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Chapter Twelve:

Two days went by and Gabriel still had not appeared. Apolline started to get worried. She asked Charles about it along with everyone else that might have even the slightest clue as to what happened or even where he went. No one knew.

One more long night and day went by. Apolline was on the verge of going out and looking for him. She was standing in the balcony one night when she saw movement coming down the road. She slowly ran down the stairs and out to the front steps. Once she got to the front steps she took another good look.

Gabriel was half way down the road. He walked leisurely. He had an air of accomplishment and immense power. He almost seemed to strut down the road towards her. He saw her and smiled. Apolline's rage and frustration boiled to the surface and came pouring out of her.

Her feet started moving slowly before she slipped her feet out of her shoes and ran as fast as she could towards him. Gabriel thought he would be getting a warm welcome back until Apolline got closer and he saw the anger and hatred written on her face. She came upon him much faster than he had expected. She had readied herself.

Apolline's fist connected with Gabriel's cheek bone. It nearly broke her hand but she did not care. She wanted to cause him as much pain as she could.

"You salaud! Encule! Trou du cul! Une âne! Fils du salope!" She yelled at him as she struck him with everything she had. She hit him and slapped him. She kicked him and pushed him. He stood still. She made to kick him in the groin but he dodged her and stood still again. She pounded on his chest until her arms gave out. She called him ever dirty name and word she knew. She disgraced his mother and whoever she could think of. She walked off and picked up her shoes. She walked barefoot back to the house.

Gabriel rushed up behind her and was about to kiss her but Apolline was quicker. She was still fuming. She hit him hard in the jaw with the heel of her hand and kicked his knee to the side. It made a sickening crunch and Gabriel groaned in pain. He fell to one knee while Apolline hastily scurried away and into the house. Some of the servants had come out to see what the ruckus was about. She shouted at them, still speaking French, to get back to work.

Apolline walked up to the second level and waited for Gabriel to return so that she could scold him again. He slowly entered the room and watched her for the slightest movement. He seemed faintly on edge. Apolline was ready for whatever he thought he could do to her. She was ready to fight him. Gabriel was about to speak when Apolline held up her hand and silenced him with one harsh gaze that should have melted his skin off of his body.

"You left me here all by myself. You left me here wondering if you had just given up and left me. You left me wondering if you had died.

"I sat and waited for any word that someone had seen you. I sat and waited wondering why you hadn't tried to contact me some way. I sat and waited, wondering what I would do next.

"Tell me what was so important that forced you to leave without telling me. Tell me what was so important that forced you to not tell me that you would be gone for a few days. Tell me what was so important to leave me here wondering if I should risk my life to go and try to find you. Tell me what was so important that it was worth having me stress about you for days!" Apolline shouted angrily at him. It took Gabriel a couple of seconds before his head dipped in shame.

"You have told me that I should not do that but yet you turn around and do the same thing to me!" She continued. She called him a few more choice words before stopping. She glared at him. Gabriel, now fully chastised for his idiocy, saw how much Apolline cared. He was about to smile but knew it would only anger her. He spoke softly.

"I was attacked while feeding, by a group of rogue Vampires who decided to try to kill me and take my hunting grounds." He paused. "It took me a couple of days to hunt them down and kill them." He paused again. He walked towards Apolline and looked into her fiery amethyst eyes. "I should have told you. I should have tried to make contact somehow. I should have found a way to tell you that I was fine. I am sorry." He stopped and looked for acceptance on her face and in her eyes.

"Why didn't you?" She asked with anger still in her voice but it had lowered in loudness.

"I had a similar thing happen about fifty years ago. I had gone back to my home after I was attacked but had yet to dispose of the rogues. They followed me and waited until I left the following night to feed. They raped every woman and tortured them before setting the whole house on fire. I came home to the screams of my beloved and my servants being burned alive. I did not want to make the same mistake twice." Gabriel said. Apolline could tell that the memories hurt him but she felt little compassion for him at the moment.

"Does this have to do with Myrtle?" She asked brazenly. She watched as Gabriel's demeanor melt at the sound of her name.

"Yes," he said weakly.

"Tell me about her. What happened? Start from the beginning." Apolline told him. Gabriel sighed and closed his eyes for a second.

"I found her on the streets selling her body for food. I have always had a weakness for French women." Gabriel said off handedly. "I brought her into my world and she thought I was a rich human man. I catered to her every want and need. I treated her like a goddess. I do not know if I loved her or not but I was beyond dedicated. She seemed to love me. I never asked.

"She was with me for about ten years. I was about to tell her everything and offer to change her into something like me. I never got the chance. You know the rest for the most part." He stopped and sunk into a deep recessive place inside himself. He became distant and cold. She could tell that he had cared about Myrtle.

Apolline walked forward towards Gabriel. She wrapped her arms around him and stroked his back in an effort to calm him. At first Gabriel stayed cold and distant but then started to return back to the world around him. Apolline let go of him once she felt that he was better. She looked into his eyes.

"I know what it is like to lose someone you love." Gabriel looked at her and saw the beginnings of sorrow on her face. "When I was about ten, my father introduced me to my future husband. He was a couple of years older than me. We grew up together. My father had arranged the marriage to bind him and another family together.

"Jean's family was very wealthy. His parents were cousins to the King and Queen." Apolline stopped for a second. She just felt like getting it over with. "He was seventeen and I was fifteen. He got in a fight with some man and they dueled. Jean won but the man hunted him down a couple of weeks later and killed him. He left Jean on the side of the road to rot. Father and I went looking for him a few days later and found him. The man was never caught." Apolline finished. She had expected to be reduced to tears but was cold and distant instead. Gabriel waited a few seconds before taking her in his arms. She was comforted by his slight warmth and strength. Luckily, she had buried Jean deep into the recesses of her being and was not sad at his memory. She had grieved over him and dealt with his death years ago. Apolline missed the way Jean made her feel safe and loved.

Gabriel did not leave without telling Apolline where he was going and how long he thought he would be gone. She felt better about the situation. Apolline noticed that something was slightly different about Gabriel after he had killed those rogues.