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~~ Flaming Moons ~~

~~ Prologue: Fate ~~

She looked forward to no future. The Great Oracle now knew that if she did not stop this demon child the world would soon become a gateway to the other dimensions. She knew that if the child could already frighten the Gods in it's eleven month form, the child was not worth to be kept alive. The child held great power in his soul that was yet to be unleashed with great fury. The Great Oracle frowned and turned her gaze from the dark swirling waters of the pool of fate. She stood up from her kneeling position, as her concentration crumbled the waters of the pool rippled making soft sucking sounds.

"Great Oracle, what did you see in the pool of fate? What of my son Prince Vulcan Andredoes Tarvitan?" the young King asked from behind the Great Oracle.

The Great Oracle snapped her ebony eyes to the young King standing patiently by the doorway. The young King cringed visibly as the hardened gaze of the Great Oracle. Wisps of blond hair had found it's way over the beautifully decorated gold crown and now rested on his handsome face, blue eyes stared curiously at the Great Oracle.

"Your son, will bring great sorrow to this world. He will be feared even by the gods because of the great power that hides within his soul, he will be the downfall of our civilizations. He must be dealt with King Arkados, before his power can be revealed." her words felt like she had stabbed him in the heart.

"He is only a babe, a newborn still being nursed by his mother." King Arkados argued.

"He is already angering the Gods. You don't want to be responsible for the wrath of the Gods. We must be rid of him by the time he reaches sixteen, the world will begin crumbling."

King Arkados nodded sadly finally understood The Great Oracle's meaning, "He must be killed."

* * * *

Queen Cybele rocked the craddle which a small baby slept in. She was humming songs about the heroes of Kelavory. She brushed back her gold hair with her left hand and with her right she reached down and smoothed Prince Vulcan's cheek with her thumb. Prince Vulcan giggled and tried to swat away Queen Cybele's loving hand. Tuffs of white hair, that much resembled baby duck fur was atop his head, his pudgy cheeks were slightly flushed and the only teeth he had were visible in the front. He grinned up at his mother and kicked his small legs. A long hearty laugh spilled from Queen Cybele's rosy lips. She wiped the gathering tears in her sea-green eyes she wiped the laughter tears with a light blue hankerchief.

"You have to go to sleep my little Prince. It is getting late, you musn't keep me up and I musn't keep you up." Queen Cybele pulled down the white veil over the craddle.

She stood up and blew out the candles that lit the room. Coals flickered in the hearth giving only little heat. Queen Cybele walked over to the balcony doors and shut them, the silver doors clicked as she slid them into place. She turned, her long black dress flowing out behind her. She walked back to the craddle and lifted the white veil she bent over and planted a kiss on his forehead. Prince Vulcan turned over revealing the birthmark on his left forearm. Queen Cybele had examined the curious mark before, it was what the elves called the mark of fate. The mark on Vulcan was fairily large, it was a mysterious print. It was black, and had a picutre of a moon wit htwo lines weaving in and out around it.

Queen Cybele shrugged and pulled the veil back over the craddle.

"Goodnight Prince Vulcan." She whispered.

Queen Cybele stood back up and slowly made her way to the door that led from the Prince's chamber to the door. She turned her attention to the balcony where she thought she had heard the doors click shut.

'What was that?' she asked herself looking frantically about the darkened room.

Queen Cybele hugged her stomach and whimpered, her eyes darted all around the room cautisously. Then suddenly a flurry of motion was behind her and in front. She was grabbed from behind a firm arm held her waist and a hand was clamped over her mouth to prevent her from crying out. Her sea green eyes went wide with terror, she tugged at the hand holding her mouth shut. She saw a black clad figure advance towards Prince Vulcan's crib, Queen Cybele jerked forward but a hand around her waist restrained her. Tears began rolling down her cheeks as the figure lifted the veil from the crib, another figure stepped in and scooped up the babe in his arms gently. Prince Vulcan's eyes popped open, his aqua eyes burned in the moonlight. The figure ran through the balcony doors and dove off the edge. Queen Cybele elbowed the man behind her in the gut, a whoosh of air left his lungs and bleww Queen Cybele's hair over top her crown. Queen Cybele jumped forward and began to run to the balcony after her son, a body slammed into hers knocking her to the ground. Queen Cybele tried to call for the guards but her voice was muffled by the body ontop of her. Instead she got a mouth full of black cloth. The body ontop of her was pulled off, both figures ran from the room leaving Queen Cybele lying on the floor weeping for her son.

* * * *

Three theives and a baby took refuge from the fierce outcome of the raging thunderstorm. The three theives sat across from eachother with the baby in a heap of clothing in the middle of their small circle. Lanterns were lit and placed beside them to lend what little heat they had to offer.

"You just left her there on the floor Jovan?" asked a theif with dark chesnut hair.

"I cannot assasinate the Queen of Bodington when the King has hired us to be rid of his accursed son Toviré." replied Jovan Vondag eyeing Toviré Kelvre.

"What are we to do with the boy?" asked Boric Desand fiddling with his dagger.

Jovan shrugged," Knife him in the throat?"

"Tie him up in a sack and dump him in a river to drown like a rat?" Toviré suggested, the only reply was a slap on the back of the head delievred by Boric.

The cabin was located in a forest west from King Arkados' kingdom. The cabin was filled with dirt, dead leaves, dust, and peices of old rotting furniture. But it served it's purpose well enough, keeping them at least a little dry. Rain dripped through the cracks in the soggied wood, occasionally a droplet would make it's way to one of the theives. Cold wind whistled through and flichered the flame in their lanterns. Jovan looked to his fellow comrads, they all looked as bored as he and were noticably anxious to get back on the road agian.

"Why don't we go behind the King and keep this boy alive?" Jovan suggested.

"You heard why the boy was to be killed." Torviré retorted

Boric's mouth twisted into a mischevious grin. "But if the boy was in the wrong hands... such as ours... then he could be used in favor of Talakeet."

"We would have to change his name." Jovan quirked an eyebrow in Boric's direction.

"And take him to the far ends of Kelavory." Boric added.

"Thrar?" Toviré suggested. "Thrar Vondag."

Boric and Jovan nodded impressed with Torviré's suggestion.

"His name from this point on shall be Thrar Vondag, the namesake of Jovan Vondag."