Move On…

They said

Berating and harrying me

Telling me to do something chimerical

And unthinkable to me

But when everything goes awry

In these tiresome and arduous times

It's all we can do

Move on

Not necessarily forgetting the connoisseur

Who taught me so much

And provided a milieu with such zeal

But just moving on

Not treating this as an impasse in my life

But simply a chance to show I'm strong

To not be irascible with a fallacious reaction to this event

But to ignore the boisterous voices in my head

Telling me to keep my feelings aghast

And my relationships blighted

Within my coterie of friends

To stop walking around as if

In a state of vertigo

Waiting for the curtains of confusion

To go asunder and show me the way

To a happier and congenial me

Time to table my desires

To raze the things around me

As if some sort of monster has taken over

And just move on

For them

And for him

And for me