Chapter 2 Havoc

Lisa, Emma, Toni were standing outside the auditorium where the practise ceremony would take place. The sky was completely covered in black cloud and the wind had picked up quite a bit forcing them to cover their skirts.

"It's got so much windier than yesterday." Toni exclaimed in annoyance while holding her skirt down.

"I'm sure they won't mind us going into the hall early." Lisa said walking forward to seek shelter. It was around four a clock and most of the school had already gone home. The remaining students who had received awards were either in the library or their proud teachers had allowed them into a classroom.

As Lisa was entering the auditorium, the sky suddenly lit up with a crackle of lightning which seemed to start a down pour of rain. She turned around to look at the spectacle. In the distance she saw a car pull into the visitor's car park. Again the sky lit up with a bolt of lightning. She looked back down at one of the occupants leaving the safety of the car. Emma squinted her eyes and was able to recognise the figure make its way from the car to the hall.

"Hey it's your boyfriend David." She said with a smirk on her face. Lisa's cheeks went slightly red again; softly she nudged Emma in the ribs.

David was sprinting up the concrete path with his arm above his head trying to slow the rain from drenching his coat. He heard his mother drive off in her car behind him.

"David!" A voice said to his right where another concrete path linked. Quickly he turned to see who it was.

"Hey Indy." He said realising it was one of his friends. Quickly the two made it to the auditorium steps where three more of his friends were looking cold and tired.

"Hey girls, you're all looking a bit cold there." David said cheerfully.

"I think Lisa just got a little warmer." Toni said with a straight face but looked at Indy as she said it. Indy looked down at the ground sniggering but quickly straightened when David gave him an inspector look. Lisa gave a few uncomfortable giggles before placing her bag on the dry auditorium floor.

Soon more students filled the auditorium looking drenched but rather excited about the practise ceremony. Shaun and Douglas arrived at the scene looking annoyed at the weather.

"I don't mind the lightning and thunder, but this rain is pissing me off!" Shaun stated angrily amongst his friends. "Hey David you're here. Why weren't you at school?" Shaun said noticing David standing next to Lisa.

"To be honest, I don't really know. Yesterday when I was walking home, a dog bit me… It was that dog we saw at morning tea yesterday." David said to the surprise of his friends. "Yeah, and apparently last night I had a really bad reaction to the bite. I don't even remember what happened." He said making Lisa touch his hand.

"Are you sure it's alright to be here then?" She asked in a caring voice.

"Let's see the bite." Indy ordered insensitively looking at the bandage around David's left hand.

Slowly David began unwrapping the bandage. His friends all lent closer watching the last of the cloth fall away. All of them gasped at the nasty wound. His veins were completely green around the infected area; it looked like the wound had doubled in size since yesterday. David looked down at it as well. The moment he saw the wound, the flash of a malevolent black eyed man entered his mind followed by the screams of thousands.

David started wobbling on the spot, and Shaun was quick enough to stop him from falling to the ground. Lisa quickly helped Shaun in restabilising David. Douglas quickly started to re-bandage his left hand. Suddenly David's eyes glowed yellow causing all his friends to take one step back.

"The three necromancers are back!" He roared before falling unconscious. Everyone in the auditorium turned to stare at David who was now lying quietly on the ground. Lisa rushed to his side followed by the rest of David's friends. Before anyone could contemplate what happened David opened his eyes again. They were their normal colour without a hint of yellow.

Quickly he got back to his feet shaking, all of his friends stared at him in fear realising the dog bite had done something to his mind. Suddenly the doors into the hall burst open. The deputy principal stood in the middle looking at the accumulated students.

"David, you're not well. You've got to go home and get some rest." Lisa said stroking his right arm softly.

"I'm fine, just some after-effects from yesterday." He explained stubbornly. Before any of his friends could argue, the deputy principal ordered them inside looking stern.

Lisa and Shaun took a seat either side of David making sure he was alright. He was sweating a lot and shaking in what was either fear or anger. There were several teachers in the hall including the deputy principal. These included Mr Hoard, Mrs Paula, several other teachers David had never seen before and then Miss Searly.

"Pity Dylan couldn't be here." Douglas said trying to lighten the mood.

"He's got a music lesson, next door." Shaun stated. The music block was located right next to the auditorium but the walls were sound proofed to prevent the noise from flooding the assemblies.

Soon the large group of students stopped chatting as Mr Parkinson the deputy principal started talking on the microphone.

"Alright students, tomorrow when you enter the hall, I would like you all to enter silently. Remember all your relations and friends will be here to watch you accept your rewards." He said in a booming voice through the microphone. A loud whistle of wind sounded above their heads through the windows.

David had begun to calm down as the ceremony progressed. He then noticed one of the poles above Mr Parkinson's head wobbling a bit. The second he saw it an image attacked his mind. It showed the pole that was above Mr Parkinson's head skewering him instead. Entering his body at his right shoulder and leaving at the bottom of his left leg. David recoiled in terror seeing his deputy teacher's eyes were pure yellow. Suddenly the image disappeared and all returned to normal.

Shaun noticed David a little more agitated than before and tried to calm him. Lisa also turned to help.

"What's wrong David?" Shaun asked silently.

"We've got to get him away from the stage… the pole will fall through him!" He cried out making one of the nearby teachers place her fore finger on her lips. Another strong gust of wind attacked the ceiling making the beams and poles whine. Some of the students in the hall started chatting looking up with worried expressions.

"Please ignore the weather, the faster we get through this, the faster we can get home to our comfortable beds." Mr Parkinson stated at the front of the hall.

Thunder booms became more frequent as the ceremony continued. Suddenly one of the windows above gave way causing shards of glass to shower the students below. There was screaming in all directions as the glass sheared into different students' arms, shoulders and heads. Lisa screamed at seeing the pole above the panic-stricken Mr Parkinson snap in two with the sharp end aimed directly for his shoulder. The teachers and students alike watched it rip into his right shoulder and reappear at his upper thigh in his left leg.

There was screaming, crying and confusion as more windows gave way cutting everything below them. Everybody covered their heads as they tried to make their way to the entrance of the hall. Before any made it a portion of the ceiling gave way blocking their escape route. Miss Searly one of the only teachers left standing cried out to everyone to follow her. Confused and with the loud thunder booming in the distance only half the living students heard her. David quickly ran after her followed by the rest of his friends.

Miss Searly reached another door which led to the music block, as the students ran to get to her; the beams above cracked and flaked until finally they gave way causing the whole ceiling to collapse. David noticed one of his friends from maths lying on the ground with a jagged piece of debris stuck in chest. Quickly he grabbed his arms and leapt through the door before the ceiling crunched inwards. All of David's closest friends had made it with only scratches and bruises. The tough brick walls that built several music rooms were several metres from the door. Everyone collapsed in them crying, sobbing, yelling and hoping their friends had made it in all the confusion.

There were five brick rooms linked together by one sturdy corridor. David who was last to get through the door dragged his friend named Jeffery into one of the rooms which had various musical instruments. Miss Searly who had tears streaming down her face quickly assisted David in the comforting of Jeff. Indy and Shaun were next to arrive at the scene. Shaun had small pieces of glass protruding from his broad shoulders. Indy had a bleeding ear and a long cut across his arm. David however didn't have a single scratch or bruise on his body.

Douglas, Lisa, Emma and Toni were in another brick room with several other surviving students. Douglas's glasses were completely smashed and a piece of glass had sliced above his eyebrow. Emma had blood pumping freely from the back of her head and Toni had cuts across her arms and her cheek. David had taken off his coat and was pressing it against Jeffery's chest making sure he didn't push the piece of spiky metal further. Miss Searly was levering Jeffery's head up to place her own jacket underneath. Suddenly several people emerged from some stairs leading up to the music block administration.

These people were Dylan, Mr Teiun and two other students David hadn't meet before. Lance Teiun was a relief teacher for Rangitiki College; he had jet black hair and was of Asian descent. His narrowed eyes were dark brown that intimidated many of his students. He walked down while Dylan met up with Indy and Shaun who were now watching in terror as Miss Searly and David tried to save Jeffery. Mr Teiun marched off to the surrounding brick rooms trying to comfort and calm everyone. Thunder continued to roar above them. Eventually after half an hour everyone started to calm down, although still in deep shock and no doubt traumatised from the experience. Jeffery was either a sleep or unconscious; however the blood flow had slowed. Mr Teiun was treating the nasty blow to the back of Emma's head while Lisa and David sat next to each other silently.

"David… How… How did you know that pole would break and…" She started before tears running down her cheeks silenced her.

"I saw it. I saw it before it happened." David said staring blankly forward clearly still deeply shocked.

The mood in the brick rooms was terrible, each surviving student tried to nurse their wounds in silence as the strong winds outside continued to assault the building.

"What's going on sir? Why is the wind so strong outside?" Indy asked shaking due to the cold.

"I'm not sure Indy." Mr Teiun replied with a glum look. Lisa had her head resting across David's arm as he spoke.

"Could it possibly be a cyclone sir?" David asked with a nervous expression.

"I… I don't think so David. We'd have more warning from civil defence if it was." Mr Teiun stated while he rested his weary head against one of the hard brick walls.

Miss Searly came from one of the other brick rooms to sit next to Mr Teiun. David and Indy fell silent hoping the adults had ideas to get them out of the storm.

"Excuse me Lance. Could we chat out in the corridor?" She asked silently. Mr Lance Teiun nodded and followed her outside. David silently got up leaving Lisa behind to hear what their conversation was about.

"Lance, I don't think that Jeffery boy is going to last the night if we don't get him some help." She stated in a worried tone. David's face became pale at hearing her words.

"I will see if I can make it to the medical centre, I may be able to find something there that can keep his blood pressure normal a little longer until help arrives." Mr Teiun said bravely.

"No… I went upstairs earlier; the wind was unbearably strong inside. You'll never be able to make it out in the open." She exclaimed in worry.

"I'll see if I can find a way through the building." Mr Teiun said before David heard his footsteps trail away.

Indy placed his hand on David's shoulder to try comfort him.

"Jeff will be alright, let Mr Teiun see if he can do anything." He said making David nod in reluctant agreement. Silently he took a seat next to Lisa who was watching them with small tears amplifying her eyes.

"Are you alright David?" She said putting her arm across his chest.

"I'll be ok. I'm not so sure about Jeff though… I'm going to see if I can help him or something." He said getting back up. Lisa looked down at ground with more tears rolling down her cheeks.

Meanwhile Shaun, Douglas and Dylan were in another brick room alone looking at the blueprints of the auditorium, music block and hall which they had discovered near the stairs leading to the newer rooms.

"There's a trap door in this room that leads underneath the stage in the hall. If anyone is still… well alive we may be able to help them." Douglas stated pointing at one of the rooms which was upstairs. Shaun leaned closer seeing another route into hall.

"Look there's a door here that leads behind the stage. If that trap door is blocked, we can head around here." He stated pointing at one of the rooms.

"There's also a door on the other side of the hall that leads to the main deans' foyer. If anyone else got out of there, they could've taken that route." Douglas said looking at door positioned at the end of the hall.

Suddenly Emma and Toni barged in with soaking clothing and tired, sad expressions. They looked at the three boys chatting away in awe.

"How can you guys just be standing there looking like nothing just happened?" Toni cried out angrily. Shaun turned to face her.

"We are thinking of a way out of here and possibly saving anyone still alive in the hall." He replied in an ignorant tone.

"How can you just say that like it's an everyday thing?!" She burst out again with tears running down her face. Shaun struggled to get out the words. So Dylan said it instead.

"Shaun and I work at a hospice as Health Care Assistants. We see death all the time! We have to wheel old people's corpses in eight hour duties!" Dylan roared out angrily.

"You're both sick!" Emma cried out grabbing Toni's arm before storming out of the room.

The two girls went into another brick room that was only occupied by two other students.

"Toni, Emma!" One of the girls said in the brick rooms.

"Hey Michelle, Brooke." Toni said with her head bowed. Emma quickly took a seat next to the girls followed by Toni.

"What's that?" Michelle asked as Toni withdrew a small red book from her pocket.

"My diary. I take with me everywhere." She said placing it on the ground. The girls watched as Toni withdrew an in-built pen which she used to make her entries.

David was back in the room with Jeffery. Jeffery's face was extremely pale and David's old coat was covered in blood. Miss Searly gave a sad look at David as another tear rolled down her cheek. Shaun, Douglas and Dylan entered the room looking at David staring at the ground blankly while next to Jeffery.

"David can we talk?" Shaun said looking serious.

"Uh… Yeah." David said softly as he got up to follow his friends. Once outside his three friends started explaining their plan.

"Dave, we've found several ways into the auditorium and hall. If anyone else is still alive I think we should try and help them." Shaun said holding a map which was surrounded in glass.

"We'd you find this?" He asked looking at everything on it.

"We pried it off the wall at the bottom of those stairs." Dylan said pointing at the opposite side of the corridor.

The four friends carefully entered another brick room to get Indy. David noticed Lisa was lying splayed on the ground with tears running down her cheeks. An intense feeling of emotion filled his body. All he wanted to do was comfort her however he knew he should help out his buddies in the potential rescue party.

"Indy… Indy come here." David said whispering trying not to disturb the already traumatised students. Indy silently got up to hear out their plan.

"Alright… let's go." He said looking at the dreaded stairs at the end of the corridor, after they had explained their full intentions.

Silently and quickly the five friends moved up the lineal stairs, as they reached the top a fresh burst of cold air rushed into them. It felt like they were somewhere in the middle of Antarctica as the cold wind iced their bodies. Shaun looked back down at the map with a face of utmost concentration.

"We can either go through this room and use the trap door… or we can use the door through that other room up those stairs." Shaun stated looking at another flight of stairs.

"Dylan and I can go up the stairs, you three can go through the trap door. That way we can see more ground. No doubt the debris from the roof will obscure some of our vision." David said walking up two steps of the staircase.

"Alright, meet you on the stage…" Shaun said opening a door which led to the trap door.

Dylan and David quickly walked up the stairs looking at the door they would enter in the distance.

"We got to be careful Dave. If there's any of the roof still up… it could come crumbling down." Dylan said as he climbed the last step.

"Hopefully, it's all down already." David said tilting his head. David opened the door to allow Dylan in before him then followed himself. They were now in one of the music rooms above the brick rooms. All the windows were completely smashed by the relentlessly bellowing wind. It was also much colder making the two friends shiver. It didn't take them long to find the other door which lead to the back stage of the hall.

"After you…" Dylan said opening the door for David this time.

The view of the hall was obscured by a long wall that ran to the front of the stage. Both David and Dylan trend carefully as they walked. There were sharp shards of glass everywhere. As they got closer more debris could be seen, there were large amounts of jagged metal which seemed to drain the feeling of hope that anyone survived. Finally they reached the front of the hall allowing them to see the full extent of the damage.

The air was extremely cold as there was no roof; however the surrounding walls stopped the immensely strong wind from blowing them off their feet. The beams and support poles were laying split and cracked in various places. David was amazed at the power that must have crushed everything inside. The tiles and pieces of long metal slits were also resting on the ground like something from a world war two movie. Suddenly behind came a loud scrapping noise. Instantly David twisted around with his eyes wide open. It was Shaun, Indy and Douglas forcing the door to open while there was debris and glass piled on top.

"Shit! This is a disaster." Douglas said looking at the assortment of mess.

"Yeah… but I don't see any bodies…" Dylan said looking around at the jumbled war zone. David also suddenly realised there wasn't a single body…

The five friends started climbing over various obstacles of twisted meal to see the slightest clue of life or death anywhere.

"There's blood over here!" Douglas yelled out on the other side of the hall to David. Shaun and Dylan quickly made their way towards him while Indy and David remained where they were.

"Yeah, it's definitely blood. And it trails off towards the deans' foyer." Shaun said withdrawing the map. Douglas started following it until it reached a door, which led to the deans' foyer.

"I don't think there's anyone here… If anyone else is alive I think they made it to the foyer. Let's see if we can do anything over there." Shaun said indicating to David and Indy to follow him.

There was a sudden rush of warm air as they exited the crumbled hall. The trail moved up the foyer then turned off towards the deans rooms.

"This guy has lost a lot of blood!" Douglas said looking at the length of the trail.

"Quickly then." Shaun said rushing off with his friends following him.

'Death affects only those who wish death upon themselves.' A horrid sounding voice said somewhere behind David. Instantly David twisted around with his arms up ready to fight off what ever it was. However nothing was there. Quickly he turned around and noticed his friends dart around a corner which led into the deans' rooms. As fast as he could, he followed.

Shaun slowly opened a door to see a wounded teacher lying against a desk in the middle of the room. David arrived at the scene to see who it was.

"Mr Hoard." Indy and David said simultaneously. His leg was cut open from the top of the knee to the bottom of his ankle. David saw a scythe looking piece of metal next to leg covered in blood. Shaun bent down next to him and felt his pulse.

"He's alive…" He cried out in relief. Indy quickly ripped off his jersey to wrap the wound.

"Mr Hoard, can you hear me." Indy said hoping his teacher would open his eyes.

"I heard Miss Searly and Mr Teiun talking before, about going to the medical centre… I'll go see if he made it." David said rushing off leaving his four friends to care for their teacher.

As David was running along the corridor, he saw shadows of people around the corner. He gave a weak smile when realising he found more survivors. Quickly he raced around the corner… What he saw made him stop dead in fear and surprise.

"Serve the lord!" A horrid creature cried looking directly into David's eyes. In front of him blocking the route to the medical centre were hundreds of malformed people… each had bright glowing yellow eyes. David continued to remain motionless as they slowly approached him.

"David?" A voice said behind him, making the horrid monsters disappear. "David what are you doing here?" The voice of Mr Teiun said making him twist around.

"Sir… We found Mr Hoard… He's hurt. Follow me." David cried with the horrible vision of the malformed creatures burnt into his mind.

Mr Hoard had come to and was looking incredibly pale. Shaun stood above him lifting fingers.

"How many fingers am I holding up sir?" He said

"Your middle finger… and I'd appreciate if you put it down." He said with a weak smile on his face. Indy, Douglas and Dylan gave loud booming laughs. David arrived back soon with Mr Teiun.

"You're looking terrible Steve." Mr Teiun joked with Mr Hoard.

"Yeah, I've felt better. I don't think I can walk." He moaned trying to get up.

"Hold up sir… This may help." Indy said grabbing one of the comfortable twisting chairs that usually sat around the Deans' rooms.

Mr Teiun helped lift Mr Hoard onto the chair which had wheels on the bottom. In the distance they heard pieces of metal slide across each other making a horrible screeching noise.

"What's that?" Mr Teiun said lifting his head in the direction of the sound.

"I'll go check." Douglas said getting up.

"Me too." David added following Douglas into the Deans' foyer.

David and Douglas stopped in the middle of the foyer listening to the sounds around them hoping some noise would come again. After a few seconds of silence, they heard more clashes of metal.

"Sounds like its coming from the hall." Douglas said looking at David.

"Yeah." David replied before walking toward it. Before reaching the hall, they meet three people standing in the doorway.

"Lisa? What are you guys doing here?" David asking realising it was Lisa, Emma and Toni.

"We came looking for you… Miss Searly got all panicky when she realised you weren't there." Lisa said with a weak smile. "Where is Shaun and the rest of them?" She asked looking at the blood trail enter the deans' rooms.

"We found Mr Hoard. Mr Teiun is helping him now." David replied. "Did you notice there wasn't anyone in the hall?" David said in an odd tone.

"We weren't looking for anyone except you guys." She replied walking forward.

Mr Teiun and the rest of the gang came strolling out of the deans' rooms wheeling Mr Hoard on the comfortable chair.

"What are you girls doing out here?" Mr Teiun queried looking annoyed that everyone seemed to be exploring in such a dangerous situation.

"Miss Searly was worried when these guys went missing. We came looking for them." Lisa replied bluntly. Shaun looked at Dylan with a weird expression then back at Lisa.

"Ah well… I'd prefer it if everyone stayed in the brick rooms. It's safer…" Before Mr Teiun could finish his sentence there was a horrible roar down the far end of the corridor leading to the science block. Everybody twisted to face it.

"Jesus! What the hell is that?" Shaun cried out in terror at seeing a weirdly shaped creature make its way towards them.

"I'd prefer not to find out." Mr Teiun said quickly wheeling Mr Hoard into the doorway of the hall. "Everybody in." He roared out.

There was a frantic scramble to get into the hall. Mr Teiun struggled to lift Mr Hoard out of the chair to get past the debris. Shaun quickly leapt forward to grab his legs. Lisa slammed the door shut after her, seeing only a glimpse of the hideous face. As Mr Teiun and Shaun transported Mr Hoard across the mass of debris there was frantic scratching at the door. David was first onto the stage and helped everyone up. The trap door was left open however Mr Teiun decided it best to take the other route before seeing another one of the grotesque creatures standing on stage blocking their escape route.

"Into the trapdoor now!" He roared jumping down himself still holding onto Mr Hoard's shoulders. David quickly pushed Lisa and Emma in before jumping in himself. Douglas was last to get in. He managed to slam it shut. However the horrible creature sliced the side of his shoulder before the trap door crushed its already malformed paw.

Douglas let out a shout in pain as he ripped his shirt out of the way to look at the wound. David wheeled around to help him out.

"Shit! It cut into my bone!" He cried out looking at his own blood pump out. David ran behind him and pushed towards the exit of the mini tunnel that linked the two traps doors. Again they heard frantic scratching at the top of the trap door. Lisa ran ahead of everyone to open the second trap door. It only took several seconds for the terrified group of people to burst through the second trap door into the sanctuary of the music block.

Miss Searly was pacing back and forward in the brick rooms wondering where the five boys and the three girls could have disappeared to. She hoped they didn't try traversing the completely destroyed hall. Suddenly Mr Teiun appeared with sweat covering his face. He was carrying Mr Hoard with several other students.

"Where did you lot get to?" She cried out in rejoice. After Mr Teiun lowered Mr Hoard to the ground he walked out to see Miss Searly.

"Boys… Girls come with us." He said looking at David's group and Lisa's group of friends. At the top of the stairs Mr Teiun stopped and turned to Miss Searly.

"Margaret. While we were getting Steve back here, something very strange and dangerous tried to attack us! I don't want any of the students to leave the brick rooms unless they absolutely need to." Mr Teiun said calling Miss Searly by her first name.

"What!? What attacked you?" She asked with a fear growing in her voice

Mr Teiun looked down at the ground trying to find the right words to describe the odd beast that assaulted them.

"It was like a dog… a hairless dog with huge muscles or fat in random places. As big as a cow with the shape of dog." David said quietly. Miss Searly looked at him with large horrified eyes.

"What in the world! How… Where did it come from?" She cried out starting to shake.

"I have no idea… but Margaret this thing cut Douglas's shoulder. It is hostile! I don't want to frighten the children so let's keep this low key." Mr Teiun said sternly. Miss Searly turned to face Douglas and saw his shirt covered in blood, darker red near his right shoulder.

"Oh my word!" She said walking up to Douglas.

Lisa turned to face David; David tried to smile to lighten the mood but in the current situation it seemed impossible. She walked up to him and fell into his arms.

"Finally…" Indy whispered making Shaun and Dylan look at him with annoyed expressions. "Ok… not the right time." He said looking at the floor.

"How's Jeffery doing?" Mr Teiun said looking back down the stairs.

"Hasn't changed much… I think his blood pressure has dropped but I've noticed there isn't any more blood coming from wound." She quivered out still nervous about the mutant dog David had described to her.

"I found some disinfectant, bandages and some random medicine bottles which we may be able to use." Mr Teiun said hopefully.

Miss Searly followed Mr Teiun down the stairs while the bunch of scared students remained looking at each other with nervous glances.

"This is like something from a horror movie. We can't just run away cause of the winds outside and if we stay where we are those… those things will eat us or attack us or do whatever they do!" Indy said nervously.

"I think we should move away from here." Shaun said looking blankly at the ground. "If those things find us, we won't be able to escape. There's no other exits from the brick rooms apart from the hall entrance but now that's blocked." Shaun explained continuing not to blink.

"What about Jeffery…?" Lisa said sadly. "We won't be able to move him without damaging the wounded area further.

Everything seemed to lead to another problem, there was only one answer and it was one everyone feared the most.

"Let's get weapons together. If we have to fight those things, we might as well be armed." Douglas said inspecting his wound again. The group started searching carefully in each room for debris, scissors, knives or anything that could prove a useful. Common items which could be construed as weapons were shards of glass from blow-in windows. Using their own shirts and jackets, the brave group wrapped pieces of torn fabric around the glass shards as handles to prevent the glass from cutting their hands. Douglas also discovered several other weapons which could prove lethal.

The frames that use to hold the windows in place were bent out of shape and some were lying uselessly on the ground. Douglas grabbed a lengthy piece and placed it next to one of the desks in the room. Shaun and David stopped their search to watch what he was doing. They looked in amazement while he bent one end of the metal slit with his foot making it look like a handle. Next he started slamming his foot on the edges. This made the small groove in middle that once held the glass crunch together forming a crude blade. David and Shaun started clapping their hands together making Douglas blush.

Lisa looked up at the chunky sword-looking weapon that Douglas was holding with pride. Emma also looked up in amazement.

"Can you make us some of those?" Shaun asked thinking his glass shard was pitiful in comparison.

"That's really smart… we can make our own weapons… like putting shards of glass in the tips of poles. Then we have spear-like things." David said rubbing the stubble on his chin.

"I don't think all of the brick rooms are taken downstairs, we can pile the materials down there." Lisa said knowledgably.

Gathering the materials to create tools of death was oddly fun for the group although they all stuck together in case they ran into another one of those weird creatures. They broke off and collected chair legs, table legs, computer leads, broken poles and spiky pieces of metal. Emma and Toni acted as the transporters, as they took all the gathered goods down into one of the brick rooms. David had made sure there was enough long poles and glass shards which he could link together to make his special spear. Eventually they drained the potential tools from each surrounding classroom and stacked them tightly in one of the unoccupied brick rooms.

David fell back in exhaustion followed by his tired friends who sighed with weak smiles at their good work. Mr Teiun noticed the large group puffing outside in the corridor looking pleased with themselves so he decided to query why.

"Why are you all puffing?" He said raising his left bushy eyebrow.

"Look sir…" Douglas said pointing at the jumbled mess of would-be weapons.

"Ah…? Why did you bring rubble down here?" He queried wondering what on earth they were thinking of. David gave a smile to his buddies then answered the question.

"After that monster attacked us, we decided that we'd better arm ourselves… I mean if those things find us down here, we won't stand a chance." He answered shuddering at the thought.

Mr Teiun gave a small sigh but agreed with David's defensive plan. Miss Searly soon emerged from one of the brick rooms with blood staining her shirt.

"Is Jeff alright Miss?" David asked hoping for a yes.

"He's better… much better. You don't need to be worried any more." Miss Searly said in a comforting tone. A huge weight of worry instantly vanished at hearing her words. He looked towards Lisa who had also turned her gaze towards him.

"You helped save someone David… Jeff would still be in the hall if it wasn't for you." Lisa said making David's cheeks glow red.

Miss Searly nodded in agreement before walking off to talk to Mr Teiun. Lisa and David made their way to the room that temporarily housed Mr Hoard.

"You feeling better Mr Hoard?" Lisa asked as she kneeled next to him.

"Physically, yes… Mentally, no." Mr Hoard replied making David and Lisa give each other odd expressions. "I'm sorry Lisa, I was just a little surprised from what we encountered earlier… The whole time I was stuck in the Deans' rooms; it could have easily gotten to me… But I suppose being safe is all that matters… How are you two coping?" He said keeping his voice silent. As Lisa and David answered his questions, Michelle and Brooke who were in the corner of the room slouched a little closer.

"Hey Lisa… What happened when you were out there? You guys have been all secretive since you got back." Michelle asked making Lisa, David and Mr Hoard look her way.

"Never mind girls… It isn't important." Mr Hoard said looking at Lisa and David with a stern look.

Michelle noticed Mr Hoard's signal and fell silent while giving them an inspector-like expression. Lisa looked down at Mr Hoard's leg and saw the jumpers still attached.

"Has your leg stopped bleeding?" Lisa queried looking back up to Mr Hoard.

"I haven't checked if there's any more blood loss but I think I'll live… Now you two should rest like me. It must be somewhere around seven or eight at night. Mr Teiun said he'd keep watch all night in case something happens." Mr Hoard explained lowering his head a little.

"Alright Mr Hoard… Good night." Lisa said smiling weakly. David also bowed a farewell before following Lisa outside the room.

Lisa enter one of the brick rooms that was occupied by Emma, Toni and several other random students. David bid her farewell as well before walking up to check the stash of dangerous looking objects. He gave a shine of pride before sitting down making sure none of the sharp rubble would jab him. Quickly he grabbed shard of glass and a lengthy iron pole. Once equipped, he carefully forced the shard into the hollow hole at the top of the pole. Small chips of the glass sprung away as he applied more force. Eventually the shard was deep enough to stay lodged even when David pulled it however he knew this was a crude weapon and would probably only work once when tested properly.

After completing his first lethal weapon he started on the second, repeating the process. It was fortunate David had the bandages wrapped around both hands otherwise the small chips of flying glass would splinter into his skin. He spent more than half an hour making various spear-like objects before deciding to head back for some company.

In one Brick room Shaun lay splayed across the ground shivering slightly, in a deep sleep. Dylan was close by, looking like an affectionate cat. Several other random students were nearby. There was only one person still awake in that brick room so David decided to sneak past. The following brick room housed Emma, Toni and Lisa who were tightly squeezed together to preserve heat. He also noticed Miss Searly was in the room, she was wide awake looking sadly at the ground in front of her. Silently he moved to the next brick room to see even more surviving students trying to sleep. Some were still sobbing silently while others continued to stare blankly at the ground in front of them. Douglas and Indy were also in this room talking away happily seemingly unaffected by the horror caused by the cyclone. Mr Hoard was tossing and turning uncomfortably as he tried to rest. Michelle and Brooke were talking silently next to each other; David guessed they were trying to find out what Mr Hoard was hiding.

The last room held Jeffery, two other students and Mr Teiun who was inspecting the nasty wound. David slowly walked in trying not to interrupt anyone.

"Ah… David could you please stay with Jeff tonight? I'm going to be patrolling the stairs and corridor just so nothing bad happens if you understand what I'm saying." Mr Teiun said looking dead seriously at David.

"Alright sir… If you look in the fifth room along you'll find something that could help ensure nothing bad happens." David said nodding his head.

"Thank you David… Sleep well." He said before leaving David, Jeffery and the two other students alone.

David found his own space on the ground near Jeff who was still unconscious or sleeping. The wound did actually look a lot better than previously. The two other students were fast a sleep making David feel rather lonely. During his time lying down alone he pictured his family who were probably locked away at home wondering how he was. He felt saddened and only wished to get home, away from all this destruction and weird creatures. It took some time after many tosses and turns but eventually David fell into a deep yet disturbing sleep.