"Nyree! Nikita! Get your skinny butts out here!" I stared down at the broken glass, dark stained carpet and flowers scattered across the floor. James was dead asleep on the couch, and still hadnt even stirred at the sound of my angry yells. The twin eight year old girls slowly skittered out of the back room, hands held behind their backs, innocent smiles on their faces and heads tilted slightly towards the floor nervously. I crossed my arms, glaring at them angrily. These girls, I swear. I couldnt go to the store for ten minutes and they dont cause trouble. "Explain." I growled.

"Oh um..." They stuttered, glancing at each other, "JAMES DID IT!" Man, I knew they were related to me. Throw the men under the bus quicker than you could blink! I couldnt help but smile, glancing at the unconcious man on the yellow plaid couch. Horid, I know, but its not my fault were poor. I shook my head and leaned down, grabbing the large shards of vase off the ugly blue carpet. I sighed and looked back up at the smiling twins.

"Go do homework or something. We'll talk about this later." Their smiles faultered slighlty before they scurried back into their bedroom and closed the door. I sighed, pulling the tulips and roses together back into a bouquet and dropped them in the garbage. Half the stems were broken and petals covered the stained area. I grabbed a rag and dropped it onto the carpet after vacuuming up the small broken shards. Its amazing how James is still asleep...

As soon as everything is cleaned up, I collapsed onto the couch, pushing James back against the back rests and leaning against his stomach. I almost screamed when his arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me down to lay infront of him. He chuckled, nuzzling his face into my neck like an affectionate puppy dog. Dont get the wrong idea, hes liked me since I was fourteen and he was seventeen. Thing is, he also knows that I like him nothing more than a brother. I had made it pretty clear to him that we will never be a thing. Hes a good sport, he accepts that. Doesnt stop him from fliritng his hot-I mean, slightly attractive- ass off. "Welcome home, sexy." I rolled my eyes, pulling at his fingers.

"Let go, James." He chuckled and loosened his grip, and I knew he wouldnt let go. I sighed and relaxed, grabbing the remote and turning the channel on the television from the stupid ass Wizard of fricken Oz, to The Little Mermaid. Who doesnt love the Little Mermaid? I leaned my head on the pillow, as James placed his on my shoulder, still half asleep. "So, you didnt wake up with the girls broke my new flowers?" I could feel his lips pull into a smirk.

"Nope." I rolled my eyes again.

"My ass. Your just jealous that I wont let you buy me flowers." He nodded his head childishly. I laughed. "I dont even like him, so dont be." His smirk widened. By He I mean Weston, the cocky bastard from the gym that doesnt own a shirt and bares a strange resemblance to Jacob Black. No, not Taylor Lautner, Jacob Black. Why? Because he doesnt own a shirt, has a weird tribal tattoo on his right shoulder, wears jeans alot and is strong as hell. So...Jacob fucking Black.

"Good. Wouldnt want my girl dating a bastard. Or anyone for that matter." I was about to retort when the slightly annoying voices of my sisters reached my ears. I mentally cursed myself for loving them anyway.

"Bain's got a boyfriend? Ooooooooow!" I looked backwards over the arm of the couch and scowled at them, making them giggle from the doorway.

"No, I do not have a boyfriend." I held my arms out with a small smile and the girls came rushing over. Nikita crawled over my stomach and sat on both me and James, while Nyree curled up in my arms. "Come on, why dont you girls choose a movie. We can have a family movie night." They perked up immediatly, since I was laid off a few days ago from both my jobs, I didnt have to come home at two in the morning, we could actually do something like this. A half an hour of arguing eight year olds later, we were busy watching How to Train Your Dragon.


Dont get me wrong, I love it, its hilarious. And I grew up in a family where we would watch movies over and over again until we could quote the entire thing by heart. But I could even sing the MUSIC. Now thats a little over kill.

I woke up at eight thirty, with the credits still rolling, the lights off, popcorn on the floor, Nyree and Nikita curled up around us and James snoring behind me. I groaned, only for the phone to keep ringing. I cursed and slowly moved as to not wake anyone, stumbling into the kitchen and grabbing the phone. "Hello?" My voice was groggy and it sounded like I just woke up. Wow, I feel a little dorky.

"hello, may I speak to Bain Fawn?" I yawned and leaned against the counter, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.


"Hi, my name is Vladimir Chenkov. You probably dont know me, but my wife is a cousin of your mother. I heard from your grandmother that you were looking for a job-"

"Wait." I was wide awake now and pissed beyond yell. I didnt care that he was related to me, I was pissed at how my grandmother knew that I was jobless. "How did my grandmother know?" I snapped. He seemed shocked for a second before he cleared his throat. I could probably bet that he was looking at someone, most likely his wife.

"Um...Im not exactly sure. But, I was calling to offer you a teaching job." Screw grandma. Hello money! Oh....problem. Damn, I hate problems. No degree. Im only 19, I dont have a college or a teaching degree. I let out a sad sigh.

"Im sorry, but I dont have a degree." I heard his chuckle and frowned, turning backwards and crossing my free arm across my chest, wrapping it around my torso. I was confused, what was so funny about me not being able to take the job? I glanced at the doorway to find James leaning against the doorway. He mouthed at me 'Who is it?' I shook my head, raising a finger.

"Doesnt matter where you'll be teaching, darling. Just think about it. Call me back tomorrow and tell me your answer. Deal?" I paused, thinking about it. If I was teaching at a prison, fuck no.

"Depends. Where am I teaching?" I asked.

"Ashstone Academy." I almost dropped the phone. I started at James, mouth open in shock. Ashstone Academy. Your kidding me, right? I couldnt say anything. I didnt know what to say.

"Ashstone Academy." I whispered to James, making him choke on his own spit. "I, um," The twins. Oh god, I would leave the twins. Or we would have to move. "Yeah, Ill call you tomorrow." I could hear the smile in his voice. "Thank you, Mr. Chenkov."

"Vladimir. And thank you, Bain." I hung up, staring down at the phone in my hand before back up at James. Oh god...what was I gonna do?