Chapter 2

Sorry for the first chapter being so short but there was not much plot in there other than some dudes running from fairy tale people and getting out of a castle. The story originally started as an idea in my head, usually, I try to use science to explain everything in my stories and that is why most of my stories are in sci-fi. But, one day, it occurred to me "what if magic or magical creatures set out to destroy technology, what if I came out with some fantasy/science fiction world that is really messed up, I could use magic to explain some really huge crap that is going on" and then I thought "what if magic had won, I'm not good at writing for fantasy so what if I wrote from technology's point of view, like, some stranded squad or platoon or something like that, in the southern Rocky Mountains" and then my parents had a party and broke my airsoft gun so out of sheer boredom I made this.

Anyway, the plot is basically this; the world has been taken over by magic. At the beginning of the first decade, some scientists stumbled across a Hig's Boson or for you less educated people out there, a theoretical particle that emits a Hig's field that transfers the properties of one particle to another and theoretically allow teleportation, and they discovered that there was energy flowing from the portal that was growing and expanding into the universe. Over the next few years they found that only certain people with a special gene could use this energy and do magic with it and they used it in many types of electronics and used it to enhance the soldiers of the military, the engineers, the lab coats and even some of the populace. Then the Boson/portal/whatever fluctuated and began pouring out a lot of creatures of fantasy like dragons, elves, goblins, fairies, and such what not. Within several years, they magical creatures had taken control of the American heartlands and a lot of the southern rocky mountains. The 3rd mechanized infantry division and the chopper jocks of the third airborne battalion with some engineers and a bunch of lab coats of the New Mexico National Guard suddenly finds that they are stuck in a laboratory complex with some civvies that they had originally been charged with protecting when they lose all contact with army command. Over the course of the next month, they decide to pack up the project and move it into a special facility in the heart of a mountain originally built during the cold war along with a special tunnel system, all the while, fending off some occasional raids and probes at their defenses. A few weeks later, the attacks get bigger, and bigger, and bigger, until finally they face an attack so large that the air was filled with dragons; the ground was covered in enemies, tents, siege engines and fortifications. There was no choice but to retreat back into the mountain fortress and barricade the only entrance in or out, guarded by several Bradley Armored Fighting Vehicles and gunships, but even then that was not enough, so in a last ditch attempt to save themselves, the scientists unveiled their secret project that turned out to be a nuclear fusion weapons project. They detonated a small nuke outside the mountain to collapse all the entrances and blow away the enemy, then set charges on all the entrances before freezing themselves in cryogenic sleep and hoping the blast had attracted some attention or hopefully some help, but none came. Now, the last remnants of humanity are stuck in a couple strongholds, scraping away at the world with mostly scavenged equipment and a few new pieces of technology, mostly held together by spit, duct tape and determination, but the third mechanized has some shiny new toys they can bring to the fight, from behind the enemy lines.

*End of author's note*


"Hey lieutenant, you okay?" asked a voice as my eyes began to refocus "you took a hard bonk on the head back there, the machine forgot to give you some of the wakeup stim but I think falling face first onto the floor woke you up enough." A slight chuckle rang out" The lab coats are pondering what to do with the colonel".

I cracked my eyes open a bit to find that I was in the infirmary, in my BDUs, but the rest of my gear was nowhere to be found. There was a medic standing over me shining a small pen light into my eyes and checking his clip board, then a girl bounced him out of the way and immediately pried my eyes all the way open and yelled something but I did not hear it. Then the medic that had apparently tripped over a trash bin pushed her out of the way and spoke, the words actually appearing in my head more than me hearing them.

"hey, some of your implants are still offline from improper discharge from cryo, damned thing forgot to reactivate advanced motor functions, advanced feeling, hearing and speaking, I'll reactivate the implants now but brace yourself" and with that he walked over to a monitor and pressed a button.

Instantly, a surge of horrible pain rampaged through my brain as I experienced the worst migraine in my whole life, coupled with the fact that there was still a pulsing bruise on my forehead, it was the second worst experience of my life, the first being an axe body spray flamethrower to the face. The doctor had told us before we went into cryo that we could expect a headache when we thawed but this was torture, and what made the torture even worst is that the same girl came up and yelled in my ear the exact same thing she had said before.

"Hi chief, how are ya? Took a hard bonk to the noggin didn't ya? What are five times forty; common, you're Asian aren't ya? You should be able to answer even with the headache." All the while, she was bouncing up and down on the cot.

"oh god damnit, stop yelling at me will ya? Oh damn, my brain hurts like a mother f …"

I never got to finish the curse because she immediately decided to slap me across the face "don't say that word, it is bad"

"fine, 200 anyway, someone get me some morphine or something, or else this headache will kill me before anything else does" I said as I climbed out of the cot and attempted to regain control of my brain.

As the implants in my body finished running diagnostics and restarting multiple times, they let me start seeing more detail such as the weld lines of the infirmary, the writing on the clipboard, and some of the details of the girl that I now recognized as my battalion linguist. She was a mix between English and Irish with an accent that sounded like it was from the northeast/central United States, and an attitude to match. She was shy most of the time and was the kind of natural crazy that came from living around rednecks, unlike my craziness which came from being exposed to higher than normal background radiation from birth through about 18 coupled with having jaundice at three months of life, and being raised in a community of mostly conservatives. She was always either hyperactive or calm which made her easy to get along with, but she knew how to handle a .45 USP (universal self-loading pistol) and her aim was uncanny to the point of being scary.

"Hi Quincy, how was cryo for you? Sleep well?" I asked as she escorted me to a door while the medic scrambled around for some sedatives.

"oh it was fine, I slept like a dead man … woman …" she paused and stared into space as we continued walking, then her eyes lit up again and she spoke "person, that's the word I was looking for.

"Well, you remembered it now, where are we going anyway?"

"Your room of course, you need to get some sleep"

"Didn't I get enough in cryo"

"Real sleep, that you won't get a headache after. Besides, it helps to cure the wakeup sickness, you'll be fine after a couple hours and your brain completes making sure everything is still working. It doesn't work at the speed of light you know" she continued talking to me as we approached the end of a hallway and stopped in front of a door marked "294-foxtrot-sierra Lieutenant 2nd class Wang". That was nice, my own room.

She flipped open the iris scanner and after a few seconds, looked down and typed in the typical 30 digit code of semi-randomized numbers and letters that was to be expected of the colonel. I smiled and thought to myself "typical colonel, always paranoid about everything. Still, he didn't get this far by just trusting people with his secrets willy nilly". The door slid open and I walked in, absorbing the look and feel of the room. The very same medic ran up to the doorway and beckoned to Quincy who immediately handed her a small box, and whispered in her ear, to quietly for me to hear, but she nodded and came back.

"sit down" she said, and lead me over to the small bed and pushed me onto it. "okay this is only going to hurt a bit, and she reached into the box. Before I could protest or inquire as to what she meant, she pulled out and injected me with a small hypodermic needle and emptied the contents into my bloodstream. My eyes widened until she spoke again "colonels orders, sweet dreams Sam, sorry" I nodded and began falling back into darkness, my eyes closed and I … heard a thudding sort of noise, sort of like … a chopper?

*end of flashback*

"Sam!" someone shoved me "Sam!" another shove "Sam, wake up, were almost back at base" and I woke up with a start. My eyes refocused and I saw Chan, shoving me and pointing out the chopper window at the large mountain fortress that the third mechanized infantry division now occupied. it was a strange sight, the mountain was completely smooth and covered in a thin layer of glass from the nuclear bomb that we had been forced to set off so we could finish the project in peace, the glass had many cracks in it from the breaching charges that had been used to blast aside the dirt and rubble after we woke from cryo. Underneath was the remains of a small city, but that were almost leveled by the slow corrosion of time and the nuclear blast front from only a half mile away had not helped one bit. The civilians that had lived in it now lived among the men and women of the third heavy infantry, providing some sort of homely feeling and making the situation as normal as possible (well, as normal as living in a god damned mountain in the middle of nowhere hiding from fairies and monsters could get).

The chopper jock in the cockpit yelled back that we were beginning our approach to the mountain and was relaying our identification code to flight control while SAM (Surface to Air Missile) sites and triple A (Anti-Air/Armor) emplacements swiveled to get a lock on us if we proved dangerous. Typical colonel, always way over secure, I mean, what kind of air transportation did the fairies have? They had: dragons, fairies, more dragons and the occasional flying castle that transported numerous divisions, but no choppers. We finally got permission to land and the bird came in for a landing, that thing hit the dirt and shook like a cat buried to its head in catnip, but then again, we were rationing the hydraulic fluid and the controls are a bit sticky, so considering everything, the landing was as smooth as could be.

Chan and the scientist jumped out and I followed close behind them, followed by the chopper gunner and his buddy, to meet the colonel and his escorts who had come out to greet us on our returning alive. "Chan, Sam, welcome home, it's great to see that you made it back in one piece, and with the objective too, nice job" he squinted and asked hopefully "you didn't find anything else there, did you?"

"Just the wine cellar" and his eyes flew open while his guards had a little snicker between them

"Did you bring any back?"

"Oh colonel, don't you remember? Doctrine says no 'intoxicating substances on military grounds at any time'"

"But were in the middle of god damned nowhere!" he insisted

"Sorry colonel, rules are rules, I outa turn you in for that"

This time, I and the scientist as well as the chopper gunners made our way over to the colonels guards and snickered with them.