"Wolfeeeeee! Come here boy. Ohhh that's a good boy."

It doesn't take a genius to figure out who was calling me from across the hallway. Over the last few weeks Silver and I had gotten pretty close. Over the non-stop name calling and teasing, we had built some sort of mutual understanding between the both of us.

"Silver, I swear to god if you address me as if I am a bloody dog one more time, I'll punch you till your bodily functions cease to exist."

"Aww u wouldn't do that would you Wolfe?"

"Well it's really up to you. You can take the risk of continuing to irritate me and with a very high chance, getting a new addition to your pretty little face or stop irritating me and maybe, I'll let you live to see another day."

"But I'm so cute! How can you punch someone this cute? Have you no heart?" Silver answered before giving me his super doe eyed look. Damn, that little rascal knows my weakness. Oh my god this ain't good, I totally want to pinch his cheeks right now.

"Screw you Silver!"

"Watch your mouth Wolfe boy, otherwise I'm going to have to punish you." Silver said with somewhat of a sinister grin.

I shuddered at the thought of Silver dishing out his punishment. The last time he meted out his punishment, it involved him jumping onto my back at every opportunity and constantly sending me creepy messages. When I say creepy, I mean really creepy messages. The contents of the messages are still freshly imprinted onto my mind. Arghh….

"Whatever, I'm wrong you're right. Satisfied?"

"But Of course, my darling Wolfe boy."

Throughout the rest of the classes, Silver kept giving me really crazy impersonations of famous actors. In biology, it was Robert de Niro followed by Natalie Portman and Jack Black in History and Chemistry respectively. My attempts at ignoring him were futile considering how good his impersonations were. However thanks to him constantly distracting me, I was unable to answer the question my teacher asked when she called me out to answer a question during History.

"Silver, I hate you"

After that really awkward moment when everyone in class starts to stare at you when you don't have the answer, the teacher punished me for not paying attention by assigning me to write a 300 word report on the French Revolution. I hate that stupid teacher. Who the hell cares about some dead guy who was a French hero? I rather think about someone more important. Maybe someone like Silver? Oh damn my head is seriously screwed up. It must be because of stupid History. Give me biology or chemistry and I'll totally ace those important subjects.

"Aww Wolfe you don't really hate me. You know you don't. In fact, you should just admit your love for me. After all, resistance is futile when it comes to love."

Wait a minute! What? I love him?

"OMG you should have seen your face Wolfe! I'm just kidding silly. For a smart boy, you're sometimes really silly." Silver said before erupting into a fit of giggles.

Although Silver said it as a joke, it really got me thinking. Do I like Silver in that way? Sure, I think he's cute sometimes annoying like some little Chihuahua who can't shut up. However, does the fact that I find him both cute and annoying count as attraction? I guess I have a lot to think about when I get home today.

"Hey Wolfe what do you want to do now? Ohh I know! Let's go to your house and watch Titanic. My ideas are so brilliant, fun, awesome and everything else related to the word awesome."

"No they're not! In fact, I have a much better idea. Why don't you go and run long and find Kyle and Janet while I go home by myself and finish up the 300 words torturous essay about the French Revolution." I said making sure to emphasize the word 'myself'.

"Ohh that idea has a lot of potential. It'll be great if you change the part about me finding Janet and Kyle to me following you home instead. Then I can hang around in your house while waiting for you to finish up your 300 word long French revolution essay. It's totally a win-win situation." Silver said, looking increasingly pleased with himself.

"No modifications allowed. Plus there is absolutely no room for negotiations whatsoever."

"C'mon Wolfe remember what the principal said? She said that we must always be open to new ideas."

"Well I'm sure your case is an exception."

Silver then proceeded to hug me, swearing that he wouldn't let go until I let him hang out in my house.

"Let Go!"

"Not until you say yes!"

"Fine, Yes!"



" C'mon Wolfe! Please!"

"C'mon let Silver go to your house!"

Wait a minute! Who the hell said that? I turned around to see Brian smirking at me.

What happened next was totally crazy. Random people in the school hall stared to demand that I let Silver hang at my house. What the hell! Is the whole world against me or something?

I finally relented as I really wasn't up to dealing with all these whacked out people. The school should seriously consider employing a new counselor.

"Fine, you can come! Just make sure you don't get in my way alright?"

"Yay! I promise I'll be a good boy."

I really doubt that but I can't really do much about it. With such troubles in my life, I'm sure that my life story is going to a bestseller if I ever write a book about it.

Well I hope you guys liked this chapter. It was a totally random kind of chapter. I'm hoping to push the story in the next few chapters. Truthfully, I was thinking to myself. Should I scrap this story? After all, the reviews have not been very good. However thanks to that one encouraging review, I've decided to give this story another shot. As I work to improve my writing skills, I hope you guys will bear with me for a while and offer me advice on how to improve. On a ending note, I would like to thank everyone who have given this story a chance. Thank You!