Pull me in

Drown me out

Fill this verse

With your sorrow

Turn the page

of your book

Another lie

Another dirty look

For once will you see

the good and bad in me

Not just the mirror

its not about you

Life's not a game

but you're a puzzle

Sad little girl

A bullet brings you fame

This, this isn't it

You're, you're the problem

This, this isn't it

You, you think you have problems

Voices heard

Through crooked doors

"It's not an act

We're all in trouble"

See the face

Filled with hate

A careless world

Yet she's so careful

A dotted line

Is quickly signed

(Here comes the light)

You'll surely find

the meaning of this life

Take, take the words

the words you said to me

Burn, burn them up

They didn't mean a thing

Look, looking through

Metallic eyes

stare at me

All I need is truth

Spitting out the words

And life I gave to you

Here it comes

This is it

Here she comes

This is it

Stomps her foot

Screams and cries

Drama queen wants to die

Fate is right

Time is near

Little girl

grins ear to ear

What they said

Is all in view

"I'll pull the trigger

I'll show you"






This isn't

*shot echos*

Pull me in

Drown me out

All in vain

Another bullet's shame