An Agnostic Man's Letter to God

Dear God,

Sometimes I wonder if you're really above me,

Casting your eye on the feats of Man,

Because I feel Your presence on our planet

No longer.

I wonder why the righteous must suffer,

And why the wicked are allowed the luxuries of life.

I can't understand the:

Disease, tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and eruptions

Why use methods such as these to rip apart your own creations.

-Not to criticize your work, but seeing these things has me

... Curious.

And God, if you're there,

Why does this world take away good graces?

It's hard for me to pray,

When my stomach is hungry, and I'm

Wondering when my next dollar will come

And acting kind to all is an arduous task, since

Everyone in my vicinity wants to see my tears

Even staying chaste verges on impossible, cause

Every time the TV's on, there's another woman flaunting her


...Yeah, sin is everywhere.

If you're up there, God, I wonder:

How do I look in your eyes?

Do you see a young man, doing his utmost to

Better himself?

Or do I look evil and black-hearted like my contemporaries?

I wonder if you'll forgive me for all the times I

Immersed myself in my work and games to block my tears,

The times I spent in isolation,

Stewing in my own fury

And other sins committed.

Also, if you can hear me,

I hope you will bestow your divine touch and


My spirit.