I remember the day that my parents died. I remember the day when my world collapsed. It was three days after my thirteenth birthday, my parents fourteenth aniversary, when it happened. My baby sisters were only two at the time, and I was baby sitting them with our nanny, Fiona. I guess I never really thaught about my parents ever leaving us, when I was that age. I was busy thinking about my sisters, school and the drama of middle school. When we got the call, I was to in shock to quite understand that they were gone for good. I couldnt explain it to the girls, they could barely walk! And it was all thanks to a drunk driver.

My name is Bain Shiloh Iris Fawn. I am currently 19 years old, living with my two sisters, Nyree and Nikita, and a long time friend, James. Ive known James since the day that I moved to Santa Rosa, California, three months after the accident. Fiona moved us here because we had no other family that wanted us. Yep, you heard me. I had plenty of family, my family was huge. But the thing is, no one wanted us. They refused to take even the twins. And that pissed me off. I havent talked to any one of my family in six years.

Fiona died two months ago. She had cancer, and with my job as a waitress, a substitute teacher and baby sitter, I still couldnt pay for chemo. I could barely pay the rent of the house she INSISTED we get. After her funeral (which was expensive as hell) I couldnt afford it anymore, and James welcomed us with open arms. Thats when I was laid off from waitressing, and subbing. I was left with baby sitting, and my life was slowly spiraling down hill. Yesterday was when I got the call.

This is also where the story begins....