Looking out the window at the snow falling over the city Marissa sighed before she shimmied into her gold cocktail dress. The Christmas party for her work was tonight and the CEO of her firm refused to let her skip out. He continually claimed to have a large announcement to make and it was required for everyone to be in attendance. As her buzzer rang, she walked calmly and told the driver she would be down in a few moments.

"Bloody hell, I'll never get used to wearing shoes this expensive," she muttered as she shoved her feet into her Yves Saint Laurent pumps.

Growing up in a decent London neighborhood Marissa was used to expensive brands, but her friends were the ones that had expensive items never her. Moving to New York City four years earlier she found financial freedom that even astounded her uptight grandmother that refused to give her a helping hand when she needed it most.

Wrapping her coat around her she headed out towards the waiting Towncar. She had to admit settling into the buttery leather that being an executive did have it's perks. Graduating from Cambridge hadn't been easy, and getting an advertising firm of mostly men to hear her out wasn't much easier. After she finally won over the boys club she quickly climbed her way up the corporate ladder to the position she held now as Vice President of marketing.

"How are you doing tonight Marissa?" Sebastian, her driver asked as he pulled out onto the street.

"I'm doing wellSeb, just wishing I didn't have to venture out tonight. How are your children?"

"They're good. Libby wanted to come see you tonight, but I told her that tonight I was taking a princess to a ball so she couldn't come," he chuckled.

"I'm hardly a princess," she scoffed.

"I know you're a shark, but you have that girl so enamored she refuses to believe differently."

"Just because I let her play dress up that one time," she laughed as the car slowed to a stop almost in front of the venue.

"Have I thanked you again for watching them?"

"Seb, it truly wasn't a problem. I enjoy children, and you're practically family."

Seb shook his head looking back at the redhead in the backseat. She wasn't pretentious, and still was able to carry an air of sophistication that most women couldn't emuluate if they tried. His own Lydia envied her, but loved her all at the same time.

"Here you are Marissa," Seb said as the valet opened the door.

"Thanks Seb," she smiled, gathering her things. "You can have the rest of the night off. I will catch a cab home."

"Thanks, you have a good time," he smiled.

"You too, give the kids a hug from me," she smiled closing the door.

Marissa situated herself and walked through the main doors and towards the ballroom. Waving at a few people from her department as she checked her coat she spotted her boss. Nate Smythe was the youngest executive in the city at the age of 32, and was always catching the eye of some woman who longed to be on Page Six. But he only had eyes for one woman, and she truly bowled him over every time their eyes met.

Sighing deeply as Nate made her way across the room to her she tried to put on her happiest face.

"I've missed you," he sighed as he wrapped his arms around her.

"We've missed you too dear," Marissa smiled as she kissed her husband.

"I'm sorry you felt ill earlier, but really I needed you here with me."

She smiled and straightened his tie as she did every morning for the past three years of their life. Getting married two years prior really didn't change much in their relationship besides the rings they wore and vows they pledged to each other. Except for maybe Marissa's irritation with the way he threw his dirty socks everywhere but the hamper.

"Well, shall we get this over with so the party can truly begin?" he asked offering her arm.

"The party has begun three hours ago," she laughed.

"Should I have termed it a celebration?"

"That would have been appropriate."

"I love when you get all prim and proper with me Mrs. Smythe," he cheeked patting her bum.

Marissa sighed and plastered a smile on her face as her husband addressed the company she was now part-owner of. He dropped a few jokes, and shared the actual business news before drawing her forward.

"Marissa and I also have some exciting news to share this Christmas. Here in 5 months we will have a little Smythe joining us," Nate smiled as he rested a hand on his wife's still small bump.

The gracious applause caused Marissa to drop her head to hide her blush. She rested her hand on top of her husband's before looking into his deep brown eyes. He was so ecstatic about being a father, and it had killed it for them to keep it quiet as long as they had.

"I love you," she whispered.

"I love you more," he whispered back before locking his lips with hers.

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