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Reaching Out

By Angela Fyre

Nightmares are always little demonic dreams. They are dreams that somehow escape from wherever dreams are confined and reach us in the night, and turn bad on their way to us. They collect our deepest fears or our inner demons to use against our souls as we sleep. Many say that nightmares pass after that night or so. Others need psychiatrists to get rid of nightmares.

However, for Gerald Tomlinson, the cure was Renaia. Renaia Alfina Sage, a beautiful girl who was Gerald's age of 16 years old, had aided Gerald with a reoccurring nightmare. She had not planned it that way, but she did it. It was just that Ms. Tomlinson, an amazing nurse and the widowed mother of Gerald, had needed to go shopping, but Gerald was in bed. Not willing to wake him nor leave him home alone, Ms. Tomlinson called Renaia Sage. Ever since comforting him through that nightmare, Renaia and Gerald could rarely found apart.

"Hey! Hey Gerald wait!" Renaia called to him.

She lived up the street from Gerald's house. The gentle, warm air of Rosette, Ohio's lovely morning swirled her long, wavy, maroon hair around as she ran toward her. Her pink eyes shone in the sunlight and Gerald could swear to anyone that he was watching an angel run to him. An angel he sometimes wondered if he deserved.

"Hi Renaia," Gerald waved at his angel, though he had not called her his angel since she had helped him.

The girl he had every class with was his light in life. In her heart, she already belonged to Gerald. She had always been there, she always would be.

"Ready for school?" asks Renaia.

"Sure, ready for another day in a dark tunnel with only one candle."

Renaia half laughed, somewhat understanding half of Gerald's metaphor.

"I'm serious Renaia!" he cried.

"I know, I know," she confirmed.

She did, she really did. Gerald knew that, at least he did know Renaia was there for him. He really did not know what he would do without her. A car sped by them as they continued. Renaia jumped back, startled by the car.

"Well someone's in a rush," murmured Gerald.

"Really, thank goodness we weren't in the street," Renaia observed.

Gerald gazed at Renaia through his blue eyes. His short, spiky, orange whipped around his smooth, tan, oval head. His whole body was covered in light tan skin. The light wind pressed Renaia's dress against her thin, not underweight body. The collar of the tank-sleeved dress was a silver, upside down triangle shape with pink in the center. The dress was all white, except the hem was pink and a long, flowing, pink bow was tied around her waist. It was free flowing, much like her shiny, soft hair. Her shoes were silver and had two straps each, both above her ankles and below her knees. Her socks were pink and went up to her knees.

His outfit was a pair of jeans with no holes and a blue t-shirt. Standing by her made him feel so underdressed, yet he felt so at peace because he knew Renaia did not care what he wore. It was so easy for him to be himself for her. He only wished people could have her tolerance. Renaia felt so happy and cheerful toward Gerald. She would do anything, anything to protect Gerald, even if it did mean her life.

"Sleep well?" she asked.

"Perfect," Gerald sighed contently.

"I'm so glad!" Renaia cheered.

They arrived at school, and so began a day of perils. The hallways and classrooms were all pink and blue tiles with different furniture pieces. The rows of lockers were blue on top and pink on the bottom. Rosette Local School colors were blue and pink so both colors were seen lots in the school.

"Hey Renaia, dump the trash already!"

Renaia huffed angrily. These idiots had no reasons. Well, no justifying reasons anyway. She turned to the idiot boy until her eyes met his.

"What trash? Oh, you mean yourself? Sorry, I really don't feel like carrying you to the dumpster."

Gerald burst out laughing. Meanness wasn't in Renaia's personality, but sometimes she just had to be mean. She hated it, until she remembered how mean the people had been.

"She's so strange. How'd she end up with maroon hair and pink eyes?"

Strange enough, Renaia's hair and eyes were very much naturally colored. No contacts, dyes, or anything like that.

"What do you care?" Gerald asked, "Oh, because she looks a lot better than you!"

"You calling my girlfriend ugly?" asked the girl's boyfriend

"It's actually too hard to decide which of you is uglier," Renaia sassed, not meaning ugly as a physical attribute

"How can you handle this crazy crap?" Gerald asked Renaia, as they walked into their first class of the day.

"Gerald….I handle it because you are my friend. No one deserves this, especially not you. If you must take this, then I will take it too."

She reached over and touched Gerald's shoulder. That gesture alone caused his heart to skip a beat. Renaia was a therapeutic candle, Gerald's therapeutic candle.

"Aw! Look at the cute couple," cooed Hikari Faye

"Hikari!" wailed Renaia, turning beet red in the face.

Hikari Faye was Renaia and Gerald's other best friend. She was an angelic devil, very nice, yet terrifying if you angered her. Hikari was a good friend to have despite her personality. Her appearance was one you might see everyday, except for her eyes. Her eyes were two different colors, one was blue and one was pink. She stood tall, head held high with a smile gracing her beautiful features. Long blond hair, graceful and swift just like its owner flowed down Hikari's back. The medium weight girl laughed merrily at her two best friends' red faces.

"Hah! You two are cute! Yeah, I know you aren't a couple. I will say that you should totally be one though! So how's is everything going?"

"Stupid as usual," Gerald grumbled.

"What he said," Renaia responded.

Hikari sighed, "I despise bullies. They have black hearts and no matter how good they look, they are ugly."

The teacher then called the class to order. Unfortunately, it didn't go to order because Gerald's rival, Antonio Vaughn, started trouble;

"Well now, how is the piece of trash and his little idiot girlfriend doing today?"

Antonio was just a little taller than Gerald with short black hair, a muscular body, and green eyes. He was the boy almost every girl dreamed of. So many girls liked him, except Renaia, which always ticked him off. The fact Renaia despised him was why Antonio hated Gerald.

"See, this is why Renaia hates you!" Gerald yelled.

Renaia laughed since the fact Antonio was a jerk wasn't the only reason she couldn't stand him.

"Hah! How could anyone hate me?" Antonio asked

"Very easily!" proclaimed Hikari.

Renaia giggled at that remark before Gerald added;

"You can't keep a girl because you can't keep your hands off other girls!"

"That's such a lie!" cried Marteesha, Antonio's girlfriend.

Marteesha was thinner than Renaia with long brown hair and brown eyes.

"Order!" yelled the teacher

"Yeah, well at least I can get a girl Gerald!"

Both teens were standing up now. Gerald opened his mouth to answer until he realized that Antonio was…

"He already has one Antonio!" Renaia screamed, breaking through Gerald's thoughts.

She slammed her hands on her desk, red in the face with anger written into her eyes. Gerald recoiled in shock, so much that he had to sit back down.

"I knew it!" sang Hikari merrily.

"Hah! She's so lying!" yelled Marteesha.

"How the heck would you know? It's not like you've ever felt anything for anyone!" Renaia cried.

"I said order!" bellowed Mr. Alston as he slammed down on his desk "Renaia, Gerald, Antonio, and Marteesha, go to the office!"

Renaia was heartbroken. She had never been sent to the office before. There was indeed a first time for everything.