On the Edge

Every day since

Is spent on the edge

Ready to fall

Yet still holding on

Because I know you're watching

So I stay strong for you

You're with me now more than ever

And I can't fall apart

So you know I'm living the way

You wanted me to live

Although I'm on the edge

And I feel like falling

I know that you'd want me

To hold on for my life

And make something of myself

And be all I can be

And even though

I'm always on the edge

All choked up

And ready to snap

At the smallest of things

I remember the way

You stayed strong for us

Never showing any pain

Or any hardship

Or any stress

And I remember that

To be just like you

I have to be strong too

So every moment

Spent on the edge

Will make me stronger

And teach me a lesson

I'll never forget

All those moments

Spent on the edge

That made you the man you were

Will make me a better person too

To be just like you

I'll have to endure living

On the edge too