yelled with his black and blonde hair flying around his head like a merry-go-round.

"Heh… yeah it's like when you become a teacher you suddenly become wrinkled and uh… yuck." Douglas said sarcastically trying to picture the teacher Miss Searly.

"Does it really matter if she's hot Dylan? I mean it's not like your going to hook up with a teacher. She's like uh… eleven years older than you." Indy stated scratching his neck.

"Bleh… Well you talk about Katy like that, Indy. It's not like you're going to get her." Shaun piped up again with a few sniggers coming from David and Dylan.

"Oh shut your Asian face Shaun, you know she digs me. I could easily get her." Indy defensively yelled back giving the evils to him. Being ironic that Indy's family were from India which is in Asia.

Suddenly two flaunty attractive girls walked past wearing short pink skirts revealing there long legs. They sure did know how to make eyes turn to their bodies.

"Oi David, there goes Michelle… and that other chick. I thought you were like going to ask her out ages ago." Dylan noticed instantly forgetting about the admittedly attractive teacher Miss Searly.

"I thought I was too. But apparently she's got some boyfriend at uni." David replied with his usual low toned voice. Douglas looked up briefly to stare at his friends.

"I find it pretty strange how we always regard girls as objects. I wonder if they think of us like that?" Douglas stated watching the girls, and their legs disappear around one of the classrooms.

"Probably." David said quickly before being distracted by something else on the other side of the concrete pathway.

"Awesome a dog…" Dylan yelled in a Christmas tone watching a pure black Labrador strut along the glass which was several metres from the long stretch of benches.

Being a self-confessed mad man Shaun instantly jumped up from his seat to chase the peaceful animal. David turned his head from Shaun to look at the Labrador. In one flash it twisted its head to face him. Their varying eyes meet for several seconds. David watched in shock as its brown eyes flashed yellow before returning to normal. A horrible feeling ran over him after seeing the eyes. His stomach felt weird and uncomfortable. Meanwhile Shaun sprinted off in the direction of the odd creature looking like a maniac. Which he no doubt was.

"I bet you five bucks Shaun was dropped on his head when he a baby." Indy said to the amusement of his friends. David however stayed silent with the odd but horrible sensation remaining.

The dog suddenly zoomed off before Shaun could reach it. It was abnormally fast and was soon behind a school classroom block disappearing from view. Shaun returned puffing with his brown eyes even more bloodshot than before.

"God, that dog is fast as hell." Shaun stated looking back at the building it disappeared behind. Dylan gave a long stretch then looked down at his watch.

"The bell is going to go soon." He said to the annoyance of his friends.

"What is it now?" Indy asked scratching his neck again.

"Option four." Douglas replied taking barely any time to answer.

"Oh right. English. Hey David we got English." Dylan said looking down at the still sitting David.

"Ok cool." David replied bluntly and got up still feeling weird.

The school bell suddenly rang indicating the end of lunch and the beginning of a new period. Dylan and David walked off in the opposite direction of their friends who had different subjects to attend. They past several other students as they walked in the direction of their English classroom.

"Hey David what do you think about Miss Searly?" Dylan asked feeling a bit shy about the topic. David kept silent looking blankly at the ground in front of him as he walked. "David!" Dylan said in a louder voice. David looked up.

"Uh… What you say?" He asked with a worried expression on his face. Dylan looked at him with a confused expression on his face.

"Don't worry. Are you ok?" He asked with a worried tone.

"Yeah… all good." David replied smiling weakly. Dylan raised his left eyebrow but questioned no further.

The two reached their English classes just before the doors were locked. Dylan sighed in relief for not being late.

"Finally you two aren't late. You may actually learn something now." The teacher of English class said in a half joking, half serious tone. The already present pupils looked up from their desks to stare at their barely on time peers.

"Alright six BA, open your Othello books." The teacher ordered opening her own copy of the Shakespearean play. Dylan and David took their seats next to each other and opened their Othello books. The teacher called Miss Searly had straight, long brown hair. Her tanned face were clear and smooth, the most recognisable feature about her was her bright green eyes. She was of medium-build and fashion was very important to her. She usually wore green dresses and lighter green tops.

The lesson carried on as usual with the teacher named Miss Searly asking random questions about the play to make sure her class was actually reading it.

"That Iago guy is a legend." Dylan whispered to David who was still not really concentrating.

"What was that Mr Terrance? Could you please share it with the rest of the class?" Miss Searly said sternly.

"How cliché." David whispered to Dylan about the teacher's order.

"Certainly Miss. I was just saying that the character Iago is awesome." Dylan said smiling innocently.

"A man that causes the death and injuries of almost all the main characters is… awesome?" She said in surprise.

"Not when you put it that way. But in the way he can exploit everyone's weaknesses to benefit himself. He's very intellectual." Dylan explained in his cunning manner.

"Very good Dylan. You just made a dreadful villain look laudable." She responded smiling.

"Thank you Miss." Dylan replied smugly.

The rest of the lesson went quickly and soon David and Dylan were allowed out of the rather boring English class.

"You saw that right? She does like me!" Dylan said standing tall with his chest out.

"Doing that makes you look fat." A thin girl named Emma sniggered passing the chatting pair. Dylan looked at the rather attractive girl Emma then back David. She was lean and had large blue eyes. His hair was a very light brown almost blonde.

"I'll talk you later Dave." He said smiling as he quickly caught up with her.

David smiled weakly as he saw Dylan start flirting with her; however he still had a horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach. It arouse just from looking at the dog's eyes. While in deep thought a light-brown haired girl named Lisa walked up behind him.

"Guess who." She said smiling as she covered his eyes with her hands. David jumped in surprise and instantly twisted around with his arms up. Lisa backed away shocked.

"Oh! Hi Lisa… ah sorry about that." David said trying to make it sound like a joke.

"Heh… Are you alright?" Lisa asked keeping her eyes transfixed on his.

David looked down at the ground then back up to Lisa with an innocent look on his face.

"Yeah. I'm ok. How are you?" He asked without really expecting an answer.

"Alright. We have maths now, don't we?" Lisa asked already knowing the answer.

"Oh yeah. Better get going, Mr Hoard always give me detentions for being late!" David stated before walking with Lisa by his side.

Lisa was a tall girl, almost as tall as David. She seemed to hold the appearance of many different cultures and ethnicities. Her great grandmother on her mother's side was from Vietnam; her great grandfather was from Russia. Her grandfather from her father's side of the family was born and lived in South Korea and her grandmother from South Africa. She was quite attractive although David only saw her as a close friend of the opposite sex.

The two quickly made their way to the opposite side of the school where the maths block was located.

"Have you gotten a letter for academic achievement?" Lisa asked brandishing her own letter for biology.

"No. Lucky! When'd you get yours" David asked in awe. Lisa gave a smug look before replying.

"Yesterday. I don't think they've given all of them out yet though. You may still get one." Lisa said putting her letter back into her bag.

"Hopefully, those are really good for the C.V." David said smiling at the thought temporarily forgetting about the dog.

Finally the chatting pair reached their maths room just on time. David being a gentleman opened the door for Lisa before entering himself. Mr Hoard the mathematics teacher was a little shorter than most of his students and had curly black hair. His large ears were his most distinguishing feature as they seemed to sprout from the top of his head. While he was busy writing things on the board, Lisa and David took their seats. Several other students followed and before Mr Hoard could close the door Indy burst through.

"Sorry Hoard…"

"Mr Hoard." The teacher corrected sternly.

"Sorry Mr Hoard… I was getting one of those Academic achievements from Mrs Paula." Indy said happily.

Soon after Indy took a seat next to David smiling, Mr Hoard went back to writing mathematical equations on the board while his class chattered away excitedly.

"Hey Indy you got one too." Lisa said cheerfully.

"Yeah, in Physics! My most hated subject and I get academic achievement in it!" Indy cried out reading his letter again in case it somehow changed. David looked down with varied emotions running through his head.

"I'm sure you'll get one for Geography David." Lisa said in a hopeful tone.

"Alright class quieten down. Today we'll be doing simultaneous equations." Mr Hoard interrupted causing a sudden hush in the room.

The bell sounded at the end of the class indicating it was lunchtime. Mr Hoard sighed happily as his overly-excited class gathered their bags and rushed outside.

"I'll see you later David." Lisa said before running off in the opposite direction.

"You know David… Instead of hitting on Michelle who you say already has a boy friend, you should try asking out Lisa. I think she likes you." Indy stated seeing Lisa disappear behind a building.

"Stick to Physics Indiana. Cupid doesn't suit you." David said laughing.

"Indy! Its just Indy and I've told this more than enough times!" Indy cried out angrily.

Two minutes after the brief argument, Indy and David reached their usual hang out area where Douglas and Dylan were sitting happily.

"How's-it" Dylan said with a smirk on his face.

"Eh… Not bad." Indy said taking a seat. Soon after Shaun marched in with his chest puffed out.

"You know doing that makes you look fat." Dylan said looking at David as he said it.

David cracked up laughing while the others stared at him wondering why that was so funny.

"Anyway… I got an academic achievement for P.E." Shaun stated in a happy manner.

"I got three! One for Drama, one for English and another for Maths." Douglas cried out making his friends stare in wonder. David gritted his teeth in annoyance.

The group of friends started talking about the holidays that would follow after the academic achievement celebration in the hall.

"I'm going back to Italy, just to check how my family's doing." Douglas said looking out at the grass patch in front of their hang out area.

"Down south for me. Going to check out Rotorua." Shaun stated happily. David stayed silent while his mates chatted away happily. When the bell rang David was more than happy to leave earlier than usual. The academic achievement celebration in the hall would start on Friday and at the moment it was Wednesday. He was hoping that somehow he would get one by the end of the week.

The rest of the day went quickly and as each period passed David became more sullen. Finally the end of day bell rang with David in a horrible mood. Slowly he walked alone on a path at the back of the school which led in the direction of his house. Several people passed him and took different routes. As he reached the path there was a sudden chill in the air. The path was surrounded in trees making the area have an eerie feel about it. As he took a turn on the path he noticed one of the bushes rustling frantically. Usually he'd investigate being the curious type however due to his sullen mood, he only wanted to get home and sleep.

Suddenly as he passed the bush, a large black dog leapt out. David instantaneously jumped back in shock. The aggressive animal started growling and looking at him with hungry eyes. Its eyes shone yellow once again as David stared directly into them. The horrible feeling overcame him again. Carefully and slowly he lowered himself to the ground; next to his foot was a sturdy stick which he thought could be a formidable weapon. His hands closed on the end of potential weapon, although David was hoping he wouldn't need to use it. The dog started baring its teeth aggressively as he stood up again.

The trees started blowing around as if the wind had picked up. David didn't know if he should try call out for help or just back away and try another route. Deciding a fight wouldn't go in his favour he slowly backed away with the stick in front of him. With out warning the dog launched off at him with its mouth open ready to chop down. David closed his eyes and shrunk back while he took an almighty swing with the stick. The weapon hit its intended target directly in the side of its head. The dog yelped in pain and backed away nervously. David kept his stick raised in case of another attack. Its eyes returned to normal making him feel a little better. As quick as it appeared, it ran off disappearing through the bushes.

The encounter with the rabid dog left David shocked, scared and feeling numb. After standing stunned for several seconds, he bolted down the track not giving any other dangerous animals the chance to spring a surprise upon him. He didn't stop running until he was safely at home where hopefully no other things would try hurting him.

"Hello son. How'd the day go?" David's father asked upon his entry to the house.

"Um… weird." David replied puffing as he made his way to his own room.

"Hey what's that on your hand?" His father asked as David tried to pass him.

"What?" David replied looking down at his left hand. To his horror he saw a large gaping wound in the shape of a large canine tooth. Blood ran down his fingers, giving his father the goose bumps.

"What… happened?" His father cried out in shock. "Here, now!" His father ordered heading in the direction of the bathroom.

After having his wound washed and disinfected then wrapped up in bandages, David explained the encounter with the rabid dog to his parents.

"Bloody animals! I'll make sure its shot." His father roared out angrily.

"Just report it to the council Fred." David's mother ordered stroking David's hair lovingly.

"I guess getting a dog for my birthday is out of the question then?" David joked. His mother giggled cheerfully however his father gave him a stern look before chatting to someone on the phone. After speaking to someone on the council David's father went to his bedroom to sleep as he had work early in the morning. David's mother quickly followed leaving David alone to watch television.

Around nine-thirty, he decided it'd be best to sleep and turn off the television. As he was proceeding to his bedroom he heard the trees outside brush up against the house and the whistle of wind. Thinking it was nothing David climbed into his bed and quickly fell into a deep sleep… His dreams were disturbed and made him toss and turn in fear. He saw one old man with barely any hair and another man aged about thirty. The old one had yellow eyes while the younger had completely black eyes. In his dream there were screams of thousands of people, screams that felt like they were engulfing him. They somehow related to the eyes of the men.

The strange men both began chanting weird words while staring without blinking at him. Upon completing their strange language weird distorted figures surrounded David forcing him to wake. Puffing, sweating and shaking David got up out of his bed. His sheets were soaked with sweat. He felt parched and decided to leave the sanctuary of his bedroom to drink a glass of water. His first glass went down quickly, upon his second cup he heard scrapping outside. He was still terrified from his dream but his inquisitive nature forced him outside. But before doing so, he made sure he was well-armed with a kitchen cleaver.

Slowly he turned the handle of the back door which creaked eerily despite his best efforts to open it silently. After opening the door which also creaked, David stepped out onto the back-deck with his weapon close. Carefully he looked around one of the trees near the deck to check nothing was there. Feeling satisfied, David proceeded quickly back towards the back-door. Giving one last look. To his absolute terror a pair of completely yellow eyes manifested within the darkness. Frozen in fear, David watched as the figure of the black Labrador became apparent as it stepped out of the shade of the trees into the moonlight. Somehow getting the will to move, David launched back inside accidentally skinning the tip of his hand with the sharp cleaver. Fumbling with the lock, David tried desperately to lock the door, in case the demonic dog could somehow open doors.

Images of distorted pure black creatures invaded David's mind as he sat sobbing against the pantry door. Trying to blink, he stayed completely still as the horrific images slowly hobbled towards him with outstretched claws, hands or whatever. Nothing had terrified him so much, and he didn't know why all of a sudden such horrible images were haunting him with their existence.

David's brother, Matthew had just arrived from work as a bouncer for a popular dance club. He pushed open the door and walked towards the kitchen where the back door was. He was looking forward to some two-minute noodles when he saw his younger brother squirming on the ground, with blood leaking out of his right hand. Tears were streaming down his face and sweat was drenching his cloths.

"Bro! Shit… Bro! What's the matter man?" Matthew cried out in horror as he lifted his brother from the ground. David's mother and father were quick to arrive at the scene. Seeing Matthew transport David to the couch in the lounge in his muscular arms.

David continued to spasm as he saw the demonic faces twirl around him while the petrified screams of thousands attacked his ears.

"Call the doctor Fred!" David's mother screamed out frantically as she tried to calm her disturbed son. Matthew disappeared to find the bandages to fix the cleaver wound to the top of his right hand. Fred was on the phone again roaring for the doctor to wake up and get to their house on the double. Suddenly David's mouth started foaming up as he writhed in terror. Matthew returned with not only bandages but a cloth as well. David's mother used it immediately to wash away the foam. Fred got off the phone and quickly made his way to the couch.

"That bloody dog has given him a disease." He cried out in terror holding his son's head.

The terrified family stayed with David the whole time until the doctor arrived, who was in quite a hurry.

"It's not rabies is it?" Matthew asked twice as he marched back and forward hoping the doctor could save his little brother.

"No. Fortunately it's not. However this is definitely not a natural occurrence. Bring some water and I'll give him some of these." The doctor said calmly withdrawing a bottle of calming pills. Matthew was quick to make himself feel useful and returned with a full glass of sparkling water. "I suggest you let him rest, someone stay with him overnight. If he continues to act strangely, take him to the hospital tomorrow." The doctor suggested after making a quick inspection.

Matthew was quick to volunteer taking the position of overnight guard. He placed his blankets and pillows on another couch. After the doctor left, David's mother and father reluctantly returned to their room. David had calmed down and looked like he had fallen a sleep. Matthew gave him his own blankets before managing to fall a sleep himself.


The next day Shaun, Indy, Dylan and Douglas were sitting eating their morning tea during their first break. Douglas looked around and wondered why David hadn't arrived.

"Where's David?" He asked.

"Don't think he's here today…" Shaun replied. "The teacher gave me his academic achievement in Geography to give to him." He added.

"Oh. So he got one." Indy replied thinking back to yesterday.

"Do you think he was acting… well weird yesterday?" Dylan asked

"I think he was a little depressed for not getting an academic achievement… but he'll be chuffed when he gets that one." Indy answered

"No… I mean just after morning tea he was all quiet and seemed worried about something." Dylan stated.

Suddenly three girls appeared, all holding their dresses down as the strong wind gushed around them.

"Hey guys. Have you seen David?" Lisa asked staring mainly at Indy.

"I don't think he's here today. Either wagging or is sick." Shaun said smiling and looking up and down one of the girls.

"Lisa, was David acting weird yesterday?" Dylan asked in a worried tone.

"There was one time, just after period four… He was really quiet yesterday." She responded. The four males stared at each other with worried expressions. "What? Is he ok?" She asked getting a little frightened at how the four males were staring at each other.

One of girls with Lisa took a seat next to Dylan. The other took a seat next to Shaun while Lisa remained standing. Dylan turned to face the girl next to him.

"Hello Emma. Did you see him acting strange?" He asked curiously. Lisa also turned to face her.

"He sits across from me in photography. He just looked a little sad. His head was always bowed." She replied trying to make it sound like it wasn't that big a deal. The other girl named Toni remained silent while the large group worried about David's welfare. Toni was also a strange mix of ethnicities as Lisa; she held an African and Japanese quality. Her hair was as black as Indy's but much silkier.

"Hold up, I'll just text him." Douglas said withdrawing his mobile phone carefully as if it were a sacred relic.

After Douglas pressed a few buttons, he lowered his phone and placed it back into his pocket.

"If he's got his phone on him, he should get it." He said casually. Lisa gave a small sigh in worry.

"Tell me Lisa… do you like Dave?" Indy asked curiously. Lisa started blushing.

"Don't just put me on the spot, like that." She cried out as her cheeks grew redder. Everyone had their eyes on Lisa.

"I don't hear no." Shaun said smiling.

"He's… sweet." She replied making Dylan snort. "Like, always opens doors for me… and others. He's also pretty funny when he's not all quiet." She said looking down at the ground.

"Fair enough." Indy said nodding his head smiling. Lisa gave him the evils although it didn't suit with her bright red cheeks.

The group of friends started chatting about David, Lisa and certain other things before the end of break bell rang. Meanwhile David had awoken from his slumber and was feeling much better. His mother was running around the kitchen making lunch, his father was out, talking to the council about the rabid dog and Matthew was still fast a sleep on the couch.

"Mum?" David said trying to catch his mother's attention.

"Oh! Dear. You're alright… you gave me the most horrible scare last night." She cried out joyfully as she squeezed her son.

"What happened?" He asked in a bewildered tone.

"I think you had a bad reaction to the dog bite. The doctor gave you some pills so you should be alright. Come get some lunch." She said walking quickly into the kitchen.

After a filling meal, David headed towards his school bag to see if he could find his wallet. As he was looking, he found his cell phone saying one new message received. Quickly he opened it and began reading.

'Hey Dav. R u sik? By th way u got an academic ach 4 geo. Txt bak.' The writing said. It was from Douglas. As he read it a smile formed on his face. Quickly he replied with a message of his own.

"Feeling better bro?" David's older brother Matthew asked walking into the room.

"Yeah… I don't even know what happened last night." David replied to his tired brother as he placed the phone back into his bag.

David spent the rest of day watching television and eating chips until the home phone started ringing. David's mother was first to answer.

"Hello?" She said in a loud voice.

"Good afternoon. This is Clercy Parkinson, the deputy principal of Rangitiki College." The man called Clercy said in a formal matter.

"Hi there." David's mother replied.

"Tomorrow we are holding the ceremony for academic achievement and we are aware that your son David has received an award for Geography." Clercy said remaining to sound posh.

"That's wonderful…" She replied happily looking at David sit comfortably on the couch

"Yes. It is usual for students who have earned this honour to be present at the practise ceremony which we are holding at four-twenty this afternoon." The deputy principal explained. "We are required to know if David will be available as we are aware he was did not attend school today." He continued.

"Oh… Um… alright let me ask him." She said placing the phone on the counter.

David cracked up laughing at seeing a hilarious moment on one of the funniest home video shows. His mother suddenly came up to him smiling.

"Honey. Do you think you're alright to go to some practise ceremony for an award you got?" His mother asked lovingly.

"What? They're holding one today?" He asked stunned

"Yes dear." She answered smiling.

"Alright yeah I'll go." He said jumping off the couch.

"Right, I'll just let your deputy principal know." She said walking back to the phone. David watched as his mother confirmed then softly put the phone back on the hook.

"You didn't tell me you got an award for Geography." She said with a wide smile.

"Just found out myself." He replied with an equally big smile.