Just something I whipped up real quick for a short story contest. Eh...I'm so-so about this one...if only I had more time! U_U Hope everyone had a good holiday and,


I luv u

It's because she's alone in the darkened room of her parent's house that her attention is easily captured by the sudden glow of her cell phone on the bedside dresser.

She stares for a moment before casually making her way toward the still glowing device.

Picking it up in slender hands her breath catches and her chest tightens to find what the small screen displays.


She bites her lip her heart racing before she hits the 'View' button. It reads as such,

Com outside

The butterflies in her stomach multiply and she swallows thickly.

She glances over toward the window which in the darkened room lets in the only slither of light blue illumination from the moons glow of the early evening.

Her face is set in stone as she makes her way slowly toward the window moving the satin curtain lightly aside she peers down from the second story her brown eyes searching.

There he is.

He's standing there leaning against his white Camaro his expression cast downward and his cell phone in his hand.

She takes a steady breath.

It had been nearly over a week since she last saw him. Since she stormed out of their small apartment home, bags packed and swears upon her lips never to again return.

She looks down to the cell phone in her hand. She nimbly begins to text her reply.

It is simple. Only one word.


She returns her gaze out the window and catches him looking down to his cell phone.

From her point of view she cannot see his expression, but it seems an awful long time has passed for him to stand there and only read that one word.

She narrows her eyes in focus as it takes on the appearance he's making to reply.

She finds herself anxious and it takes far too long before her cell phone is once more glowing with another text.

She quickly looks to it,

Do u plan to hid out ur parents hous 4evr? We ned
2 talk abot wat hapned

She fumes before quickly making her reply,

We hav nothng 2 talk abot

It takes another long moment for his reply to be sent.

Yea we do. Or r we just gona keep goin lik nothng hapend

With her usual sarcastic and uncaring air she texts back,

Sounds lik a plan

He replies,

This is serious i ned 2 talk w/ u

Never breaking her gaze from the cell screen she leans against the wall near the window,


Again, is her simple reply.

She looks out the window and catches him shuffling lightly from side to side. He raises his gaze from the cell phone and looks uneasily about him before bringing a hand up to rub gingerly behind his neck.

This is something common from him when he is upset with a situation.

She almost feels apologetic for making him feel as such.


He's back to texting and when her next message arrives it reads as such.

Im sory grace=(

Her chest once again tightens and she bites her bottom lip as the memories from their last fight resurface.

The mean names, the angry words, the fierce intensity in their gazes and the horrific painful blow he had given her when his anger was at an all time high…and the deafening silence and shock that had followed.

He had looked so broken and remorseful and she had been so betrayed and fearful.

She left soon afterwards.

She had no idea what to reply to this text. She was still unsure whether or not she had forgiven him. Whether or not she could.

Taking in a deep breath she raised her gaze up to the ceiling, she holds for a second before releasing the breath in a heavy sigh.

She lowers her head to gaze back out the window.

Her heart nearly stops.

He's looking up at her.

And their gazes connect.

And they can do nothing but stare.

Swallowing thickly she tries to focus and she tries to gain some of the certainty she feels she has lost for the moment.

He lowers his gaze back down to his cell phone.

And in the next moment she receives another text.

Without words, without the feeling of him holding her close the texts he sends still has the effect to leave her breathless and send her heart racing.

I luv u

Three little words should never force a person to feel so much.

And yet…whether they be words of affection or symbols with strong meaning some must agree…that sometimes it's just not enough.

She texts back,

I ned mor tim..

The look he sends her is enough to scream volumes and it causes her chest to ache heavily.

He doesn't text back and soon he's gone leaving her to darkness and silent tears.

That night in bed she clutches the cell phone close to her the whole night.

She hopes…but never receives.

It's days later when he opens the door of the small apartment after a long bout of loud persistent knocking.

He opens the door with more force than is necessary and before he can give in one word of irritability he feels the breath rush out of him.

Brandon stood with a look of shock, hope, and slight fear as Grace stood before him.

Her bags at her feet, she looks nervous and unsure.

It must be an eternity between them and the thick silence covers them like a heavy veil.

He shuffles before raising a hand to rub unsurely behind his neck lowering his gaze almost bashfully to the ground.

She can't help the slight twitch at the corner of her lip.

He looks back to her,

"I'm sor-"

"I love you too." She interrupts softly.

Whether words of affection or symbols with strong meaning some must agree…that sometimes it's just not enough…

His smile forms slowly and so does hers and in the next moment she is right where she wants to be and he's hugging her as though she may dissolve into thin air at any moment.

…and sometimes it's all that's needed.