We are told to live life,

to seek the mountains,

in the world that contains us,

We are told nothing is impossible,

that life is our guide,

constantly changing directions,

We are told change is good,

that nature has an endless pattern of change,

Waiting for time to tick away.

We are taught right from wrong,

that every mistake is natural,

We are taught nothing can silence us,

the heart of every thing starts with believing,

We are taught the pleasures of life,

and to reach for our dreams,

we taught to listen to the sky,

as it draws our path towards the future.

We see the truth in change,

that habits cannot be broken,

we see the horizon expanding,

as we live our life of existence,

We see our soul,

in a form of compassionate dreams,

that brings out the truth in everyone,

and shows us the voice of destiny,

that lingers in the air,

waiting for you on the other side,

as the truth seeps into the air.

Life is a mountain of victory and struggles,

pulling the week and strong along,

until they hear the inner voice within there heart,

telling them to listen to the world