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Ash had smashed in the glass of the back window, with a little help from a metal bat he'd found in the trunk. He scrambled out the back of the SUV, getting a few scrapes in the process because of the extra glass around the edges of the window. He fell onto the asphalt but quickly picked himself back up and began running for the garage door, trying to escape from the prison his mind was quickly becoming.

But he was quickly intercepted by a grim-faced and slightly bloody Leon, who caught him and held him fast. Devynn had stopped halfway out of the car, but Quinn rushed out and took Ash from Leon's arms, murmuring words to him as he dragged him back in the direction of the abused SUV.

Leon was confused by Ash's behavior, buit shrugged and figured he'd be told about what was going on eventually.

Quinn had finally managed to pull Ash into the car, sitting him in the seat next to him. Devynn climbed back in, shutting the door and reaching into her pocket. She came up with a syringe of clear liquid, moving towards the two boys - or rather, toward Ash. Quinn eyed her cautiously, moving so that his body acted as a shield for Ash. "You are not going to give him any of that."

Devynn sighed. "It's merely a tranquilizer, barely enough to keep him down for a few hours at most. Nothing harmful. And we don't want him hurting himself, or us for that matter."

Quinn still refused. "You're not gonna stab him with that. Final. And look, he;s already falling asleep." And indeed Ash was. He'd started nodding off against Quinn's shoulder, oblivious to the conversation or what was going on around him. Quinn smiled softly and moved again so that Ash could lay his head on the older boy's lap. The dark-haired boy soon fell into a deep slumber, curled up on Quinn's lap. The blue-eyed boy leaned back against the leather of his seat and was soon asleep as well, absently running his fingers through Ash's shaggy hair.

~ * ~ * ~

When Ash woke, he was lucid enough to know that wherever he was, it wasn't a good place to be, nor would he enjoy his time there. His first clue was the strange shirt they'd put him in. He didn't have the word for it, but it hugged his arms almost painfully to his sides, and it deinitely was not pleasant, in Ash's opinion. The next hint was the stark white walls and the silver of scant metal furnishings.

He'd next got the distinct feeling that it would go a lot smoother if he listened to whoever would give him directions. Ash hadn't attempted to speak to anyone yet, but that was only because he hadn't wished to speak to the foreign people swirling around him in a jumble of faces. He decided that it was time to try speaking with them.

There was an outline of dark against the whiteness of Ash's room. Not just a single outline. There were three of them, connected at the ends, and with a thicker outline at the bottom that seemed to hold them all together. Ash studied the outline for and hour when he finally came to the conclusion the in might lead out. But he wanted to know how to use the outline, and how to make it go outside.

And the moment he wondered that was the moment a hysterical Quinn flung the door open, pulling Ash into his arms and simply holding him. Ash was confused by the way he was acting. He was only vaguely aware that he'd met the strange boy before, but he couldn't remember where or how.

Quinn was so relieved when he saw that Ash was okay. Well, as okay as could be expected, given the circumstances. He couldn't take it anymore after a few days of not seeing Ash. He'd found a technician who looked fairly knowledgeable and asked him where he could find his boyfriend. It had actually taken much persuasion and some uncharacteristic threats to get the man to tell Quinn where Ash was. When he'd finally spilled the beans, Quinn had raced off.

But what he hadn't been expecting to see was the production that seemed to have spawned off of Ash. When he asked a doctor what was going on, he was provided with perky details about the new cures they'd been testing on the most recent "member". Apparently, they'd been administering various viruses to Ash and then testing the theorized cures on him to ensure they were safe for public use. They'd turned him into a guinea pig.

So Quinn had rushed into the roof, immediately horrified by the way he was being kept. He pulled the younger boy into his arms, mumbling apologies over and over again as Ash stood rigidly in his embrace, only barely comprehending the muffled words being spoken against his shoulder.

Ash decided that he should try to speak to this person, as he didn't resemble the other ones, the ones who'd put him in his odd shirt. And so Ash opened his mouth and tried for some words. "Get me out of here." They all kind of ran together into one big long word - "Gemmeouttahere" - but Quinn understood him perfectly.

"I'm trying, I am, but we can't leave until you have your memories back," Quinn said. He'd nearly cried when he heard Ash's words, but the shock of actually hearing him speak was enough to keep him lucid.

And then Ash's face expressed emotion. Which really did make Quinn tear up. Even though it was only a slight creasing of the eyebrows in confusion, it still did so much to push on Quinn's inner hope. "Do you remember your name?" Quinn asked hopefully.

"My...name?" Ash went deep into thought, trying to remember his own name...trying to remember what a name was.... And eventually he figured it out. Some things came rushing back to him all at once, but not much. Among them were his name and a few childhood experiences, nothing more.

Quinn grinned like an idiot when he saw revelation written all over Ash's face.

"My name is Ash." The memories had also helped him speak better, which was a plus considering how jumbled he'd sounded before. Quinn hugged him tightly. Ash had no idea how this boy was making him remember. It was just...happening, and it confused him.

"Thank God," Quinn sighed. "At least you can remember that. Do you remember me?"

Ash once more dug in his scant memories, searching, and hunting down even the slightest trace of the boy through his still hazy mind. And again, a barrier broke down, this one hiding his most recent memories behind it. And the moment he found those memories, a wave of happiness broke inside of him and his arms longed to hold the taller boy back. "Quinn!" he exclaimed. "What's going on? What's happening?"

And just as Quinn was about to answer, a cold voice borke into their conversation. "That is something I would like to know." And Devynn was standing in the doorway, arms crossed over her chest, glaring disapprovingly at the two boys.