Apolline d'Auvergue is a pretty 17 year old girl living in 1783 France. She is kidnapped and taken to a Vampire that kidnaps people and forces them into the human slave trade for Vampires. Apolline is bought by a handsome English Vampire, named Gabriel, that takes her home with him. Despite their shared infatuation with each other, Gabriel feels guilty about stealing Apolline away from her human life. Gabriel sends her back to her family. She returns to find her family doing much better than they had been. Just when things start to normal out, Apolline's world is turned upside down. She soon learns what it means to be broken through the heart and body.

In this story there is slavery, confusion, love, sex, violence, hate, more slavery, and a yet to be found ending, which lasts with the two main characters for eternity....

Like it says, not quite finished, but also not exactly historically accurate on the clothing or customs, so bear with it…it was from before I did plenty of research before writing…this will eventually be rewritten with more fact and tweaked story line…in the future look out for something along the lines of 'Amethyst Night Redux'…I thought I would post this one first since it got tons of happy reviews on Mibba…I will be posting 2 chapters per week until its done…it is a long story…thirty-two chapters…enjoy…I hope…haha…

Chapter One:

Bored at her father's estate, Apolline d'Auvergue decided to go to her older sister who was spending a season in the country only a couple of towns away. She was planning on staying with her sister for a couple of weeks during the summer. Apolline packed away her things and boarded a small carriage that would take her the two day journey to her sister's estate. Her sister's name was Adelaide Descanfort now that she was married.

Apolline had never been fond of her sister's husband. He was rich and pompous. He gambled and had sordid affairs with other women. He never struck her or her sister but didn't need to by the language he would use towards her sister.

Apolline enjoyed the slow trip through the small French towns that her father governed. The commoners always bowed to her and waved as she passed. She politely waved back despite her distaste for how they treated her when they were upset.

Apolline always got looks from men. She had striking features that were rare amongst women and men. Her violet eyes would pierce through anyone who deserved her glare or would seem calm and inviting when she was in a good mood. Her lush blonde hair that naturally formed soft ringlets had caught men's attention since she was eleven. Her impeccable porcelain skin had always been the envy of other women and prevented her from having any true friends. Her rose lips had always hypnotized those who stopped to talk to her. Her feminine and dainty features were a rare beauty considering she was the daughter of a simple governor; her mother had married up. Apolline had always had a bad temper and fiery personality. She was a proud being and didn't let anyone try to tame her. She dreaded the day that she would have to marry, knowing that her husband would not put up with her loose mouth.

Apolline was seventeen years old and had no current prospects despite her hefty dowry. Every man who had ever tried to court her found her distasteful because of her choice to not be a quiet female ornament for her husband to play with when he pleases. Her father had started to give up hope on ever having her marry.

As the carriage bobbed along the country road, she thought of what her life might become. She distracted herself with the wild flowers that grew in the fields and the shapely clouds. She fanned herself when the day grew hot.

As the day grew cold, she pulled out a wolf pelt blanket and covered herself with it. She fell asleep despite the carriage's constant movement.

She was jarred awake when she felt someone grab her and try to pull her out of the carriage. Their forceful grip was already bruising her impeccable skin. Apolline fought them tooth and nail but they were much too strong. They pulled her out of the carriage and tossed her to the ground as if she were a toy. There was maniacal laughter. She slowly got to her feet and faced the strangers. She watched them for any little movement they made. They were armed with rapiers and simple pistols tucked into their belts. They were rough looking despite their noble clothes. Apolline's heart pounded in her chest and threatened to jump out of her.

One of the men stepped forward. He was slightly smaller than the other and fairly rotund. He ran forward and put a hidden dagger against her throat. He whispered into Apolline's ear.

"You shall do as we say or I will spill your precious blood across this road and litter the field behind you with your body parts. Do you understand, petite chéri?"

She scarcely nodded. She had heard about men like these. They raped women and robbed them. Every once in a while they would come across a dead girl.

The rotund man kissed her on the neck. Her skin crawled. Tears of fear threatened to escape from Apolline's eyes but she would not let these men have the pleasure of making her cry. The rotund man's accomplice moved forward and roughly grabbed her wrists. She started to fight him when she realized that he was about to bind her.

He back handed her across the face and caused black dots to dance in her vision. He finished binding Apolline's wrists and went to her feet. He grabbed her ankles but decided to feel her up first. His hand went under her dress and along her stockings. He only got as far as her calf when Apolline kicked him as hard as she could in the head. He fell back but recovered quick. He was furious when he looked her in the eyes. He punched her. Apolline felt her cheek bone threaten to break as the world went black.