On Friday after school, Gerald stood up in front of all the council members. He knew he had to do this for Renaia. This was the best thing he could do while she remained unconscious. The council was small, 12 members, including Antonio, Marteesha, and the advisor Mrs. Fara.

"Alright guys, raise your hands if you have ever been bullied or put down. Raise your hand if you have ever felt left out or like you didn't belong. All of you should be raising those hands unless you think you're too cool!"

Everyone except Antonio and Marteesha raised their hands. It wasn't surprising, not even one bit.

"The Mockingbird Group is for students who are bullied a lot, put down, and hated on. It's for people pushed around by jerks like Antonio and Marteesha. I'm protected by the founder of this club. She is the truest mockingbird alive and it's a depressing fact that she isn't here."

"So very sad," Antonio got sarcastic.

"Shut the hell up Antonio," Gerald growled.

The council laughed and cheered. Apparently, Antonio was not well liked here.

"Mockingbirds are beautiful. No one would ever kill one, call it names, or beat it up unless they are truly cold hearted! We are mockingbirds, special and beautiful. We don't deserve to be put down. Everyone needs a place to belong."

"Beautiful!" exclaimed Mrs. Fara.

"Are you crazy?" asked Marteesha and Antonio.

"No!" cried the council.

Gerald watched in entertainment as Antonio and Marteesha ended up getting kicked off the council. The group was accepted and Gerald could rest easy. His mother picked him up, with some great news of her own.

"Renaia woke up, she's waiting for you. How'd the presentation go?"

"I won; The Mockingbird Group is an official school club!"

"Oh son, I'm so proud of you! Renaia says she has something special to tell you. She said so with a red face so I think I know," Aida winked at her son.

"Mom stop it!" Gerald turned so very red.

Renaia cheered when Gerald entered her vacant room.

"Did we win? Aida and Marietta said it was Friday! Did you knock them dead? Tell me!"

"Calm down, calm down! We won Renaia, we won! Plus Antonio and Marteesha got removed from the council!"

"Oh gosh! That's so awesome. Thank you for doing that for me.....you can't imagine what that means to me."

"If it's anything like what you mean to me, I think I can."

"Gerald? Gerald I......."

Renaia was sitting up so Gerald was sitting on the bed at her side.

"Renaia....I love you. I gave you my heart and you set it free. There's no way it can be free though, not without you."

Renaia's eyes filled with happy tears, "I love you Gerald. With all of my heart."

He leaned in and kissed her gently, careful not to jostle her currently fragile body.

"You really are my angel Renaia."

"All I need is a pair of wings eh?"

"Nope, you're just fine the way you are."

"So are you. Don't let anyone tell you different."

"I've taken your hand, set my heart free," Renaia quoted Gerald.

"I told Hikari about that. You succeeded at that, I don't know how, but you did."

Renaia rested her head on his chest and smiled "I'm a therapeutic candle."

"Yes, yes you are."

"Oh, would you look at that Marietta."

"I see them Aida. So very adorable."

"Should we enter and watch them turn red?"

"No, leave them be. They won't do anything because their love is true. They are strong enough to hold each other and wait. That, Aida, is true love and they have that."

"My baby has grown so much."

"They all do. I'll be watching Renaia's family through generations beyond her and Gerald. My heart never stops."

"I hope to at least see my grandkids. It's not like I have forever. No human does."

"Life is so short."

"That's what I'm truly happy about. Gerald has found his other half, so now I know he will never be alone."

"What if she goes first?"

"She'll never leave him in spirit."

"So true, so very true. I still wonder where her mom, dad, and sister went sometimes but they're always with her in her heart."

"You mean no one truly knows where they are?"

"Nope, they were never found. They have not been seen since seven years ago."

"You leave this world, but you don't leave people's hearts."

"If your heart is caged, find someone to be the key and set your heart free. You don't live forever, no human does."

Gerald had found his key, Renaia Alfina Sage. He took her hand and she set his heart free.