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The Messenger

Beisai, Empire of Greater Remuran

She watched the snowflakes as it fell from dark gray clouds that float in between the land below and a crimson-colored night sky. Her long auburn hair flowed with a small yet very cold breeze but she was completely unfazed by its biting chill. Despite her short height and average figure, she radiated a brilliant aura of both beauty and strength. The land was already covered under a thin blanket of snow. It brought back memories of her past. She grew up in this land, the kind people she associated herself with, it was peaceful. But then she came. Admittedly the home she once lived in was one of chaos, but compared to the corruption—no, the evil that still grips the entire country; she would've preferred the lawless one she was born into.

But they found her and her allies. They found a spy within their HQ and killed him. She gave the immediate order to evacuate the area with all of their supplies and equipment, and to retreat to their fallback spot in the mountains. She knew that the enemy was most cunning and deceptive enough to have spy hiding amongst her group. But still it was frustrating to know that the homeland she was working… fighting so hard to take back only to have it be slipped away from her.

'They're here. Have you gotten everyone out yet?' she thought. She was speaking telepathically with one of her higher-ranked officers.

'Yes,' spoke the voice of General Eishinzou, her most trusted warrior. 'Everyone has been evacuated and we've made to not leave any evidence of us behind. We're all waiting for you now, Lady Sumudan.'

'Go on without me. I'm staying here for a bit. I'll catch up with you later.' Sumudan brushed some of her hair back.

'Milady, with all due respect, you must come with us. You're too important to us. If you die then the resistance's chain of command would be crippled and everything we're fighting for will be lost forever.'

'I understand you're concern, but I have to do this. It's time that I teach the Exquisite Sovereigns a lesson about me.'

'It's still too dangerous, milady!'

'Then how long do you think you can keep the portal open? This won't take long.'


'How long, General?' Sumudan asked again, her thoughts more sterned.

There was brief period of silence before Eishinzou replied 'Ten minutes at best.'

'Then don't worry, General. I'll finish this in less then ten minutes.'

'Are you sure you want to do this?'

'I'm positive, General.'

'Alight then. Don't die on us, milady.'

Sumudan smiled. 'Don't worry, I won't.' No longer hearing Eishinzou's thoughts in her head, she looked ahead to spot the approaching enemy. Her amber eyes narrowed to observe her opponent. She caught what looked like a pair of white-feathered wings glowing in the winter night. The person became more visible as it came closer to Sumudan. The glowing white wings were attached to an adolescent girl. She was moving by flight with her wings, lightly skimming the sheet of snow below her. Her beautiful long white hair blowing back from the fast speed. She was clad in a vest which accentuated her ample breasts. Her midriff was left exposed. Below she wore a black skort and long flowing skirt around it, thigh-length stockings and knee-length boots, detached sleeves and black gloves. The color theme of her outfit was mostly black with few highlights of turquoise and indigo. She held a long, well-designed, silver spear in her right hand. Her final feature was a dark gray mask which covered her face and the top of her cranium. Like Sumudan, she too was unfazed by the freezing air.

Sumudan frowned. "So they sent you of all people to kill me? The White Ghost of Remuran."

"You will make an unwanted future." The girl replied. Her mask was amplifying her voice to have to her sound like she possessed an entire legion of voices.

"I doubt that a nation who indulges in immoral ambition can make a better future." Sumudan retorted, placing a hand on her hip.

"This is how the world works," said the White Ghost. "You either use or be used. Morality can only do so much for you, and in the end it's nothing but a mental nuisance."

"And that type of thinking is dangerous and it'll bring you nothing but suffering. That's why I'm going to destroy the Ten Exquisite Sovereigns and their Queen of Dreams." Sumudan drew her sword from its hilt, the blade pointed at the masked girl. From her back emerged twelve long, thick tentacles and four serpents with piercing, glowing yellow eyes and opened mouths exposing long sharp teeth. "And I'll use you to teach them not to take me lightly."

"All traitors will suffer the same fate. You will not survive the night." Said the White Ghost. With a hard flap of her wings she charged forward and the two engaged in combat.

Schwarznebel Academy

Class hadn't even begun and yet Natalie was trying hard not to fall asleep. The students were coming in and taking their seats, but Aimu wasn't with them right now. A lot has happened in over the past few months. For her whole life she lived like a normal human being under the care of her millionaire father, but only on her first day at Schwarznebel Academy was when she discovered her true origin. She was the last of the Succubae on Earth and that she unknowingly have been living in a world where magic and mystical creatures, the Fae, exist hiding in plain sight amongst humanity. She quickly made friends some of the Fae, each of them interesting in their own way. Next was that incident on Halloween where two worlds intertwined and everyone was attacked by monsters like none she has ever seen before. It all led to discovery that her best friend, Aimu Myouga, was the "messiah" on the group of creepy people called the Golden Night Order who were allies with an all powerful empire from another world, another dimension, and her world's counterpart of the empire and Order's goddess, Rireishi the Queen of Dreams. Shortly after that she had an encounter with the Queen of Dreams herself and made a promise to her that she'll give Aimu her full love and protection.

Things were different when she returned to Schwarznebel Academy with her friends. The incident from before had caused some severe harm to the students. Some were killed by the monsters while others were in a comatose-like state. What's worst was when she heard that her science and history teacher, Saeko Matsuyama, was among those who died in the incident. It greatly saddened the surviving students, including Natalie and some of her friends. Miss Matsuyama was very beautiful and fun to have around as a teacher. She still remembered the urges she got when being taken in by the woman's exaggerated figure. Schwarznebel Academy was going to be less fun with her gone. Even if the Golden Night Order wanted to claim Aimu, Natalie couldn't help but blame them for the damage they've done. But that wasn't the end of it.

The incident led to investigations from the authorities, from humans. The humans had to investigate Schwarznebel's campus for what could've caused the incident while the Order of the Dragon had to make sure they didn't uncover anything that would lead to the discovery of the Fae. The students, however, were allowed to enjoy their three-week holidays in peace. But even after Halloween ended, the investigations continued which led to much debate as to whether it would be safe to continue their teachings with the humans still around. The students ended up receiving more time off than necessary. Despite the fun she had with her friends, she was also afraid that the authorities would discover the existence of the Fae and the new life she found will be lost forever. But thankfully, they couldn't find anything and eventually called off their investigations, much to her relief.

But that still wasn't the end.

When the investigations were called off and the students finally returned to school, Natalie and her friends were called in by the Golden Night Order. They told them about the path they're destined to walk; a path to power and glory. But to get there they all had to go through rigorous training to make themselves stronger. It was here that Natalie would be able to learn and bring out her full potential as a Succubus. Aimu held potential in becoming a powerful Dream Weaver. The holidays came and went where Natalie was able to keep in touch with her father overseas. Their training had only begun, and with the end of the holidays and now that they were back in school again, the vast amounts of homework were going to make very busy.

At least tomorrow was the weekend.

"Natalie" Renée put a hand to the blond girl's shoulder and shook her. Natalie's eyes opened, realizing that she had fallen asleep while reminiscing of the recent events. She felt completely exhausted from yesterday's homework. "Class is going to start soon."

"Huh? Oh, right." Natalie yawned and tried to smack the sleep from her eyes. "I'm really not in the mood for class today."

"It's crucial that we finished all the work we weren't able to learn over the excessive days off. You're just going to have to deal with it." said Viviane. Unlike Natalie, Viviane gladly showed determination in getting work done without complaining.

Natalie moaned as her head fell. "Where's Aimu?"

"She's still up in the nurse's office," said Renée. She turned a put a hand to Natalie's shoulder again, thinking of a way to cheer her up. "I heard that there's going to be a new student joining our class today."

Natalie lifted her head up. "Really?"

"Yeah, apparently," Ursula spoke up. "It better be someone interesting and good looking, like a handsome guy or a really hot girl."

"With big boobs!" squealed Kukla.

"Yeah!" Usula agreed.

Everyone settled down as Professor Hans Fischer entered. "Enough chatter, everyone! Take your seats! We have a new student joining us today." Fischer said in his usual harsh tone.

Following Fischer into the classroom was the new student. Upon seeing her new classmate, Natalie went "A-Aimu?" No, it wasn't Aimu. She mistook the new student for her friend due to vague appearance. The new student was a girl with alabaster-white skin and pitch-black hair just like Aimu. But it was here that Natalie started to notice the differences. The student's face was rounder than Aimu's and although they both have soft smooth black hair, the student's was shorter than Aimu's, only reaching down to cover her scapulas with a lock down in front of each shoulder, and a red bow tied in the back. She'd also appeared to be shorter than Aimu. And while Aimu had a supple figure, the new student was admittedly just as slender but had no signs of visible breasts; Kukla was disappointed. And last were her pur-huh?! Natalie leaned in forward. The new student had round red eyes, but for a split second she could've swore she saw purple eyes instead.

'How odd.' Natalie thought before brushing it off, thinking that it was just her being very tired. But despite the similar yet different physical features, the new student was very attractive and radiated a strong feeling of appeal in Natalie. This girl was one of the most beautiful girls she's ever seen.

"Miss Remilia Arkham." Said Professor Fischer, reading the new student's paper out loud. "And you're a Vampire. Welcome to Schwarznebel Academy."

"Thank you, Professor." Remilia smiled and turned to face the class. "Hello, everyone," Natalie nearly swooned from the girl's gentle voice. "I'm Remilia Arkham. It's nice to meet all of you." Natalie can sense the majority of the class was in awe with the new student. Sure, she isn't like their old and beloved Miss Saeko Matsuyama, but she radiates a different kind beauty.

'Looks like life at Schwarznebel has gotten interesting again.' Natalie smiled.

The bell rang and the students eagerly left their classes for lunch. Aimu earlier was able return to class by the start of their second class. Natalie and the others told her about Remilia Arkham. Unlike her friends, Aimu displayed no emotional reaction when seeing the new student. It was during later classes that they got to see how talented Remilia was, particularly in science. She showed perfect use of magic and qi; Natalie was impressed, even Aimu. Despite her outstanding skills, Remilia remained humble and modest. It was as if she was unaware just how powerful she really is. Natalie didn't know why but she found it to be very appealing, maybe even arousing.

But now she was relieved that lunch began. Today felt like a drag to her and all she wanted to do was relax and not do anything productive. It was raining outside so they all decided to eat in the cafeteria.

"Something wrong, Natalie?" said Aimu, turning her back towards the succubus as she led the group.

"Just a little tired, Aimu," Natalie waved her hand, ensuring the pale-skinned girl that it was nothing serious. "Guess I'm just having an off day." She looked back at Aimu and said. "So why were you in the nurse's office for so long?"

Aimu was silent for a bit before saying. "I think I might be coming down with something. My temperature was little high and so they had me lie down for a bit."

"You should return the dormitory," Viviane stated. "You shouldn't be walking around with today's weather if you're getting sick."

"I'll be alright," replied Aimu. "The Golden Night Order brought in some medicine while I was resting. They said it should give me enough strength to get through the day."

"The Golden Night Order sure is something!" Ursula grinned. "I still can't believe we're being trained by them." She laughed, almost evilly. "I can't wait to be really strong."

"Yeah, Kukla will be strong too!" Kukla cheered.

'I don't know.' Natalie thought to herself. She was still a bit bummed out from what the Golden Night Order did on Halloween. She knew that they were trying to find their 'Messiah' but they still killed or put students into comas. It wasn't so different from the crimes committed by the religions she loathed so much. The feeling of irony seemed to still linger in her thoughts, that how she hated religion so much only to be working within one. Of course, the major difference to her was that she was able to actually meet the goddess of the ones that the Golden Night Order worshipped. Lastly, they were the only ones that she and her friends had in gaining power and knowledge that Aimu needed for her quest to conquer the world. She swore everlasting loyalty to Aimu so in spite of her feelings on past events; she would have no choice but to deal with it.

When they entered the cafeteria, Natalie tried to think of something else to talk about to put her mind at ease. Remilia Arkham was the first one to come to her mind. "So, hey, what're do you all think of the new student?"

"She's pretty!" Both Ursula and Kukla answered immediately. They all grabbed trays and got in line.

Renée gave a quick smile before saying. "She certainly is impressive. She has proven to be both intelligent and powerful. I'd like to observe on how well she'll fair in the remaining subjects. I may want to know more about her." She turned to her friend and asked. "So what do you think of her, Natalies?"

"I like her." Natalie said. "Pretty much what you guys already said. Her voice is so sweet and humble, and when she came in I sort've mistook her for you, Aimu."

"Oh, really?" Aimu asked, maintaining her stoic demeanor.

"Well, for a little bit," Natalie giggled nervously. "I admit that she does share some similar physical traits as you."

"I see." Aimu said, not sounding mad or disappointed.

"So what do you think of her?" asked Natalie.

"Perfect," Aimu said with a sinister tone in her voice. "At first I was uninterested in Arkham, but she has surpassed my expectations. Whether her origin was of nobility or that of prodigy, she has potential for greatness; I must have her."

"So we're getting a new friend?" Kukla tugged on Aimu's skirt.

Aimu smiled down at the little girl. "Of course," she faced forward again. "The world I intend to create will be filled with elite people of both intelligence and power. If I can convince her to join use, I will have a new powerful ally."

"Shall we invite her to have lunch with us?" Natalie asked. She personally would want to know the new student better.

"Hey, speak of the devil!" Ursula pointed forward and everyone turned to see Remilia Arkham herself up ahead in the line putting food on her tray.

As soon as Natalie got her food, she rushed out of the line to greet the vampire girl. "Remilia, hi!" She chirped.

"Oh, hello." Remilia replied, turning towards Natalie with a sweet smile. Natalie felt fuzzy from just looking at the girl's angelic face. "And who might you be?" She asked politely.

"I'm Natalie Clifford." Natalie smiled back. "I wanted to ask if you would like to have lunch with me and my friends?"

Aimu, Renée, Ursula, Kukla, and Viviane immediately showed up after their Succubus friend. Remilia looked at them all and said. "Sure, I'll join you." They all found an empty table near the window and sat down to eat. On Natalie's plate was pasta and meatballs. Aimu settled for a salad. Renée had a piece of duck with blood, Ursula had a raw juicy piece of steak, Kukla had a sandwich, and Viviane had some stew. Remilia was having a raw piece of reindeer meat.

"Let me introduce you to my friends," said Natalie. "This is Renée Tarn, she's a vampire too. Viviane Baudelaire, she's the daughter of Dr. Stein. Ursula von Grau, she's a werewolf. Kukla Malyutin, she's a witch. And last this is Aimu Myouga, she's our student council president and a human-mage." She pointed to all of her friends in the followed order.

"A pleasure to meet all of you." Remilia said kindly.

"So, Remilia, tell us a bit about yourself." Renée spoke up. "Where did you live before coming to Schwarznebel Academy?"

"I use to live in Ohio." Remilia answered.

"You're from America too?" Natalie asked. "I arrived here from Atlas City a few months ago. I've pretty gotten use to life here, and I can help you fit right in if you need to."

"Thank you, Natalie. I'll be sure to talk to you if I need any help." Remilia said. She cut into the chunk of meat on her plate and put the piece into her mouth. Natalie watched her eat, catching glimpses of a pair of sharp fangs whenever she opened her mouth. Natalie found it a little cute the way the girl ate. She didn't know why but she started to feel like taking her fork and feeding Remilia like a baby. She couldn't help but smile at the feeling.

"Have things gotten better since the Halloween incident?" Remilia asked, snapping Natalie out of her little fantasy.

"You know of the incident as well?" Aimu asked, looking at Remilia from the corner of her eye.

"Yes," Remilia replied. "After all, it is a daily basis for news like that to spread out within the Fae community."

"To answer your question," Said Renée, continuing the subject matter. "Most of the commotion has settled down and the humans won't be bothering us anymore. Some of the students are still comatose from it."

"That's unfortunate." Said Remilia, taking another bite of meat.

Aimu felt a little weird inside, unable to bring herself to finish the rest of her lunch. "Excuse me, everyone." She said and stood up from the table to walk away.

"I guess Aimu's still feeling ill." Natalie said, putting a meatball in her mouth. She turned to her front to see Remilia getting up from her seat. "You're leaving too?"

"I'm just going to the bathroom. I'll be right back." Remilia said and walked away. Natalie watched the girl's hips swing from side to side femininely.

Natalie turned towards her friends who watched Remilia leave before returning to their lunches. She sighed sadly; she wanted to talk more to the new girl. For some reason she wanted to dig deep into her mind, uncover everything about her. And if she wanted, she could even find out how to lure her in with her charms. She looked at her friend Viviane and suddenly realized that she hadn't said anything when they were talking to Remilia. In fact, she hadn't said anything at all since she brought up the new student before they even met her.

"Viviane, are you alright?" Natalie said concerned while taking another bite of her food. "You haven't said anything for a while."

Viviane paused before setting her spoon down and looked at her succubus friend. "I'm surprised that you haven't noticed it yet?"

"Hmm?" Natalie raised an eyebrow, confused on what Viviane meant.

"What do you mean, Viviane?" Renée asked, also confused from what her friend said.

"It's Arkham." Viviane said, her tone becoming stern. "She's not a Vampire. In fact, she's not a Fae at all."

Natalie coughed, nearly choking on her food. The others were just as stunned. "R-Really?"

"Are you kidding?!" said Ursula. Natalie could feel the rising anger in her voice. She couldn't blame her werewolf friend. She too was feeling a little angry now knowing that the new student not only lied to her and her friends, but lied to the entire school about being a vampire. "How dare she?!" Ursula growled, clenching her fists into tight balls.

"But how do you know that she's not a Fae?" Natalie asked.

"Remember, Natalie," said Renée. "Viviane can immediately detect the flowing qi of any life form she sees. She was built that way."

"Exactly," said Viviane before turning towards Natalie. "I don't know how you weren't able to sense her qi when I could."

"That is strange." Natalie said. Why didn't she sensed Remilia's qi like she did way back when she first saw her former teacher Ms. Matsuyama? She then had another question in mind. "So if she's not a Fae, then what is she?"

"I can't say for sure," Replied Viviane. "Her qi is not the same as the qi that resides in Fae; It's as if she's not of this world."

"Do you think she's an An'uuto like the ones we've encountered during Halloween?" Renée asked.

"I believe so. Her qi seems to match that of an An'uuto's qi, but it's still a bit different from an average An'uuto. It's like she's an An'uuto and yet something else entirely. It's quite an enigma." Viviane answered.

"Could she have been sent by those Exquisite Sovereign guys?" Natalie asked. She was having trouble adjusting to all of this. She knew Ursula and Kukla were still angry and Renée is trying to keep them all calm while asking the questions. She too needed answers of what's going on. If Remilia Arkham is indeed an An'uuto, would she be an ally or an enemy? If the latter was the case, then she'd fear for Aimu's safety. Her eyes widen in shocked, remembering that both weren't with them anymore. "What if she's an enemy? We've just let her go and Aimu's away too! What if she comes to harm?"

"Like Hell I'll let that happen." Ursula growled. She attempted to get up but Renée stopped.

"Ursula, sit down. Even if Aimu is in danger, we can't just handle this recklessly. If Arkham was intending to harm Aimu, it'll only cause another incident if we try to stop her. She'll try to fight back and will likely be powerful and cause destruction."

"Then what're you saying we do, Renée? Just sit here and do nothing while Aimu is left vulnerable?" Ursula said.

"Yes," Renée said bluntly. "But remember, we don't know if she's an enemy or not. Remember, Ursula, we have the Golden Night Order on our side. Despite their actions of what happened on Halloween, they're more capable at handling this sort of situation than we are. They've told Aimu that they'll show restraint from now on in such circumstances, but will make sure that she's always safe. They're keeping an eye on her each day and not taking their gaze off her, and are fast to react to the slightest hint of danger. They're the rats in the walls of Schwarznebel Academy. I'm bet that they already knew about Arkham's arrival here before we did. If they knew that she was an An'uuto, then I'm sure they would question her to make sure she's not a threat. If she was, then they'll be sure to remove her immediately."

Ursula hissed in frustration but sat back down.

"And so to answer your question from earlier, Natalie," Vivian spoke again. "It's a possibility that she's working for the Ten Exquisite Sovereigns. But that's true, then I don't know what reason they would have to send her."

Natalie looked down at her plate, feeling that she had lost her appetite. She felt helpless now in what Renée told Ursula. 'What can I do if can't protect Aimu like this. Aimu, what should I do?'

"So what shall we do then?" Kukla spoke up. She was just as worried as Natalie was.

"Who knows," said Ursula. "Those dream-freaks are the only ones who can do anything about it."

Wait a minute… dreams. Dreams! Natalie now knew what she could do.

"I've got it!"

The rest of the night went by smoothly. Both Aimu and Remilia returned before lunch ended, much to Natalie's relief to see the girl she loved was okay. She had already told Renée, Viviane, Ursula, and Kukla about her plan but until she does that, they had to keep it between themselves for the mean time. For the time being, they continued to treat Remilia the same as they did before Viviane revealed what she really was. But now the sun was rising and everyone except Natalie went to sleep. She knew what she had to do and was prepared for it.

Natalie was going to enter Remilia Arkham's dreams.

She would travel into the depths of the new girl's dreams and uncover any secrets she can. She had to know what Remilia's goal and affiliation is if she was going to have any chance to protecting Aimu. She was going to know her target better.

Natalie sat on her bed, legs folded and started meditating. The Golden Night Order had taught her how practicing meditation was quick and effective way for a succubus to bring out her dream-based abilities. Since then she had routinely meditated twice every week, but never thought that she would have to do so in a serious case until now.

She put all her thoughts into focusing on Remilia Arkham and slipping into her dreams. Her body became relaxed and she eventually drifted to sleep.

When she came to, Natalie found herself in a dark hallway. She was back in her cheerleader's uniform, her breasts and hips grown to exaggerated size, and her wings fully extended. The blond succubus observed her surroundings. The place she was in was gothic and dreading, with longing crimson curtains flowing down large windows which showed a vast land outside under a crimson night sky. The hallway had tall vaguely humanoid-shaped statues with unusual yet intimidating features. It looked like the kind of place an either a vampire or a dark overlord would live in.

Natalie heard foot-steps coming from around the corner at the end of the hallway. Natalie moved quietly to the end and peaked around the corner to find Aimu walking away towards a big, slightly opened door at the end of the hallway. She was in her royal black dress, with the tiara, necklace, and everything. Natalie was surprised to see her here of all places, but why? She could only guess that either Aimu was so interested in Remilia that she intended to see her in her dreams… or she was with Remilia when they were both away at lunch and Remilia must've said something to make Aimu come here. It seemed to be the latter because Aimu would most of the time bring people into her dreams instead of going into their dreams.

But what could've happened between those two?

Natalie remained hidden until Aimu opened the door and went into whatever room was on the other side. The busty succubus got out and ran to the end of the hall, stopping at the door and kneeling down. She peaked through the open crack to see Aimu now standing in a large throne room lit up with chandeliers with candles lit in blue flames. A large red rug ran from the doorways up to a large eerily-creepy throne decorated with eight long spikes that bend forward, disturbingly reminiscing a spider's legs, and featured three violet eyes at the top. Natalie was instantly reminded of the Queen of Dreams, Rireishi. Aimu was walking towards the throne. Natalie looked passed her to see someone standing at the top of the steps before Aimu with its back facing her. She looked closer and realized that it was Remilia in her school uniform. That was it.

'Remilia is an ally after all?' Natalie gave a sigh of relief but quickly realized the strangeness of Remilia having such a throne in her dream world, as if she were something special to Rireishi.

"So you came after all?" Remilia chirped, her sweet and gentle voice becoming a dissonance given the setting of her dreams.

"Yes, I'm here now like you wanted." Aimu spoke. "Arkham, why is it that you requested for us to meet here?" She asked sharply, folding her arms over her chest.

"Yes, that." Remilia said. "I just want to have a proper introduction, just between me and you." Her hand reached for the red bow in her hair. "And now that we're alone…" She removed her bow from her hair and tossed it aside.

"… I no longer have to keep up this façade." Remilia's voice drastically changed. Instead of the angelic gracefulness from before, it was now filled with a dark, subtle malice. Natalie sensed a sudden burst of incredible energy coming from Remilia, forcing her to her knees. Her body was being pressured to the ground, as if a great weight was placed on it. Her blood turned to ice water and her heart quivered with overwhelming feelings of fear and dread. The qi Natalie sensed from Remilia was just pulsing with pure power. Natalie was shivering in fear; never before had she sensed such a strong and terrifying power.

With enough gathered strength, she was able to look again and saw Remilia's uniform was evaporating away into darkness. In its place was a black bodysuit, resembling a unitard, that covered every part of her body, including her hands and feet. Turquoise and electric-indigo markings were around the sides of her torso and waist. A waist-cape is attached to the bodysuit and ends with a jagged-edge pattern.

Remilia turned to face Aimu. Her once round eyes turned to a narrow leer, no longer red but now purple. A smirked tugged at her lips. Natalie wasn't really surprised to know that she wasn't seeing stuff after all, given the many bizarre events she's been through in the past few months.

Four large bat wings grew from Remilia's back and proudly spread out, showing their prime. They were much bigger than Natalie's own wings, and more intimidating given how they spread out around the two in an overwhelming manner. Remilia's outfit hugged her body, emphasizing how slender she was but there were no breasts, not even small ones, anywhere on her chest.

'How's that possible?' Natalie thought to herself. What's even stranger was that the combination of Remilia's eyes and hair color was eerily familiar.

"And now," Remilia started. "I shall properly introduce myself. The façade that is called Remilia Arkham is nothing but an alias that I'll be using while here at Schwarznebel Academy; my real name, however, is something far greater. I am one of the Empire of Greater Remuran's royal family. I am the one who started the Second Fall. I am the one who discovered the World of Giants. I am the one who conquered the legendary Hierophant. I am the leader of Remuran's strongest paramilitary organization." She proudly put a hand to her chest.

"I am Emperor Rubihatsu's first son, Imperial Prince Raiten."

He executed a slight bow. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Aimu Myouga."

Aimu wordlessly bow back. Natalie was completely speechless from what she just heard. "And I'm here for purpose of protecting you."

Aimu raised her head and said "So the Ten Exquisite Sovereigns sent you here?"

"Yes, that is true." The prince replied.

"I see." Aimu said simply. "But going through the trouble of all of this, I have questions for you and I would be much satisfied if they're all answered."

"Of course," Raiten said holding a hand up. "I'll answer your questions, one at a time."

"Very well," Aimu said patiently. "My first question: What're you doing here?"

"I'm here in a joint-operation between the Golden Night Order and my organization, the Syndicate of Darkness. Emperor Rubihatsu notified the Order and approved the request."


"Requested by me." said the boy. "When I found out that the Golden Night Order had found another avatar of the Queen of Nightmare, I had to meet you in person. Of course, I would never go through the trouble of showing up here for personal reasons; there are more legitimate issues for why I came to this world."

"And what are they?" Aimu asked.

Raiten waved his index finger. "That's classified information, I'm afraid." His eye soon caught a lock of blonde hair hanging out from the crack of the opened door. Natalie pulled herself back to hide herself. "You!" she heard Raiten yell from across the room. Natalie gasped and found herself floating in the, having no control over her body. The doors flung open and she went flying across the room, stopping immediately next to Aimu. Whatever force that was keeping her in midair disappeared and she fell on her bottom.

"Natalie?" Aimu cried, surprised to see her.

"Clifford?" Raiten asked.

Aimu helped her lover up. "What're you doing here, Natalie?" she asked with a tint of anger in her voice. "You're not supposed to be here." Natalie looked into her eyes and felt ashamed for what she did.

"What's the meaning of this?" Raiten asked, folding his arms across his chest. Natalie saw that he too was angry with her. She forced herself to look away from his soul-piercing glare.

"I'm sorry, Aimu." Natalie said to the pale-skinned brunette. "But I had to know. I was concern with your safety, and I didn't want any harm to come to you."

"Natalie," Aimu said in a moved tone. "Do the others know as well?" Natalie nodded and Aimu sighed. "I should've told you all what I would be doing. That's one mistake I won't make again."

Raiten tapped his foot repeatedly. "So you saw through my disguise?"

Natalie looked at Raiten again. His death-glare was gone, but still didn't sound happy to see her. "N-Not exactly," she stammered. "It's just that ones of us was able to see your qi and suspected that you weren't a Fae. If it weren't for her, we really would've fallen for your disguise."

"So that's what it was?" Raiten said. "In that case, I compliment on your friend for being able to figure me out so soon."

"But why?" Natalie cried but Aimu put a hand to her mouth; she nearly forgot that she was talking to someone of royalty here.

"Prince Raiten," Aimu said. "I apologize on behalf of Natalie for eavesdropping during our conversation, but what she's saying is something that I too believe needs an explanation. What was the reason for you coming to Schwarznebel Academy disguised as a female student instead of coming as yourself?"

"Yes, about that," Said the prince. "You do realize that the Order of The Dragon still isn't over the incident that happened a few months back, correct? They seem to have lain off it to give the students peace and quiet, but in reality they're still investigating, hiding in plain sight. After what this school went through, if I came as myself, then the Order of The Dragon would be on me and might end up discover everything about us. The reason that the Golden Night Order hadn't informed you about me earlier is because I told them that I wanted to meet you personally. I'd also needed them to keep any suspecting Fae off my trail until I made contact with you. That's why I disguised myself."

Raiten walked down the steps to the two girls, his hips swaying in a fluid and feminine manner. He stopped at just a few feet away from them.

"And why a female, you wonder?" Raiten asked. "Because it has come to my attention that your group, Aimu, dear, only has female companions. Though I would prefer going as myself instead of the public role I've chosen, but since you have yet to have a male companion within your circle of friends, I would only stand out. Exquisite Sovereign Rokki the Lie once told me that sometimes the best disguise is what people see you as. With just a change of clothes and my natural appearance, I easily blended in amongst the mass."

Listening to Raiten's explanations had Natalie forget about her fear of the prince. Instead, her body felt hot with awe and lust. Raiten was the very first boy she met that was beautiful enough to successfully be mistaken for a girl, let alone disguise as one. Even with the lack of female organs, Raiten still didn't look that different from any other girl Natalie has seen. She couldn't help but picture him in that school uniform again, except he was being himself. It was making her incredible aroused, but then she suppressed it to stop herself from looking inappropriate. All of a sudden she felt a little light-headed, but before she could say anything about it, the feeling disappeared as soon as it happened.

"Makes sense, I guess." She uttered, moving past the strange feeling she experienced a second ago. Suddenly remembering something, she raised her head and said. "There's something else that I need to know."

"What is it?" Raiten asked.

"How did you know about Aimu's ability to enter people's dreams? Are you a Dream Weaver as well?" She asked.

Raiten chuckled. "Well I'm not a Dream Weaver exactly, but I am something similar."

"What do you mean?" Asked the confused girl.

"What I mean is…" A wicked smiled crept on Raiten's face. "I'm a Memuma."

"Memuma?" Aimu asked. "But how is that possible?" Natalie agreed with her. From Miraju told Aimu during their training, Memuma were monsters born from the dreams of mortals, they were only suppose to be mindless creatures with no thoughts and feeling, created only to serve the one who made them and then be disposed. If what Raiten said was true, then that means he's the first sentient Memuma, capable of real thoughts and emotions, able to interact with mortals as if he were one of them.

"That's right." Raiten nodded.

"But how's the possible?" Aimu asked. "Memuma are supposed to be mindless monsters. How come Miraju haven't told me about this?"

"That's because you aren't ready for that level in Dream Weaving," Raiten said. "Creating a sentient Memuma is far more difficult and complex than making a simple mindless spawn. Most Dream Weavers are too lazy, unwilling, or just incapable of making one. Only a small handful of powerful Dream Weavers are able to make a sentient Memuma. And I was created from the best of them all." He said proudly.

"Best of them all?" Natalie said. 'Is he saying what I think he's saying?'

"Yes," Raiten said before turning his attention to Aimu. "You and I have something great in common, Myouga; this is what makes us both special. You see, my father is Rireishi's champion and most trusted person, but it's much more than that; Rireishi's also his significant other and better half. She's everything that he respected, everything he desired, everything that is ideal. After doing so much for each other, Rireishi granted the Emperor a gift that would symbolize the bond they share. She dug into the deepest recesses of his mind, seeing his innermost secrets. She took his wildest dreams and his darkest turmoils and brought them to life, stronger than any other Memuma and possessing the same powers of a Dream Weaver."

He took a step forward. "That's right. I'm not just the son of Emperor Rubihatsu; I am the son of Rireishi herself!"

Natalie's jaw dropped, now recognizing the black hair, pale skin, and purple eyes the boy possessed. Even Aimu was a bit surprised from the reveal. She remembered how incredibly beautiful Rireishi was when she first met her. The similarities it so uncanny, it made her wonder if Rireishi intentionally made Raiten in her own image. If what Raiten was saying was true, then that would make him as powerful as he lets on and Aimu may actually be safe after all. Natalie felt entranced by everything Raiten was. She could practically see Rireishi in him. It brought back memories when she first the Queen of Dreams. The power and greatness was overwhelming, yet she was able to set her at ease. And then when Rireishi started to pleasure her and then offered her jing to her. It was the best she felt in a long time. Looking at Raiten, Natalie wondered how close he was to Rireishi. Do they feel more for each other then simply as mother and child? If so, does she breastfeed him the same way? Do they do more than that?

Natalie was getting hot and aroused again. As a succubus, she knew it was natural for her to be lustful but since the day she realized what she was, she started to be aroused by many things a human can possibly be aroused by, including things she never thought or heard of before. The fact that she hadn't any jing in a while only heightened her arousal. She usually would ask Aimu for some, but she was attracted to Raiten's qi. It looked rich and pulsating with power. She started to feel hungry… hungry for him.

"Whoa." Natalie uttered, trying to suppress her instincts. She suddenly felt light-headed again, and her legs slightly wobbled. Like before, the feeling disappeared before Natalie could react to it. 'What's happening to me?'

"So, Aimu Myouga," Raiten walked forward til he was standing in front of Aimu and Natalie. "Do my answers satisfy you? Is it enough for you to trust me with your safety?"

"Well," Aimu said. "I am impressed. You do seem as capable as you claim, and you do take pride in your status and heritage like I do. It would be very interesting in having you around. That way I can know more about the World of Darkness."

"Good," Raiten said. "That's very good. I'm sure that we'll get along just fine."

"But what about the others?" Natalie said. "They still think you're a possible threat, and a few of them are not happy to know that you tricked them."

"No worries, Clifford." Raiten turned and walked towards the blonde. "I'll be able to explain myself to them the next time we meet. Hopefully they'll take it well like you are." He stood directly in front of her.

"Oh," Natalie responded. "That's good then."

She realized how close the prince was to her. He was roughly the same height as her. He seemed almost completely unfazed by the fact that his chest was just an inch away from her huge breasts. The way his eyes were fixed on her was turning her on again. She relished in having people gaze at her, but it was hard to tell what Raiten was thinking. Does he like her figure? She hoped so. She almost expected him to grope her right there. Natalie resisted the attempt to press her huge bust against him in hoped of getting a response out of him. With how far she has come as a succubus, she wouldn't hesitate to do that with any other person, but since she not only is dealing with royalty but also the offspring of Remuran's Emperor and the Queen of Dreams, she feared for doing something that she might regret.

"But there's something that I still need to know," Aimu spoke up. Raiten turned away from Natalie to face Aimu. Natalie almost sighed when she broke the tension, but a part of her still wanted him to look at her.

"And what would that be, Aimu, dear?" Raiten said.

"Why are the Ten Exquisite Sovereigns so concerned with my safety to have you come here? I thought that both they and the Golden Night Order worked together under Rireishi's cause? Don't they have trusting ties with each other? Aren't I not in good hands with the Order alone?" She asked.

"Yeah, how come?" Natalie asked too.

"This will require me to do some more storytelling, but very well," Raiten said. "As both the Ten Exquisite Sovereigns and the Golden Night Order have said, you're very special, Aimu Myouga, because you're this world's avatar of the Queen of Dreams. Because of Rireishi, Remuran is the greatest nation in the World of Darkness. She's the prime example of perfection, the ideal and goal that Remuran is working to obtain. Thus, an avatar of the Queen of Dreams is of great importance because you symbolize the very power and ambition that my nation was built upon. If anything bad were to happen to you, it would be a blow to Remuran's image of invincibility. It would prove to our enemies that we still have weaknesses that they can exploit. It's something that won't happen again."

"Again?" Aimu asked.

"Yes, that's right." Raiten answered. "It wasn't too long ago that we lost one of Rireishi's avatars. She was much older than you, Aimu, and she showed a lot of potential."

"What was her name?" Aimu asked, taking a step forward.

"Her name was Tara Niou," There was now a more serious tone in Raiten's voice. "She came from the world known as the Soul Society, a place full of corruption. She was very powerful and highly intellectual, and like you, she too was welcomed with opened arms by the Ten Exquisite Sovereigns. She and her friends enjoyed the fruits of Remuran's society, realizing how much better it was compare to her old home; Tara wanted to change all of that. She provided the Sovereigns with info on the Soul Society, including her desire to change it to be just like the Empire. My father and the others were pleased with the discovery and opportunity to prove their superiority and so they put Tara and her friends in charge of an expedition force within Hueco Mundo, a separate dimension that was tied with Soul Society, to gather recruits for an army strong enough to launch an assault on Soul Society and bring its government down."

"Wow," said Natalie. "She sounds cool just like Aimu."

"Indeed, she is," Raiten smiled, looking back at the busty blonde. "In fact, Clifford, you look a lot like one of her friends."

"Really?" Natalie asked. She remembered that everyone has an alternate dimensional counterpart for each world that exists. She felt excited that one of this Tara person's friends could be one of her alternate counterparts. She wondered if she had a friend who was a counterpart of Renée.

"You said before that Remuran lost her," said Aimu. "What happened to her?"

The smile on Raiten's face instantly faded, leaving an expressionless look. His eyes, however, showed seething anger.

"She died," He said in pure bitterness. "She intended to be sneaky and clever with her uprising, but it all came crashing down on her. Despite her elite attributes, a major flaw she had was that she wasn't disciplining enough with her subjects. This led to defections of some of her soldiers, and was ultimately betrayed by one of her closest friends, all siding against her with the enemy. They killed her and we were unable to recover her body. To add insult to injury was the foolish mistake my father made by placing my half-brother, Resu, in Tara's uprising. He caused problems that just complicated everything in what Tara wanted to do."

Natalie spotted Raiten's hand balling into a tight fist. "He's just as guilty as the traitors. If it weren't for the Emperor protecting him, I would've torn that fucking bastard to pieces!" He growled. Natalie nearly felt intimidated from the sudden change in his voice, now filled with seething hatred.

"Tara's death was a blow to our pride," Raiten was calm again. "The people were in an uproar, and the traitors haven't been caught yet. It's something that I'll never forgive."

"You sound like you were fond of this Tara." Said Natalie.

"In a way, yes," Raiten responded. "But it's more than that. While it is true that the people of Remuran worship Rireishi and idolize her avatars as people to work hard to be, I don't do such a thing. Tara Niou was not just an avatar of Rireishi to me; she was a friend of mine. During her time in Remuran, my father introduced me and my siblings to her. I was the only interested in her. We got to know each other very well and took part in each other's hobbies. Being created by Rireishi, I had no need to look at her the way the masses did; she was someone I respected, not idolized. But there were matters in the World of Darkness that the Syndicate had to attend to, so I couldn't support Tara's uprising in Soul Society."

Raiten looked up at the chandelier hanging over them. "She was the first friend I had that came from another world." There a tint of sorrow in his voice.

Natalie too felt sad from Raiten's story. To hear that he was friends with an avatar of Rireishi and was unable to help her tugged at her. She wondered if the real reason he was here so he can protect Aimu when he couldn't help Tara Niou. "I'm so sorry to hear that." She apologized.

"Now do you understand?" Raiten said. "The Golden Night Order isn't always reliable when it comes to your safety. They neglected Tara Niou and the result was the loss of both a powerful ally and the opportunity in changing another world. You realize your goal to conquer this world means that you'll inevitably make enemies and this world is full of potential threats. Avatars of Rireishi are the perfect ones in ruling their respective worlds, and only they can do it. To lose an Avatar of the Queen of Dreams is not only an insult to Remuran, but it's also an insult to you and every other avatar. That's why I'm here to make sure you do rule this world. Do you understand, Aimu Myouga?"

"Yes," Aimu said. "I perfectly understand. My ambitions are too strong to be crushed by mere insignificant mortals. Where Tara Niou failed, I will succeed."

Raiten smirked. "Yes. I know you will."

The lightheaded feeling Natalie experienced came back, this time full force. Her body felt hallow and her legs nearly unable to keep herself up. She was about to fall to her knees until both Aimu and Raiten caught her.

"Natalie, are you alright?" Aimu asked.

Natalie put her hand to her lover. "Aimu, I feel weak all of a sudden… a bit hungry."

Aimu put a hand to Natalie's forehead. "You are low on qi, Natalie. How come you didn't tell me before?"

"I…" Natalie hesitated. "I have been so busy with school that I just didn't realize it. I'm sorry."

"You need jing right now," Raiten spoke. "I'll do it."

"Huh?" Natalie asked surprised.

"Wait," Aimu said turning towards Raiten. "… why you? This is private between me and my friends."

"Oh, but it's not me who wants it." Raiten replied. He looked down at Natalie and said. "It's Clifford who does."

"M-Me?" Natalie asked.

"What're you saying?" Aimu asked.

"What I'm saying is that Clifford seems to be sexually attracted to me," Raiten explained. "I saw the way she kept looking at me with awe, the longing look in her eyes. She's drawn to my qi with strong impulse. Her whole being is just oozing with lustful desire that I can practically smell it."

"Natalie," Aimu turned back to Natalie. "Is this true?"

Natalie hesitated. "I…"

"It's okay to be honest, Natalie," Aimu said. "I'm not mad."

Natalie shut her eyes and confessed. "Y-Yes, it's true."

"I see." Aimu respond.

"You see, Aimu Myouga," Raiten said. "One of the aspects in being a leader is to make your followers happy and keep them happy. You need to understand their needs and what you can do to fulfill those needs. Of course, you shouldn't heed to their every wish, but it's still something you should be aware of."

He took Natalie's hand to his own. "So if Natalie needs jing and it's mine she wants, then I'll gladly give her some."

"R-Really?" Natalie asked.

"Of course," Raiten said. His eyes shifted to Aimu again. "And Aimu is welcomed to join in if she wants to… and if you want to as well."

"Of course I would like her to join; I love her!" Natalie replied.

"Very well then, Natalie," Aimu said. "I'll join too."

Raiten smiled. "Good. Now then…" He snapped his fingers and the floor underneath started rippling. A king-size bed emerged from underneath them. It had large puffy pillows and deep-red blankets spreading over the whole bed.

Natalie was about to speak but was left speechless as she watched Raiten undress. After reaching and pulling down on what Natalie guessed to be a zipper, Raiten slid out of his attire and sat there naked before the two girls. Natalie swallowed nervously, entranced by Raiten's slender body. She remembered when she had sex with some of the boys back in at her hometown, Atlas City, and none of them had the feminine physique that the dark prince had. His slenderness rivaled that of both Aimu and Natalie's real-life bodies. Even naked, he still didn't look that much different from any other girl. Her thoughts alone were making Natalie feel anxious; she was about to have dream-sex with the most feminine boy she's ever met who was also the son of both the emperor of Remuran and the Queen of Dreams.

She looked over to see Aimu undressing as well. Natalie then proceeded in taking off her uniform, her very bountiful breasts bounced upon the removal of her top. Both girls sat there naked as Raiten's eyes lingered over them while a smirk crept on his face. Any uneasiness that Natalie may have felt before was gone, replaced with lustful delight and glee. She was enjoying having the prince gaze at her curvy form with approval. 'Awesome, he's checking us out and he's pleased!'

"So what do you think?" Natalie said with pride, putting her hands on her hips and pushing her huge breasts out. She looked at Aimu and smiled. Aimu smiled back, though rather brief.

"I think that tonight's going to be a lot of fun." Raiten said mischievously. He crawled towards the two girls in a seductive and near-predatory manner. He reached and cupped both of their breasts. Natalie let out a gasp from his gentle touch, shivers crawling down her spine. Aimu gave a smooth moan as Raiten rubbed her right breast. She put her hand Raiten's, encouraging him to rub harder.

Natalie too put her hand over the boy's and pressed it against her left breast. She let out a low moan as she watched Raiten's skilled fingers kneaded her breasts, enjoying their touch. She wondered if he had groped a lot of girls before to be this good. "M-More…" she whispered.

Raiten heeded her and gave both girls' breasts a sudden squeeze. Aimu and Natalie gasped from the surge of pleasure coursing in their chests. Natalie saw that Raiten's squeeze made her oversize breast look like it was trying to engulf his hand; she nearly giggled.

She scooted closer to the dark prince but reached her free hand out to the other girl. "Aimu." she beckoned to her lover. Aimu scooted closer and embraced Natalie, essentially trapping Raiten in between their large balloons.

Aimu pressed her lips against Natalie's and engage in a long, tender kiss. Natalie groaned when her tongue wrestled with Aimu's. It went for a while until they finally broke off and looked into each other's eyes. "I love you, Aimu." Natalie said.

"I love you too, Natalie." Aimu said.

They looked down to see Raiten in between their cleavages, his full attention turned towards Aimu's breasts. He lowered his head down and enveloped her pale-pink nipple into his mouth. Aimu let out a soothing moan as Raiten began to suck on her right breast. His hand reached up and fondled her left breasts, squeezing it gently. She put a hand to his head and stroked his hair.

Watching the erotic, almost loving, sight, Natalie thought again of Rireishi. She could almost see Aimu as Rireishi breastfeeding her child. She wondered what thoughts and feelings of Emperor Rubihatsu did Rireishi made Raiten from. To have a Memuma be made in its creator's image, Natalie guessed that they must be sensual fantasies. Raiten radiated a sense of fear and power yet also respect and admiration, just like Aimu.

Rireishi, you must be proud to have created such an amazing creature and love it as your own…

"Ah!" Aimu cried, snapping Natalie out of her thoughts. Raiten pulled away from Aimu and Natalie saw what looks like a bite mark on her right breast, compose of two small protrusions with small droplets of blood coming out. "What was that about?"

"My apologies," said a sly Raiten. "I simply wanted to know what your blood tasted like. Don't think bad of me for that, okay? You have a vampire, werewolf, and a succubus for friends; don't tell me that you've never been bitten during sex before?"

Raiten snickered and Natalie caught a glimpse of two fangs decorated with Aimu's blood. She knew that Aimu wasn't opposed to biting, remembering when she let Renée and/or Ursula bite her sometimes while they engage in sexual fun. Natalie was sometimes bit by the two as well. The feeling came off a quick zap of pain followed by sensual arousal. It was safe to say that they received a kind of pleasure from it.

"Plus this is still a dream," Raiten continued. "Most pains don't exist here. In fact, they instead come out as twisted forms of pleasure." With that, the bite on Aimu's breast instantly healed up and the blood that came out disappeared.

"Just… warn me next time." Aimu said sternly.

Raiten smirked again. "Of course, Aimu, dear."

He moved close to Aimu again and his lips met hers. Natalie moved in too and they joined in a three-way kiss.

When they part, Raiten lowered himself to kiss Aimu's breasts again and then moved downwards. Natalie moved next to Aimu and both proceeded to fondle each other's breasts.

"Are you enjoying this, Natalie?" Aimu cooed.

Natalie chuckled. "Of course I am, Aimu. I'm perfectly fine with this as long you are too." She looked down at Raiten placing hot kisses on Aimu's flat stomach. He let his tongue out and proceeded to play with Aimu's navel, licking and slithering into it. Aimu's whole body shivered in response.

"This is something new for me." Aimu said.

"New?" Natalie blinked. "What do you mean?"

"Natalie, I've never done it with a boy before." Aimu said. "Even in dreams when we would try stuff with penises, the way we and the others did it, the experience was still always the same with another girl. On the other hand, doing it with a boy is another experience entirely, something that I never tried before."

"Do you hate boys?" Raiten lifted his head until at eye-level with Aimu.

"No." Aimu answered. "I've just never done it before."

"There's a first time for everything, you know." Raiten said.

"I know. You're right." Aimu replied.

Raiten sat back and spread his legs to reveal his erect circumcised penis. It was quite large despite his small, slender body. Natalie stared hungrily as Raiten stroked his long shaft. She wanted to give him oral sex, but Aimu moved in and crawled on top of him.

The two brunettes smirked evilly at each other. "Then this will be interesting."

Aimu spread her legs, revealing her moist slit, and slowly inserted Raiten's erection into her vagina, taking in his whole cock. The sensation of fullness coursed through her nethers up to her stomach, causing her to hiss. She began moving back and forth on Raiten, her hands placed on his waist. It all felt different to her. The rhythm Raiten was giving her was different from any of the girls she'd slept with. She groaned loudly as she humped him.

Natalie stood up in front of Aimu and motioned the girl to her moist sex. Natalie moaned as Aimu kissed and licked her slit. Aimu went further and thruster harder on Raiten, which causes her head to pressed repeatedly against Natalie's crotch. She cried in delight when she felt Aimu's tongue entered her.

Raiten let out a groan as Aimu went faster, his penis twitching inside her while her vaginal muscles clamped tightly around it. His body was getting hot and can feel his climax was nearing. "Yes, it feels so good… I'm almost there."

His legs wrapped around Aimu's waist as he was close to his orgasm. The girls were nearing orgasms too. They moaned in pleasure as they bucked their hips.

"Natalie… Raiten… I'm coming!" Aimu cried. Soon all three hit their climaxes and cried out in pure lust and ecstasy. Natalie's fluids spilt over in Aimu's face as Raiten's thick, hot cum shot into her womb. Aimu basked in the warmth of her orgasm. She put a hand to her stomach and rubbed it tenderly. So this is what it's like to have sex with a boy, she thought.

Natalie sat down and leaned in against Aimu, who put an arm around her. Raiten sat up, pulling his penis out of Aimu and putting a hand on her shoulder.

"You alright?" He asked.

"Yes, I'll be okay." Aimu answered.

"How was it?" Natalie asked.

"Amazing," Aimu breathed. "Having sex with a boy is different from what I've been use to with girls. It's not bad. In fact, it might be just as good."

"It gets better each time you do it," Natalie said. "I know from experience."

Her crotch suddenly felt weird, like it was stretching outward. She looked down and gasped to find an erected penis growing out of her slit. She turned to Aimu and saw she too had a penis as well. "What happened?" She asked.

"I gave you both a penis," Raiten said. "So would you like to use it on me?"

"My, how generous of you," Aimu said. "Sure you know we've been doing something this for a long time."

Raiten gave a teasing giggle. "Then this will be more fun than I thought."

Aimu stood up and smiled. "Indeed. Now, be a good boy and suck me."

Raiten crawled in front of Aimu's crotch and took her penis in his hand. It wasn't as big as his own penis, but it was large enough for satisfaction. His fingers wrapped around the large penis and opened his mouth to engulf it. Aimu put a gentle hand over his head and held it in place as he performed felatio on her.

"Come, Natalie," Aimu said to her ally and lover. "Use your new cock to pleasure Prince Raiten. How about filling him from the other side?"

"Hmm?" Raiten muffled.

Natalie looked down at her own penis, which she had been subconsciously stroking. She looked back at Raiten sucking on Aimu. She couldn't explain why but somehow having a penis seems to have bestowed her with a kind of physical domination, and seeing the prince in such a vulnerable position made her want to take advantage of him.

Seeing the prince's eyes were closed, no doubt enjoying his oral sex, she couldn't help but smile from this. "Sure!" she chirped.

Natalie gladly moved behind Raiten and spread his buttocks. With the lack of a vagina, this was the closest substitute, but Natalie didn't care. Taking her erected penis, she slowly inserted it into Raiten's anus. Natalie reveled in a near-sadistic glee when the boy responded with a little moan. She began to rock back and forth as she performed her first anal intercourse.

Raiten's eyes shot open from Natalie's thrusts, her erection moving in and out of him. He shrugged it off and focused on Aimu. His tongue wrapping and sliding over the long hard shaft. He moaned tenderly as he too rocked back and forth on Aimu's penis. He felt Natalie's hand reached around his waist, tracing his slender belly, down to his boyhood to rub and stroke his penis. He could moan more from the triple pleasure he was receiving.

"Yes… Prince Raiten," Aimu groaned, stroking his hair with one hand while rubbing her breast with the other. "You making me feel so good… I'm getting hot… I'm… going to…"

Natalie sped up, thrusting harder and faster into Raiten. Her body was getting hot as she could feel something inside her that wants to get out. "Yes, just a little more!" She said in between her breaths. She stroked Raiten harder as well, feeling it swell and twitch in her hand.

"I-I… I'm going to come! Raiten!" Aimu cried.

"Me too! Me… too!" Natalie cried too.

Both bucked their hips and cried at their climaxes. Raiten felt hot liquid sprayed into both his mouth and backside. He groaned loudly, sucking and swallowing the warm sugary cream until Aimu could ejaculate no more. Natalie pulled her penis out of Raiten and watched it disappear into her vagina. It was a shame that it was short since she wanted to do other things with it, but it was still fun while it lasted.

Raiten released Aimu and sat down on his knees and watched the girl's penis disappeared as well. Aimu lowered herself to see the prince panting deeply from the experience. He licked his lips lewdly and showed a contended smile.

"You must be really good at this, Your Highness," Aimu breathed, showing a contended smile as well. "You seem to really know how to please a girl."

"Well, I have learned from the best," Raiten snickered. "And of course have a couple of girlfriends back home."

"You don't say," Aimu replied. "Aren't they not bothered by your ways?"

"Of course not," Raiten said. "Remuran promotes and encourages polygamy and polyamory towards its people. Anyone can have multiple relationships if they want."

"Good," said Aimu. "Very good."

Raiten looked down to find that cum was leaking out of his penis as well. He realized that he must've cum at the same time Aimu and Natalie did.

"Prince Raiten," Natalie spoke. She was licking Raiten's cum off her hand. It was different from the other boys' cum she's tasted before. It was admittedly salty, but it was also sugary sweet, and like Aimu's jing, it was charging with power. It was probably the best cum she's ever tasted from a boy. "Your cum is so delicious." She completely licked her hand clean of Raiten's semen but was left unsatisfied.

She wanted more.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Clifford." Raiten said. "I forgot that this was all meant to recharge you with jing."

"But no worries, Natalie," Aimu spoke. "For now it's your turn."

Natalie put her hands on her hips and grinned. "Well then, you two, come and get some!" Within the second, both Aimu and Raiten were already in front of her, pushing her down on her back and crawling on top of her. Her body tingled from the hot kisses they were placing on her face and neck. She held them both closer to her chest and was soon moaning with pleasure as they played with her oversized breasts.

She lifted her head to see Aimu sucking on her left breast while Raiten was sucking on her right nipple. She felt both the warmth of their tongues licking her nipples and their hands rubbing and squeezing her huge mammaries. She cried happily from the sensations and encouraged them to suck harder.

"Yes. Yes," She said huskily. "That's it. Suck on mommy's bountiful tits!" She cried again as they gave her another squeeze. She wished that her breasts could produce milk, then she enjoy the doubling pleasure of breastfeeding them and the others.

Soon they released her breasts and she took the moment to relax. Her nipples glistened in coatings of saliva, and her loins were moist with her sweat and fluids.

"How were my tits, guys?" Natalie cooed.

"You know me." Aimu said. Natalie already knew what her answer was.

"Exquisite," Raiten answered. "Do you want the jing now?"

"Yes." Natalie said hungrily again. "Give it to me."

Raiten smirked and moved down Natalie's body. He sat upright, his erection in full view, and got in between her legs. Again, she remembered the boys that she slept with before she started sleeping with Aimu and the others, but with Raiten it felt like something nostalgic and yet refreshing at the same time. Aimu got behind Natalie and helped her upright, leaning her against her body for support. The prince positioned himself and soon entered Natalie. Her eyes went wide open for a second, and then she shut them tightly. She felt so full, Raiten's penis filling her up. Her vaginal muscles clamped tightly around his erection as he went deeper. Raiten started to move back and forth, and all Natalie felt was the sensation of him moving in and out of her.

Natalie's bountiful breasts gently swayed with each thrust Raiten gave her. She giggled softly until she heard Aimu giggle as well. She tongue slithered out to lick Natalie's ear as her hands reached around and groped the ripe melons again and proceeded to massage them. Natalie laughed as intense waves of electric sensations surged through her body.

Raiten thrust harder, causing Natalie to let out a surprised gasp. She moaned lovingly and urged him to not hold anything back, as she felt her orgasm building up. As much as she would always be loyal to Aimu, the feeling of subservience to Raiten was powerful and she relished. He was probably the best boy she's ever slept with. Just for this one moment would she want to belong to him, to have him to do many things with her.

Her sex felt like felt like they were burning with passion. She put her hands over Aimu's, leaning fully on her for support. "Oh, Raiten! Aimu!" She groaned. "I'm… I'm almost there."

"Yes, Clifford." Raiten said in between his thrusts. "Come for us."

"Yes, we would like that a lot." Aimu whispered in Natalie's ear. Her grip on her breasts tightened.

Natalie's eyes started to leak with tears and her body tremble as Raiten sped up his efforts. Her hips bucked involuntarily as her orgasm took hold. They both finally reached their climax; Natalie leaned her head back and cried out in pure lust as Raiten's liquid warmth entered her. Tears of joy and ecstasy fell down her face. The waves of electric sensations sprawled into an uproar of pure pleasure. A stream of powerful concentrated jing flowed into her. She was feeling stronger and more recharged every second.

It was there that Natalie realized how long their orgasm was going. She was able to look down and saw that Raiten was still inside and his face suggested he was still ejaculating. She started to feel full for some reason, as if she ate a big meal and had no more room for dessert. She looked down again, this time at herself, and was shocked by what she saw.

Her stomach, usually flat and smooth, began to slowly expand, getting bigger and rounder. Raiten's hot cum was filling her up like a balloon. Her hands clenched her swelling girth, watching it bulge out. She strangely felt a pleasurable sensation from it, but she was scared too.

"Raiten," Natalie said. "W-What're you doing to me?" She looked down at her inflating stomach. "I… I'm going to explode!"

She was silenced when Raiten pressed his lips against hers. Her eyes widen and then Raiten broke their kiss before she could even make a muffle. Their mouths hanged open; a string of saliva was attached to their lips.

"What? What?" Raiten spoke teasingly. His pupils narrowed into slits, like that of a snake. Natalie could see that every tooth in his mouth was sharp and pointed. She was almost freaked out by the expression he gave her. "You're going to explode? But you can't explode. Not yet; I'm not done filling you yet. You wanted the jing, didn't you?"

"A-Aimu?" Natalie said, looking up at her lover, but the brunette only smiled down at her and massaged her breasts. Natalie could only watch helplessly as her stomach grew, now the size of a basketball and still growing. Along with the sensation, Natalie felt a straining on her stomach, but oddly stayed at a mild degree instead of intensifying with her expansion. She couldn't help but let out a moan, her hands rubbing her growing front.

Soon her growth slowed, and then completely stopped, leaving her stomach the size of a beach ball. Raiten finally had no more to release and so pulled out of Natalie. Droplets of semen dripped out from the tip of his penis.

Natalie lay against Aimu support, breathing heavily from all of the constant sensual experience she just went through.

She started to feel weird…

"So, Clifford," Spoke Raiten. "How are you feeling right now? Are you satisfied with the large amount of jing I gave you?"

Natalie lifted her head up to look at him. Sudden urges unlike anything she's felt before were taking over her. Somehow she only felt more lustful, more impulsive, and more hungry. She eyed Raiten with an abnormal fixation. Her irises and pupils retracted to tiny dots. It wasn't enough. Not enough! She wanted more. She must have more. She needs more!

"No…" She uttered. Her breathing grew louder and more feral. She glared at Raiten with predatory eyes. "It's not enough… not enough!"

She suddenly lunged at Raiten, forcing him on his back with her on top. Her huge breasts and bloated stomach bounced and swayed wildly. Her hands gripped onto his shoulders with surprising strength.

"More!" She yelled. "I want more! Give me more!"

"Natalie, stop!" Aimu shouted and grabbed hold of the berserk succubus. She tried to pull her off Raiten, but she pried herself off her and pushed her away.

"No, I want all of it!" Natalie cried. "I want all of your jing! I want to consume every last ounce of your wonderful, delicious qi!"

She lowered herself and brought the prince into a rough kiss. Raiten could feel his qi being drained by Natalie via lip contact. Everyone ounce she consumed made her stronger.

He was prepared to kick the girl off her, but she suddenly stopped and just went limb. He moved his head and saw that Aimu had just knocked her unconscious.

They both gently moved Natalie to the side with care. They laid her on her back and sat back.

"What happened to her?" Aimu asked with a serious tone.

Raiten looked at Aimu and said "Your guess is as good as mine." He put a hand to Natalie's forehead and started analyzing her condition. It went by quickly and soon removed his hand from Natalie.

"She's intoxicated."

"Intoxicated?" Aimu asked.

"She's drunk from the large intake of jing I gave her." Raiten explained, and then shook his head. "Did you know anything about this before?"

"No," Aimu replied. "This is new to me."

"My apologies," Raiten said. "I gave her too much."

As much as Aimu wanted to, she knew that couldn't completely blame him. None of them knew what was going to happen, and he was just having fun; that's why she did nothing when he was filling Natalie up with his jing. "Is there anything we can do to help her?"

"This behavior doesn't seem to be permanent. By the time she wakes in the real world, she'll probably be sober." Raiten answered. "I'll take care of things from here. The Golden Night Order will be able to handle things without me for awhile."

"What do you mean?" Aimu asked.

"I said before that I have other matters in this world that I must attend to, so I won't be here with you everyday. However, I will send you instructions so that you'll be able to call me if you need my help." Raiten explained.

"Are you sure about this?"

"Heh," Raiten replied. "Who do you think I am…?"

Natalie's eyes opened. She slowly rose from the covers and put a hand to her forehead. It was aching and pounding, as if she was having a hangover.

'What happened to me last night?' She thought. She recalled having a threesome with Aimu and Remilia who turned out to be a prince from the World of Darkness. He filled her up with lots of jing. She couldn't remember what happened afterwards…

She heard a knock on her door and groaned. "Come in." She said tiredly.

"Natalie, it's me." The door opened to reveal Aimu. She was already dressed up for the day, which made Natalie wonder how long she had been asleep for.

"A-Aimu," Natalie said. "Wha… what happened to me last night? Why does my head hurt so much?"

"That's what I'm here to talk about." Aimu took a seat at the end of Natalie's bed and pulled something out of her pocket. "Here, drink this." She handed her a small bottle filled with blue liquid that glowed.

"What is it?" Natalie asked, taking the bottle.

"It's medicine." Aimu answered. "It should get rid of your hangover. Prince Raiten left it for me to give to you."

"Hangover?" Natalie was confused. "What do you mean, Aimu? What happened to me?"

"Natalie," She said with a serious tone. "It turns out that as a succubus, your body reacts different from the amount of jing you take."

"How so?"

"When we were in Prince Raiten's dream, he filled you up a lot of his jing,"

"Yes," Natalie replied. "I remember that much."

"But afterwards, you started behaving differently. You were acting like wild animal, demanding more jing. If I didn't stop you, you might've absorbed every ounce of the prince's qi and left him as an empty shell."

"But how?"

"The prince analyzed you and it turns out that you were intoxicated by the excessive amount of jing you received. You became drunk and very addicted to it." Aimu explained, and then noticed that Natalie hadn't drunk the medicine yet. "Drink it," she ordered. "You'll feel better."

Doing as she was told, Natalie opened the bottle and drank the glowing liquid. Like other liquid medicine, the taste made her want to spit it out, but she forced herself to drink it all down. The bad taste lingered in her mouth, making her smack her lips in disgust.

"Why didn't you stop him from putting too much into me?" She asked.

"None of us knew what was going to happen, not even the prince. I thought he was having fun, and I know you were feeling some kind of pleasure." Aimu explained.

Natalie didn't know whether to be angry or forgiving. Aimu seemed like she trusted the prince enough. It was just an unfortunate accident, right? "Oh…" she said softly.

"He sends his apologies to you." Aimu continued.

"Where is Prince Raiten?" Natalie asked.

"He's left," Aimu answered. "He told me that he had matters to attend to and won't be with us twenty four-seven, but he had sent me information so that I can reach him if I ever need his assistance."

"Will we be okay with him around?" Natalie asked.

Aimu turned to Natalie. "Do you dislike him?"

"No, it's nothing like that," Natalie held her hands up defensively. "I was just thinking of what he said about that other avatar, Tara Niou. Are there already people out there who want to harm you, Aimu?"

"What Prince Raiten said was right. I'll inevitably make enemies in my goal to change the world, but I already made it clear that I won't be like this other avatar. As much as I would want to accomplish this on my very own, Prince Raiten's protection might actually be necessary." Aimu answered.

She sat up and moved to Natalie's side. "But this isn't what I'm here to discuss. Natalie, since now we know what can happen to you, you need to be more careful of your intake of jing. If having too much can change your behavior, it might lead to dangerous situations."

"A-Alright, Aimu." Natalie said, taking the girl's hand into her own. "I'll have more self-control."

"That's good." Aimu respond with a hint of relief in her voice. "Are you feeling any better?"

"Yeah, I think I do feel better." Natalie replied. She was concerned with Aimu and Prince Raiten that she didn't notice that her hangover had passed away quickly. "That medicine really works!"

Aimu nodded, picking up the empty bottle. "An'uuto medicine really is fascinating. Do you think you'll be able to get the day or okay, or do you think you need to rest more?"

"No, I'm good," Natalie smiled and flexed her arms. "I feel like a million bucks!"

Aimu stood up. "In that case, you should hurry up and get dressed. Father Francisco and the others are waiting for us outside." She turned to walk out the door but Natalie stopped.

"Aimu, wait!" She said.

"Yes, what is it?"

"Don't worry about me too much, okay?" Natalie said. "Despite what happened to me in the dream, I still had lots of fun with you and Prince Raiten."

Aimu didn't say anything. She gave a slight smile to Natalie before closing the door behind her.

Syndicate of Darkness HQ

Prince Raiten was sitting down in a large electronic chair in front of a giant computer screen, with smaller screens and a large control panel. On the main screen was a woman with long ice-blue hair and green eyes.

"I'd like to thank you for accepting my requests in meeting the avatar, Miraju." Said the dark prince.

"Of course, your highness. Your presence is always an honor to the Golden Night Order." Miraju said with the utmost respect. "Did everything go well in your personal meeting?"

"Yes, as matter of fact." Raiten smirked. "Aimu Myouga very much understands the situation she'll find herself in the future, and knows that she has our full support."

"Our avatar deserves the best," Miraju said. "That's what our goddess, Rireishi, would want."

"Then I take it that there won't be any problems this time," Raiten said darkly, narrowing his eyes at the woman. "Right, Miraju?"

Miraju was silent for a minute before speaking. "Yes… your, highness."

"Good." He spoke. "It's a shame that I have to part from her after the day we met, but I have to deal with other important matters. I'll be back at Schwarznebel as soon as I can."

He pushed a button which ended the communication with Miraju, and brought up pictures of Aimu Myouga and her friends. He sat back in his chair, observing the pictures on the screen, when he heard the sliding door open up behind him.

"Princey!" A high-pitched girly voice cheered. Raiten looked over his shoulder and was greeted by a cute little child with dark purple hair, bangs falling down in front of a pair of bright-red eyes. Tiny bat wings protrude from the child's back and little horns poked out from his hair. He was wearing robes with a similar color-scheme as Raiten's bodysuit.

"You've returned rather quickly." The child chirped. "Are these the avatar and her friends?"

"Yes, they are, Kinran." Raiten replied, turning back to the screen.

The child observed the screen and smiled. "I like the blond one and the little one. Can you introduce me to them, Princey?"

"Someday, maybe." Raiten put a hand on the child's head and stroked his hair. Kinran cooed adorably.

"Prince," Spoke another voice. Three more people entered the room and joined Raiten at the control panel. The one who spoke was a feminine-looking individual with long black hair, a pale green eye and an icy-blue eye, and lifeless gray skin. The person was clad in a gothic-lolita dress with a similar color-scheme as Raiten and Kinran's clothes. On the person's neck was an insertion line that was held together by string-like stitches.

But despite the person's feminine features, he was a boy just like Raiten and Kinran.

"You wanted to see us, sir?" The boy asked.

"Yes, Shiron, I have." Raiten respond. "Now that we're in a joint-operation with the Golden Night Order and I have established contact with the avatar, we're now clear to begin our missions in the World of Humans."

"Oh?" Spoke a mischievous voice. Raiten turned to see a young woman who looked to be either seventeen or eighteen by human standards. She had shoulder-length ruby hair and royal blue eyes. She wore a top that resembled the upper half of a kimono but had puffy sleeves, with a cut opening revealing her navel, and a long skirt. Like everyone else in the room, her clothes had the same color-scheme. The top was low-cut to reveal the vast cleavage her extraordinarily oversized breasts. "And you're just going to focus all of the Syndicate's power on a foreign world, your highness?" She asked slyly.

"Don't be absurd, Ramia." Raiten retorted. "I'm keeping half of the Ethereals behind to handle Remuran's political issues in the World of Darkness. Us, the other half, will be carrying out these missions in the World of Humans. You all know the assignments you've been given. Be prepared to carry them out in a few days. You're all allowed to have up to two members of the Syndicate's lower ranks to accompany you."

"Cool!" Kinran cheered. "Maybe I'll have Kaiza join me on my mission…"

"You should be more careful with her this time, Kinran," Shiron spoke stoically. "She doesn't seem to have fully recovered after what you done with her after she failed her mission."

Kinran giggled mischievously. "Don't worry, Shiron. I'll be gentler with her this time."

Raiten cleared his breath, gaining everyone's attention again. "You all have your orders. Is that understood?" Raiten asked.

"Yes!" Kinran chirped.

"Yes, sir." Shiron said.

"Of course, your highness." Ramia cooed.

"Yes…" said the last person.

"Then you're excuse. Aora, you stay." Raiten declared. He waited patiently for them to exit the room, leaving him alone with his girlfriend. Aora was a tall beautiful girl with long white hair and crystal-blue eyes. She had a slender body with long legs, wide hips, and full ample breasts. She wore a sleeveless top which exposed her stomach, a skort, knee-high boots and thigh-length socks. Like the others, it had the same color-scheme. She had a bandage wrapped around her forehead and on her left forearm; they were the scars of battle.

"Yes, Raiten?" Aora asked with soft grace in her voice.

"You failed, didn't you?" Raiten spoke, not turning around to face her.

Aora stood silent before saying. "Yes. Sumudan got away. She beat me, but she didn't kill me for some reason."

"Really, eh?" Raiten respond. "Maybe she spared you to show the Ten Exquisite Sovereigns just how powerful she really is. She could've killed you, but instead spared you so she can use you as a sign that she's not to be underestimated."

"That's an interesting theory." Aora said.

"But you still failed." Raiten turned to face her. "Aora, you're part of the greatest nation's greatest paramilitary organization, and you failed to stop a wanted person. Not does that insult the greatness of Remuran, it's the insult to the Syndicate; it's an insult to me."

"I'm so sorry, Raiten." Aora bowed her head.

Raiten stood up from his chair and stood in front of his girlfriend. He took her chin with his hand. "However, I am glad that you're still alive." He said with a comforting voice. "This is your chance to redeem yourself to the Syndicate. You won't disappoint me this time, will you?"

"No." Aora respond. "I won't be careless this time. I'll do anything to honor and make you proud."

"Good. You're free to go now." Raiten said, and gave the girl a passionate kiss. Soon they part lips and Aora turned to leave the room. He sat back down his seat and started typing on the panel. The screen changed images, to show a small landmass in the World of Humans that was called Japan, and then zoomed in on a small place called Shizuoka Town; this is where his mission is taking place at.

He pressed a key and on the map screen came the profile and picture of a woman with long silver hair, golden eyes, and thin triangular-shaped ears. Raiten's eyes narrowed, now filled with burning anger.

'Misshuura… you'll rue the day that you betrayed the Syndicate of Darkness…'

Raiten/Remilia, Kinran, Shiron, Ramia, Aora, Eishinzou, & Sumudan all belong to me. Everything and everyone else here is property of Rabukurafuto. This one-shot contains a large reference to Creatures of The Night, a Bleach fanfic also written by Rabukurafuto.

This took me a very long time to write, but I was finally able to finish it in time for the Holidays. This is a Christmas gift to my friend, Rabukurafuto, and for all my other friends as well.

I hope you all enjoyed The Messenger. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!