Kaitlyn plopped down in her seat right before Mrs. Hendrickson entered the room. "Score, 1-0" she whispered to her best friend Lauren.

"You shouldn't count that to yourself" Lauren whispered back, "you barley made it before she came, you can't give yourself props for being late!"

"But she is la---"Kaitlyn started to say before being cut off.

"No but----"Lauren stopped talking as the doorknob turned. There was a very soft giggle in the crowd. Kids made bets every day that Mrs. Hendricks would be late. Mrs. Hendricks had a perfect attendance record that went back to being there at Mommy and Me before Preschool classes when she was 2. She had only gotten sick once in her life and was always on time or early. Suddenly, the children heard voices. Everyone closed their mouths and listened.

"Ready the bus, I'll grab the kids who don't die during questioning" said a gruff voice. Kaitlyn started to creep up to the door.

"Don't you" Lauren breathed, in a way that sounded like she was hissing at her. Kaitlyn kept going, creeping up to the door. The door burst open right as Kaitlyn got up to it. She was pushed behind the door as it was pushed open. Kaitlyn stopped breathing and listened. She heard heavy footsteps as two men pushed their way into the room.

"If anyone tries to leave, they die!" half yelled have whispered the first man. He had a tattoo of a skull on his arm, short dark hair, and was wearing a dark colored T-shirt, dark jeans, and black tennis shoes. His shoes were caked with mud. He had on a belt. His hand felt its way down into the right pouch of his belt so that, in one quick movement, could pull out his gun. When nobody moved, he slowly raised it.

"I'm going to ask you a few questions, anyone who fails to answer will die!" yelled another man who had appeared from the shadows. He was wearing what you would imagine a burglar would wear. He had a short stubble on his face and a scar on his cheek. "THERE WILL BE BLOOD!" he yelled, so anybody who doesn't like that may leave!"

A girl named Marry Ann started to leave, but the first man raised his gun. Before Mary Ann could sit back down, he had fired, narrowly missing her. She yelped and sat down.

"Now" said the first man, "who wants to go first?"